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Jack POV

Well, this certainly wasn't how he had expected his homecoming to be. Not even one hug, appalling! He knew they had a right to be angry, but it was just hard for him to look at them and not grab them all together in one big hug and then lock them all in the hub, to keep them safe. He'd seen all their dead bodies in the year that never was, the Master had made sure to torment him and that had been the worst torture of all. But here they were, all of them ignorant of what he had been through, and he would make sure it stayed that way. They never needed to know. He was pulled out of his thoughts by a rift monitor beeping and went over to see what they had. Oh how glad he was to be home.

He didn't believe his wrist strap actually was beeping, until Ianto mentioned it. He knew what it meant, another Time Agent was here on earth, in the same year as him and they knew he was here if the incoming message was any sign. His thoughts immediately jumped to Fox, she certainly had the resources at her disposal to locate him if she wanted too, but after how they had parted ways he found himself doubtful that she would want to. There was the second option of course; she had sent someone to bring him in, because she had found out how he had manipulated time events to con other Time Agents. He'd always wondered how that had never caught up with him. What other reason could there be?

His knuckles were sore from his fight with 'John', in no way was he a Captain. He gladly grabbed the bottle of liquor off the counter and took a swig, preparing for the conversation to come, only partially listening to what the man next to him was saying. Well he'd been wrong, and 'John' had been the furthest Time Agent he could imagine being here. He hated earth, why was he here? His mind was whirling with all the questions he had to ask about the future and everything that had happened since he'd been gone. But there was one in particular he really wanted an answer too.

"So, how's the Time Agency?" He inquired, smiling slightly at the memories that followed.

"You didn't hear? It's gone, it was destroyed. There are only a handful of us left now." John said, eyeing Jack carefully.

Well, he'd been wrong again, this really wasn't his day.

He had to swallow the bile that came up with the answer he had received; he was so entirely shocked that he didn't know what to say. But he knew what to ask.

"And Fox?" As he said this, he knew what the answer would be, because he knew her better than anyone else. The only way the Time Agency would've fallen, was if she hadn't been around to stop it. He knew it would've been over her dead body, literally.

"We think she was killed in the pulse blast, she was trapped inside at the time the base was attacked. The last communication we received from her was; to go too ground…"

John's voice held nothing but the same tone he always used. You wouldn't have thought he'd just told his ex-lover that his wife was dead.

"And you just left her there?" He asked in disbelief, struggling not to punch him again

He always knew there was no love lost between them, but to abandon another agent in a time of need wasn't how the Time Agency did things. Then again, 'John' had never been one to follow moral guidelines and Fox's dedication had always been something to admire about her.

"Well for one; she was the ranking officer in charge and those were her orders, and two; she sure as hell didn't deserve to be saved after what she did to you!" John replied angrily

With this Jack sighed and tried to figure out how to feel about his first wife's death. 'John' was right of course, after what she had done even he had wished death upon her, but he'd been angry but after his time with the Doctor and Rose it had put a lot of things in perspective. He'd accepted what she had done and had even been thinking of returning to the Time Agency, but then the Daleks had come and ruined everything, including the chance of ever seeing her again.

He didn't get to think on it any more though, because he saw John out of the corner of his eye, reach for his gun at the same time he heard, what was no doubt his team coming to 'rescue' him. This was a disaster waiting to happen.

He knew it was a bad idea to allow John in hub, but what if he was telling the truth. He had no choice but to assume that was the case, because he didn't know how many more surprises he could take. He actually felt like he could sleep what a rarity that was and what a pity he couldn't fulfil it.

He knew Gwen was behind him and he knew she was pissed. May God help him with the angry Welsh women standing in front of him, demanding answers he didn't want to give! He didn't get to tell her what he'd wanted to say to her since he'd seen her in that house, eyes like fire piercing into his soul when they captured his own. Instead, he'd found an engagement ring and forced himself to tell her the right thing. Or at least it had been right in theory.

"So, who is he then, I mean, other than someone you used to work with? At the, Time Agency is it? She continued before he could speak.

I guess that was the truth, from when you lied to me and said you worked for a travel agency." Her voice condescending

"Technically, I did travel so it wasn't so much as a lie, more like omitting certain details." He said, trying to act casual about it, like it was no big thing.

When she spoke again, her voice was back to its normal comforting tone.

"So if the Time Agency knew you were here, and what you told me about working with your wife was true, why didn't she come?" Her voice full of curiosity

"Because the Time Agency was destroyed, John came here on his own. And because Fox's dead, she was killed when the Time Agency went down. John and the other agents left her stranded there."

He didn't know why he was telling her, he just needed it off his chest if he were to guess. Telling Gwen made it real for him and helped him vent his anger.

"Oh shit, I mean, I'm sorry… I, are you okay?" Her voice full of concern

"I haven't seen her for such a long time, that I guess I always expected this. I mean no one lives forever, right?" His voice had been full of question when he said it, but they still managed to laugh at their private joke of the immortal man.

Gwen, obviously unsure of what to say or do, suggested they get to the conference room to get the investigation underway.

Gwen POV

She hadn't really wanted to partner up with John, but her instincts had told her it would be a bad idea for him and Jack to be partners again, if Jacks reaction had been anything to go on. So here she was with a psychopath searching container after container looking for a bomb, and here she thought the evening would be dull.

"Don't trust him Gwen. You have no idea who he really is." John's voice, held nothing but certainty

"And why should I trust you, when you left Jack's wife to die?" She asked him, trying to take back control of the conversation.

He spun around obviously surprised she knew anything about that, when the others didn't. She watched as he eyed her up and down, his eyes guarded, unsure of what he was looking for; she chose to ignore it and continued looking for the right container, taking his silence as good reason not to trust him. When she heard the containers on her right side being opened, she knew he wouldn't bring up not trusting Jack again, as a topic for conversation between them.

When she found the right container, she alerted John and that was the worst mistake she could make, cause now she of no use to him.

John POV

He had been going to kill her, it would've been easy to over-power her and get her gun, but she had caught him off guard when she told him she knew of Fox. He'd been so sure the 'team' knew absolutely knew nothing of 'Jacks' past, because of their obvious interest in him and what he knew about their boss. So when Gwen alerted him to the fact she did know, that told him five things; one) she was closer to Jack than the others, possibly his lover, two) Jack had indeed hired her because of her uncanny resemblance to Fox, three) Jack trusted her, four ) she was of more use to him alive, in case he needed leverage, then she was dead, finally five) Jack would be extremely pissed if he killed her, and then he would never go with him to travel the stars again.

So the question was what to do with her?

He was sure of one thing though, he needed her out of the way.

He applied the paralysing lip gloss before he entered the correct container behind her and then proceeded to push her up against the wall and thoroughly kissed her, making sure the compound entered her mouth and into her system. When she pushed him off and asked him what the hell he was doing, he couldn't help but smile. He really was genius and couldn't have planned this better if he'd tried. He laughed manically, immediately alerting her to the fact something was wrong.

"Celebrating god you're so uptight on this planet."

"What did you do to me?" She said, as she slid down the wall.

He bent down and tapped at his lips.

"Paralysing lip gloss love, it won't kill you straight away, but it will kill your organs if that little team of yours doesn't find you quick enough." He was about to get up, but then realised there was something he wanted her to know.

"For the record, I let Jacks wife die because of what she did to him, but he didn't tell you that part, did he? You see, when she became a senior level Time Agent, Jack and I were partnered together. This was after Aurora died, and they were estranged, we became lovers and she didn't like that very much, that he was moving on from her. She tried everything to separate us and then one-day 'Jack' conveniently disappeared without a trace. And I knew that bitch had something to do with it!" He shouted at her, he started to pace angrily around the container, almost oblivious to the woman in front of him, whose eyes were wide with surprise.

He continued heatedly; "I tried, but they wouldn't listen to me. None of them, but I was right wasn't I? Then he turns up in the med bay, two-years later with no idea where he'd been and no clue of how he'd even gotten back home and there she was, playing the concerned wife card, taking him from me. I mean how dare her, after everything he'd done for her, how could she betray him like that?"

He knew he was getting to emotional, but it just angered him so much, knowing she was the reason him and his lover had been separated all this time, but she couldn't come between them anymore he'd made sure of that. It really had been clever on his part; he knew 'Jack' would have never come back to the Time Agency and that, that had been the reason he'd left in the dark of the night, so he'd made sure there wasn't a Time Agency there, made sure she wasn't there.

He'd made a deal with an old enemy of the agency, and gave them all the information they would need to infiltrate the base, the only thing he'd wanted in return had been Fox's death and a promise it would be extremely painful for her. Not that he'd be telling Jack that piece of information and he certainly wouldn't be telling the dying women in front of him, he knew better.

"So I knew that I had to find something, anything to connect her to his disappearance and I did. You know the funny thing; he still tried to defend her. He couldn't bring himself to believe hard proof that; she had sanctioned the classified mission he'd been on, and that when it went wrong she put out the order to stop the search for him. Claimed 'he'd deserted', but he found his way back. He went straight to her, he must've known something, something he wasn't supposed too and she so she ordered his memory be erased, 'for classified reasons' the documents said. Then she tried to act innocent, but I got the proof I needed to get Jack to confront her.

"He went to go see her and I never saw him again, till now. He didn't even say goodbye, so I knew that I'd been right and that she had broken him so much that he just had to leave in a hurry. But its okay cause I forgive him, I know it wasn't his fault." He could actually hear the insanity in his own voice for the first time in his life, but it wasn't his fault his love for Jack drove him to do untoward things to people. They were just casualties.

He squatted down a looked at the now laying down Gwen, she was beautiful and she was a good human being through and through, that was a rare thing to find anywhere in the universe. He was actually sorry she got caught up in this, but here was nothing he could do now. 'Yes there is' his mind yelled at him, but as usual he ignored it. Whether it was his conscious finally making it-self known or the tears rolling down the sides of her eyes, he bent down and kissed the side of her cheek. Gently and whispered in her ear…

"I really hope they do find you in time."

And with that he picked up his prize and left Gwen weeping silently in the darkness, hoping her to be found in time.

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