A/N: Warning: my one friend writes angst, and her only comments on this was "very depressing". I know it is, I just felt it was fair to warn you.

So...this is the result of me reading depressing fanfics over "vacation"...Yeah...Uh...I'm fully aware I should work on something else!

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Should've been there to catch you

"It was my fault."

No one noticed when he left the room.

"I'm his best friend."

Wally turned to ask Robin something.

"I was able to sense his distress."

He sped around the mountain to find the little bird.

"I could hear that his breathing and heartbeat were strained at times."

They heard a scream from the bedrooms.

"I noticed he was getting more reckless and resistant to help."

Everyone ran to see a very pale speedster standing in an open doorway.

"I noticed he had been…different lately."

There was so much blood, and it was still dripping.

Black Canary closed her eyes as she took in the teens' words.

Despite them being covered, everyone could tell his eyes were clouded over before the boy collapsed.

"It was no one's fault."

A/N: Who's confused? Anyway, the italicized lines are actually flashbacks to something that happened and resulted in the conversation going on in the normal lines. Make sense? Don't worry, this is a prologue, and then I'll do what happened before the flashback, then the flashback will be a chapter, and the conversation will be another. Then we'll have the aftermath...

Robin: I am so lucky you're starting counseling soon...

Ignoring that, see if you can guess who was saying what line!