Orange casts of light were streaming though window as the sun began to sink beyond view. "I wonder what mom's cooking…" Tiff trailed off. "I'll be right back." Meta Knight watched her leave the room while Kirby ran to Tiff's large wooden desk and started searching for something. "Kirby, get down from there! That is not your desk to go through." The baby star warrior didn't even pause his rummaging through the papers as he spoke. He returned to his masked mentor with a piece of paper and handed it to him. "Hm? Kirby, put it back where you found it. You shouldn't go searching in Tiff's desk."


Meta Knight sighed. He figured that whether Tiff's mom would allow him to stay or not, it would be nice to set Tiff's private dinner table up for her. 'She has had quiet a busy day and would like it if someone did her a favor.' Meta Knight stated mentally.

His eyes scanning the room for it. 'Now, where the table was hiding…there!' In a corner of the room, in between the bookshelf and Tiff's desk was a Dark Brown, wooden Hiro Coffee Table. The Knight walked to the table and slowly pulled it from it's resting place to the middle of the room, and then decided to move it a little closer to the window.

The sky faded from orange and pink to purple and then finally the dark blue of the night sky. Stars littered the sky with very little cloud cover, a beautiful view in the Star warrior's eyes. Turning his attention back to the table, he swiped a glove across the top to get rid of any bit of dust and even a tiny spider that had found it's was to it during the coarse of the day.

Just then a the sound of footsteps entering the room could be heard. Meta Knight wrapped his cape around himself and spun around. Tiff's facial expression showed no sign of discontent. "Good news, you can both stay for dinner!"

Kirby danced around joyfully around both Meta Knight and Tiff for a second before falling right on his bottom on the soft carpeted floor. "Thank you Tiff."

"It's no problem Meta Knight." Tiff looked down at her feet, a sudden wave of embarrassment flooding over her. "I sorta still feel bad about what happened today and-"


She looked up at the masked knight, his eyes where glowing green. "We all make mistakes from time to time. The important thing is that we learn from them. So what we got a little scratched-up from this? Neither of us ended up seriously injured so you should not feel bad about yourself. Why, even if I did break a bone or two, it would be my fault, not yours."

"Okay…wait…do you smell something burning?"

Kirby gasped and sprinted out the door and into the living room. As always he was really hungry and he was not going to be happy if his dinner was nothing but charcoal. Tiff and Meta Knight hurried out behind Kirby to find Lady Like fast asleep with her head resting on her hand while leaning on the arm of the couch in front of the television. In the kitchen was a scene that was not nearly as bad as the trio had expected, but it wasn't pretty either. Something that was cooking in a skillet was aflame and crackling. Tiff slapped herself in the face and dragged her hand down it before running to the kitchen. A pair of cabinet doors flew open, revealing a small fire extinguisher and before you knew it, the flame was out. Meta Knight walked over to the stove and turned the burner off to prevent anymore gas from lingering out. Kirby was sitting, watching the whole thing.

Tiff sighed as she returned the extinguisher to it's original spot up in the shelf. "So much for that meal…darn. Sometimes, I really wish that we'd never gotten that dumb tv."

"Do you know what happened to her?" Meta Knight looked back at the other room. "Huh? Oh my mom? Well, sometimes she tries to watch tv while cooking and most of the time, she falls a sleep from boredom of watching the same re-runs of King Dedede's stupid shows." Tiff took the pan from the stove top and tossed the white foam and the burned piece of meat into the trash bin before placing it in the sink. "I asked her not to do that anymore but she just doesn't listen to me. I'm glad she's okay and all but the worst part of all of this is that usually when she wakes up, she has dad pick us up take-out from Kawasaki's."

Meta Knight stayed silent when inside he shivered. He REALLY didn't like that cappy's food but never complained about it. He was only there twice and he managed to empty his stomach even more than it had been when he arrived there. No one knew but from that day, he was a bit unsettled eating from that resturant. "I have an idea, if it's okay with you. Why don't we cook dinner ourselves?"

Tiff's frown lifted as Kirby went into her refrigerator and came back with a big package of raw meat. "Great idea! We could make burgers with that turkey meat."

She placed two clean skillets on the stovetop and then headed over to the sink to wash her hands. Meta Knight removed his white gloves and joined her at the sink. They dried their hands and stared to make patties with the ground meat before putting them in the pan. Kirby pulled up a chair and poured some soysauce over the meat. After handling the raw meat, the two washed their hands again and then each took a spatula from a draw and about 15 minutes later, had about six, mouthwatering burgers cooked and ready. Kirby set up the table for Lady Like, Sir Ebrum, and Tuff while Meta Knight slipped his gloves back on. Tiff placed three of the burgers on a big plate and put it on the table with the bowl of string beans that her mother had managed to cook before dozing off. The other three were for Kirby, Meta Knight, and herself. The knight started to wash all of the pans that they had used and Kirby cleaned the counter tops and took some silverware for Tiff's room.

Just as soon as Tiff's door closed, the front door opened with Sir Ebrum and Tuff. "Hi honey, I'm home!" Lady Like was pulled out of her slumber by her husband's voice, not aware of anything that had taken place during the past half hour that she was out. She shuffled over to him to greet him with a kiss on the cheak. "Hello dear! Hello Tuff. You're just in time for dinner." Tuff grinned. "Oh boy! I'm starving!"

Back in Tiff's room, the two star warriors were just settling down to eat. The cappy-like girl put a burger on her plate. "Hey, these were the ones you made right? It looks delicious!" Kirby sat down an surprisingly reframed from inhaling every last morsel of food on the small table and kept to himself happily. Tiff started to eat and thought that the food tasted even better that it looked. "Whoa..Meta Knight, I would have never guess that you were such a good cook! I love this!"

"Hm?" He looked up at her. "You really like my cooking that much?" There was a hint of disbelief in his smooth, accented tone. "Mhmm!" She hummed while chewing. "I know this is a simple dish but it's the best one that I've had, no kidding!"

"Thank you, m-my pleasure." He felt his face heat up from the complement. There was something about Tiff's smile that made him feel warm inside. But why? Why is it that whenever he's around her, he feels shy and almost at a loss for words? 'And why am I allowing myself to be so open-minded to her?'

"Meta Knight? Are you okay?"

The blue puffball blinked. "Huh?"

"You zoned out and your eyes turned white…" To Meta Knight, it was a good thing that he had kept his mask on because his face was as red as a tomato. However, his voice remained unchanged. "Sorry, I was just thinking of a way that I could get myself to fly again." Tiff simply nodded and finished her meal. "I was thinking of measuring your wings so that I could figure out the place that you could start. Well, tomorrow of course." Meta Knight took the last bite on his plate. "Sounds good to me. Again, thank you for the dinner and for your help. Before I go, would you like me to help you clean up?"

"Oh no,! You don't need to do that, you're my guest! I should be the one cleaning up! I should be thanking you for helping me with dinner and taking my table out of the corner!" Tiff rubbed the back of her head.

"Okay then, I'll see you tomorrow in Kabu Canyon. Goodnight you two."

Kirby waved as Tiff said farewell. The star warrior left the room and left the apartment. Tuff watched Meta Knight exit his sister's room, a bit confused. "Hey mom? Why was Meta Knight in Tiff's room?" Both of his parents were puzzled until his mother remembered. "Oh, I totally forgot! Kirby and Meta Knight was eating dinner with Tiff in her room." The green and yellow haired boy was still confused. "How come Meta Knight wanted to eat with Tiff and not us?"

Sir Ebrum turned to his wife instead of his son, seeming to forget that he was the one that had asked a question. "I'm not sure but what I am sure of is that you have outdone yourself with dinner tonight, dear!"

Author's Note:

Sorry for the wait guys! Thanks to my readers that have patient with me and are still reading. Okay, the next chapter, our trio experience their second attempt at operation, "Get Mety off of the ground or fail trying!" *shot for cornyness*