An alternate ending to S1 Ep- Country side- will be a short story, with possible expansion if it receives good feedback.

Jack POV-

Jack was sitting in his office at the hub, it was quiet except for the usual hum of the devices that surrounded the hub and the gentle trickling of water coming the tower. It had been a rough 24 hours and not just for him, but his entire team, especially for Gwen. So naturally he was drowning it out with a very strong brand of scotch. These were the times he wished he could sleep so he didn't have to deal with the guilt that always seemed to find him no matter the situation, whether it was his fault or not. And with the guilt came memories he'd rather bury.

The guilt of recruiting Gwen was weighing heavy on his mind; he couldn't believe he'd dragged someone so beautiful and caring into this life, this job that promised an early death sentence to anyone who dared take it. He briefly considered slipping her an amnesia pill, but immediately pushed it aside, he couldn't bear the thought of losing her, of not seeing her every day. He was falling for her and he knew it was only a matter of time before he tried to act on it. Of course he knew that everyone thought he was the love im and leave im type, but he wasn't really. Or perhaps he should say, hadn't always been that type.

He could remember everything about her and that was the problem, no matter how many decades or centuries past he knew her face would always plague him. He knew why this was, it was because of what had happened the last time he saw her and that was the punch line. He'd seen things people here on earth could not imagine in their wildest dreams, travelled through all of time and yet if he could go back to one moment, it would be that night. The final night.

Knowing what he knew now, knowing he'd never see her again, he would've told her that he forgave her, that he loved her and that he never blamed her for Aurora's death. But he knew he would never have that chance, so he could only pray that she somehow knew, in that way of hers.

He was startled out of his thoughts by the sound of the cog door opening, surprised he looked at his pocket watch, 1:15am. What was one of his team doing here, in the early hours of the morning when he'd given them three days off?

He strolled out of his office onto the balcony and grabbed the railing while he peered over the side to look down into the main area, curious as to who was here and why. He spotted Gwen's raven colored hair, she was sitting at her desk with her back to him, hunched over with her neck resting in her palm, not doing anything but staring at her blank computer screen.

He heard himself let out a long sigh and strolled down the stairs towards her, he had a feeling he knew why she was here. He should've finished that last glass of scotch, it was going to be a long night!

To be continued…