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Prompt #58: Home

"Tell me you meant it."

My love's eyes slid to mine, lazy and unfocused, as I happily continued my assault on both her breasts and her equilibrium. "What was that?" Like her gaze, her words were slurred and languid.

Ecstatic that I could affect my mate to the point of drunkenness, I grinned around her nipple, and then sucked in the way I knew she liked. A soft, delicious little moan spilled from her throat, and when her fingers tangled themselves in my hair, yanking and tickling my scalp, I just grinned again and swapped to the other breast. "You know what I'm talking about. Tell me you love me."

She made a half groaning, half laughing kind of noise. "You're killing me."

Well, not exactly.

At least, not yet.

That would come after the end of the semester.

Or, at least that's what she said she wanted. And as we all know by now, her wish is my command, and all that.

To use Alice's more modern parlance, that's just how we vampire mates roll.

Of course, normally, being the brooding, self-loathing creature I can sometimes be, I'd have balked at the notion of any human wanting to be like me. There's just too much at stake – you know, little things like souls, humanity, and chocolate cake.

But see, while I may be an idiot on occasion, I'm no fool.

So when the love of my existence told me the other night that she wanted me for not one lifetime, but for all time, I wasn't about to argue. No, I just stood there in the doorway to my (our) bedroom and nodded, dumbfounded and bursting inside, as another one of those heavenly choirs descended from the sky and sang their glorious song.

Hence why we were celebrating.

You know, just her and me.

And despite what she said just above, she was the one doing the killing.

As evidenced by the last hour's worth of suffering south of my waistline.

Oh, but it was worth it.

And then some.

"Tell me," I pressed again, swirling my tongue around my love's hard, pink nipple one last time before moving up to her neck so that I could lick that delicate spot just above her pulse. The skin there was as soft as silk, so thin that when brushed it with my lips, I could feel her blood racing just beneath. Her heart beat a jagged rhythm, pushing the blood faster and faster, generating a whine that literally sang to every cell in my body.

I groaned as I licked, and as my hand dropped from her hip, slowly – ever so slowly – walking down bare flesh to the hot, damp place between her thighs, a fresh burst of pheromones hit my nose, and in the process nearly stole my sanity.

"Fine, I love you," she panted, squirming against me when I hesitantly began to touch her in the most intimate of ways. Inside, she was so unbelievably hot, and once again, as I played her body, coaxing noise after whimpering noise from her lips, I was thankful for all those years of reading minds.

When I hit a certain spot, her back arched off the bed, and a pale, dusty rose spread across her neck and chest. Because I could, I retreated, only to make her arch once more when I found that spot again. But as I went to push her button (take that however you want) a third time, my Bella grabbed me by the chin and jerked my mouth up to hers.

"If you don't give me an orgasm right now," she said, biting down on my lower lip in a move that made my hips involuntarily rock against her thigh. "Edward Cullen, I swear to God, I really will stab you."

I froze at the aggression and vehemence in my love's voice, but then groan-laughed as she purposefully – meanly – shifted her leg and brushed against those unnamable parts of me, which frankly, not to be vulgar here, were about to burst.

Because she could, she did it again, and again, and again, until I squeezed my eyes shut and admitted, "You're not the only one suffering."

Now it was her turn to laugh, which she did.


And then, too sweetly, my Bella batted her eyelashes and whispered, "Then why don't you hurry up and do something about it?"

My eyes locked with hers.

And then her mouth was on mine, all slick and hot and everything good.

A minute – or maybe an hour – later, she reached down between us. Mesmerized, enthralled by the way she touched me, I just watched. As her hand closed around me, a hard shudder rolled down my spine and I'm not exaggerating when I say that I made a sound that had no definable name.

I think I saw God.

When I couldn't stand her teasing anymore, carefully, giving my Bella all the time in the world to change her mind, I extracted her heavenly hand and repositioned until my hips rested in the cradle of her soft, warm thighs. Because I was ancient and raised that way, I paused, asking with my body as much as my mouth. "Forever."

Suddenly serious, my Bella nodded, giving me my answer. And as she kissed her way across my neck and face, I did what any good vampire mate would do.

I made love to my soon to be forever-wife.

Okay, fine, and because, my God, I destroyed every bit of the furniture.

And then, after replacing said furniture, we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever.

Or… something like that.

Author Note:

Thanks to everyone who gave this little experiment a shot. Working without an outline was certainly a different experience for me, not to mention harder than I thought it'd be. I'm sure some of you (especially those of you who waited and read it all at once) noticed some inconsistencies in tone and style and maybe even a few holes here and there. But… all in all, I think it turned out okay, yeah? Either way, it was fun for me. :)

Thanks again for reading and a huge THANK YOU to all those who gave me prompts along the way. You're awesome.