This one comes from Rebadams7 and anakinsmom-fanficcupcake. Dans l'ombre's prompt was along the same lines.

Prompt #4: Boredom

Your move.

"Why are we bothering with this again?" I muttered, frowning at the empty squares of black and white.

Carlisle will be home in ten minutes to tell us that he took the job in Seattle. Plus, this is a normal thing to do.

Seattle. Interesting enough. It'd been a while since we'd ventured to the Pacific Northwest.

"Alice, normal is the last thing I'd term us."

Driven by the ennui of age and the languor of been-there-done-that-a-thousand-times, we often played these pseudo human parts. In all actuality, sitting here on the bamboo floor and cross-legged, Alice and I were not an uncommon image at all.

Granted, we were certainly an odd one, even here amongst the bizarreness of our own, and more often than not, more than a few wondering thoughts and shaking heads were directed our way.

Because only my sister and I would play chess without the pieces.

With an exaggerated huff and roll of her amber eyes, Alice sighed. You're so melodramatic sometimes. Do you know that?

"No, I merely speak the truth. How many chess players do you know read minds or foretell the future?"

Two. You make me sound like a gypsy. She huffed again. Now just go, Edward. I'd like to finish this game before I start packing.

This time it was my turn to roll my eyes. "Why don't you just tell me who wins? That way you can get started."

I do, of course. A hint of a wicked smirk lifted the corner of her mouth. But go ahead, I still want to play.

"Fine. Knight to E5."

That hint of a wicked smirk spread into an even wickeder grin, a blinding image of predetermined victory. "You're toast!"

"Surprise, surprise."


A couple of people asked me if I had an outlineā€¦ Nope! That's the purpose here. Normally, I'm an outlining fiend, one of those who never even starts writing without a complete one.

This is an exercise in not outlining and still trying to tell a semi-cohesive story of sorts. Sure, I have half a dozen "directions" this could go in my head, but you ladies are the ones directing the show. :)

No worries, Bella won't be too far along. Just getting us to Seattle.

eta: lol, thx billi. ;)