She swallowed what he put into her mouth and pulled back when he was done Cumming into her mouth, "Hmmmmm, you taste so good," she told him seductively. Joe smiled and moaned some more.

She slipped her shirt on and that was all she put on and stretched out on the ground, she was tired but loved him, all of him. Joe put on his shirt and laid beside her.

She turned to face him and placed her head on his shoulder and placed her hand on his chest, "I love you a lot Joe."

He looked at her, "I love you a lot too"

She smiled, "we should get dressed rest of the way shouldn't we?" she asked not really wanting to move. Joe nodded his head and stood up to dress.

She got up and got dressed also. She wasn't sure what to say to him so she slowly sat down after she was dressed and tried not to fall asleep. Joe sat down beside her and put his arm around her.

She cuddled into his side, thankful the storm is just about past, with the moaning and calling out they did the storm was un-known. Joe pulled her close so her head rested on his shoulder, and she closed her eyes. She slowly slipped into dream land as he held her closer. She was thankful she had a guy like him. Joe fell asleep thankful he had a girl like her.

Ben and Adam were talking, "what do you mean you have no idea where they are?" Ben asked pissed off at his oldest child.

"I mean I don't know where they are"

"What all did you three do?" he asked seeing the pissed mixed upset look in Darry's eyes.

"I took them for a horseback ride, we were talking, and then the next thing I knew they were gone."

"Did their horses slow up without you knowing?" he asked

Adam shrugged "I guess so"

"I know they took Cochise and the black one but I always knew they were faster horses," Ben told him.

"so why would they slow up?"

Adam stopped. "Take a wild guess Pa."

"They wouldn't, he promised," Ben said.

Darry spoke up, "the last time Rose was on a horse was the day before our parent's accident, she might have been taking it slow to get re-used to riding again."

"Then wouldn't they of told me? And we would have gone slower?"

"She tries to keep the stuff like that out of her mind, she was daddy's girl and always will be, anything from the day before and the day after and day of the accident is blocked out of her mind," Darry spoke up sadly

"What are you gonna do with Joe Pa?"

"Not punish him, he might not have known since as Darry just told us she keeps that stuff out of her mind, but I will have a long talk with that boy when we find him, which we'll start search in the morning since it's late and still raining out."

Adams jaw dropped open and said. "Well if he were mine, I'd" Adam went on but Pa interrupted him

"I know you'd slap him senseless but I know for a fact there are a few things she's hid from Joe," Pa said

"he still needs to be slapped senseless, on the anatomy in which he sits"

Pa rolled his eyes, "You know that little lady of Joe's got me thinking," Ben told him, "Not everything needs to end with a spanking of any form."

"Well maybe Joe needs a spanking from his eldest brother," Adam said with a huff.

"No you will not young man, listen alright, I know for a fact that Joe can't sit on a horse for a long time, he might have slowed up knowing something was wrong with Rose or something, I see the look in his eyes when she's mentioned or around him, he's in love for once and when the time comes them two young ones will be making our family and her family one big family," Ben shouted getting frustrated with his eldest child.

Adam rolled his eyes... "Oh come on Pa! If you haven't talked to Rose, you would still be spanking Joes butt,"

"enough or I'll use a belt on you son," Ben grumbled and left the room. Everyone else went to bed, but hardly anyone could sleep with the worry of the two young ones out in the woods alone.

The next morning rolled around and Joe was the first one awake. He looked over and smiled when he saw Rose asleep.

"Rose? Hey Rose, Wake up," Joe said lightly shaking her. She didn't move or anything, just the soft breathing. "oh come on Rose, wakey, wakey."

She just laid there where she was, not moving or anything, except the light breathing she was doing.

Joe started to panic "Shit what do I do"

"Rose? Joe?" The voice of Darry came from the woods.

Joe panicked "Hey we're In Here!"

"Joe? Is that you?" Darry called from the trail heading that way.

"Yeah It's Me!" Joe called back.

Darry entered and saw Joe and Rose there, "Finally we could you two; we've been searching for two hours, let's get her up and head to the house."

"Dar she won't wake up!" Joe said panicking still.

"She what?" Darry asked and knelt down next to Rose. "Rosie, come on girly." Still no movement from her, Darry picked her up, "let's go, I'll carry her back."

"I don't know what could have happened," Joe said softly worried as hell about his girl.

"She probably got sick last night during the cold weather and the rain, by the way, why weren't you two at the cabin last night?" Darry asked.

"Our horses bolted and it stormed too bad we couldn't see where we were going," Joe told him softly.

Darry nodded, "did you try calling for Adam?" he asked.

Joe shook his head, "No."

"Oh?" he asked glancing his way "was he too far ahead or something?"

Joe shrugged "I don't know we weren't paying attention to him."

Darry sighed, "It's fine kiddo, it happens to all of us once and a while, just the other day I wasn't paying attention to Pony and lost him for a while."

Joe smiled "Is Pa or Adam mad?"

"They both are but I'll talk to them for you since it kinda wasn't really your fault since Adam should have been paying more attention to you both also."

Joe nodded, then asked "Is my Pa gonna whip me?"

"Hopefully not since last night was just a mistake. Since I also told them that Rose hasn't been on a horse in a long time and probably had to get off to rest."They got to the house. Pa sees them.

Pa ran out of the house and grabbed Joe. "Where in the almighty universe were you!" Ben yelled

"Pa, I'm sorry, Adam rode off a head of us and didn't pay attention to us, we got off when the thunder came closer and took shelter till the storm rolled past, the horses took off on us or we would have came home right when the storm blew over, I am Soooo sorry, heck we even suggested Adam to ride behind us but he decided to take lead," Joe told him softly.

Pa nodded. He reached back and swatted Joe. "Don't You Ever Scare Me Like That Again!"

"I'm sorry, but, right now let's focus on Rose, she wouldn't wake up," Joe told his pa as Darry put Rose on the couch.

Pa looked at her "What's wrong with her!"

"I don't know we laid down on the floor of the small cave we found and this morning I tried to wake her up and she wouldn't," Joe told him worriedly as he sat down in the chair right next to the couch.

Darry looked at Ben and asked "Ben, can we talk?"

Pa nodded and walked over to Darry. Darry started to take Ben to the kitchen but heard Joe say, "God Rose I hope nothing bad has happened to you, I promise to take care of you night and day."

Darry smiled and glanced at Ben with a sigh, "Ben, I have no idea what to do."

Ben looked at him "To do about Rose?"

"Yeah, I mean at least they had each other there but no one could keep either of them from getting sick, I'm actually happy that Joe was there with her," Dar told him.