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Rose was sitting in her room on her bed debating what all she should be doing. Then she heard the front door slam shut. She knew someone was in a bad mood but wasn't sure who. She went to the living room and Pony was there, "Hey Pone, everything alright?"

"Yeah I guess, just another day of boring old school," Pony told her with a chuckle.

"Crap school, I totally forgot it was Friday," she simply replied with a sigh.

Pony smiled at her, "Only you Rosie"

Rose rolled her eyes, "Funny, I'm gonna be dead, wait I was sick this morning so that's why I was home."

"What were you sick with?" Pony asked kindly

"I was coughing up a storm and thanks to Dr. Darry I feel a little better," Rose replied then started coughing again.

"You okay? You're not gonna die on me are you?" Pony replied with a laugh.

"I'm fine, just a small cough, and no, I ain't gonna die Pony," Rose said

"Awe that's too bad, I was hoping to get your room" Pony said with a smile on his face

"Funny, not," Rose replied and Darry came inside, "Hey Dar."

"Hey are you feeling' any better?"

"Loads better thanks to the Doctor in the family," Rose joked

Darry smiled, "Remember that for the future."

"Yeah yeah yeah," she called going to her room.

"Lexi, where you going?" Joe called to his sister.

"Out" she said walking to the front door.

"Out where? You know when Pa and them are gone I'm in charge of ya," Joe called to her.

"Oh my Gosh, Congrats! Do you want a medal!" She said with an eye roll

"Whatever, just don't come crying to my when Pa whips ya," he called back and went to his room.

She rolls her eyes... Pouts... then says "Fine! I'm going over to a friend's house!"

"Whatever Alex, go I really don't care, but just mind your manners young lady," he called as he sat down on his bed to do his homework.

"Fine, then when we're done can you pick me up?" Alex asked.

"Yeah just leave the address so I know where to go," he called back

"Ok," She comes out in shorts and a short shirt.

"Oh hell no sis, go change," he orders as he stands up

"Why? I like this outfit!" She pouted

"To damn bad girl, if Pa saw you in that he'd be whipping you from here to Ohio."

She rolled her eyes... "Fine." she walked away, "you suck" she said under her breath. He just rolled his eyes and waited for her to come back out. Hopefully in a better outfit. She came back in Jeans and a longer shirt, and her backpack, smirking. "Are you happy now?"

"It's better, let's go," he said and went to the car and climbed in, waiting for Alex to get in. Alex walked by him and got in the car.

"Which way sis?" he asked sighing as he turned the car on.

"Go up to the second street and take a left," Rose told him.

He did as she told him, "which house?"

She looked... "That one on the right."

He pulled into the driveway and saw three guys and a girl outside. The boys were tossing a football around while the girl looked bored out of her mind, "who are all them?"

"That's Rosie, and I think those are her brothers..." She saw Pony and smiled... "Do you want to meet them?"

"Well of course, I ain't allowing you to come here without me meeting 'em." He smirked towards her.

She smiled... "Well at least it's you and not Adam or dad"

"Yeah really, Dad would lecture 'em all and Adam who knows what he'd do," Joe replied climbing out of the car after shutting the engine off.

She got out and smiled as she saw Rose, "Hey Rosie!"

"It's Rose, not Rosie, Alex," Rose told her with a smile, "whose he?" Rose asked in return even though she knows who he is but acting like she doesn't.

"Oh that's my older brother Joe," Alex said with a smile.

"Oh, um, I'm Rose, nice to meet you," Rose told him politely like she was taught to.

Joe smiled at her. "Well it's a pleasure to meet you Rose."

"Them three weirdo's in the front yard are my brothers, Pony, Soda and Darry," Rose said even though the three brothers of hers were too busy playing football.

Joe nodded, "Which one of them is in charge."

"The tough big one who just got tackled," Rose said with a smile towards Joe. She quickly glanced away and towards her brothers.

"Can I talk to him?" Joe said, not wanting to leave his baby sister alone with someone he didn't know

"Yeah, Darry get over here muscles," Rose called jokingly.

Darry came over, "Um can I help you?" Darry asked the young man standing there. He really didn't notice that someone was there.

"I'm Joe Cartwright, I'm Alexandria's older brother," Joe introduced with a smile.

"Nice to meet you I'm Darrel Curtis, Rosie Posies oldest brother, would you like to come inside for a little bit?" Darry greeted back.

Joe looked at his baby sister, and said "Sure." Darry nodded and lead him inside leaving Rose and Alex outside, Rose sat down on the steps and glanced at the way the boys all went.

"You ok?" Alex said as she sat down beside her

"Huh?" Rose asked in return and turning towards Alex.

"I was wondering if you were okay?" Alex relied back

"Yeah, fine, why?" Rose asked quietly trying to hide the coughing that was building up.

"Well, because you don't look like you're feeling very good,"

"Just a small cold, that's why Darry kept me home today from school," Rose told her friend with a sigh.

Alex nodded her head. "Alright, what's with the sigh? Are you upset?"

"No, I'm not upset just I'm not sure Alex just tired but we need to work on the project for English and have it done by Monday," Rose replied with a roll of the eyes when she saw Two-Bit and Dallas walking up the streets. A slight smile formed on her face but it disappeared instantly when she saw Kathy and Sylvia with them.

Alex smiled, and was about to say something, when she noticed the smile disappear from Rose's face, "What's wrong?"

"The main tramp of the town is here," Rose quietly said with a roll of the eyes.

Alex smiled, "Ewe, she looks like a tramp," Alex said, looking behind her to make sure Joe hadn't heard her.

"She is, if Dallas turns her down for sex she will go to any other guy that's willing to give her what she wants," Rose replied and Dallas walked up to the porch.

"Well well, well, what do we have here?" Dallas sneered as he opened the Curtis' front gate

"What do you want Dallas?" Rose asked kindly then started coughing and hoped Darry wouldn't drag her but back inside

"Nothing much, just came to hang out at my friends place, you ok?" Dallas asked. Wanting to keep the sincerity out of his voice.

"Oh, well it's my house also there Dally," she joked with a chuckle, "and I'm fine for the hundredth time, why would you even care if I feel good or not?"

"I don't care. I'm bored, so I'm trying to make conversation."

She kept quiet and went to stand up but stumbled from being Dizzy, someone caught her and she glanced back and Alex's brother Joe was there, "um, thanks," she quietly told him with a slight smile.

Alex smiled and smirked... "You ok?"

"I'm fine, again, and um, thanks for playing catch before I fell Joe," Rose replied and hoped her cheeks weren't growing red.

Joe looked, at her. "You sure?" Joe asked

"Sure what, if I'm okay, yeah I am just a little dizzy spell from all the coughing I've done and also because I stood up quickly," Rose replied

Alex looked at her friend and watched her go inside, but walked over to Joe, "what's up Joe?"