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Chapter 2: Explanations

Monroe was in his kitchen making coffee for his new guest and his friend, Nick Burkhardt, who should be there soon. He had kept silent throughout the car ride, but was all too curious about the woman–this witch–that was so different from the Hexenbiests. Of course he only ever encountered this type of witch before when he was still living in Germany, then again in his year across Europe as a young man. He was also conscious of Ria moving around his living room and work station very quietly.

He knew that he had nothing to worry about, apparently this was Nick's cousin!–Who knew?–but she was still a witch…with a wand…with strong magic…and a Grimm. Monroe closed his eyes and took a deep breath. She seemed as sincere as Nick is, and very justifiable as well. He saw it, didn't he, at the Lowen game? Instead of killing the Lausenschlange about to attack Nick she put him unconscious. So all Grimm's weren't the boogeyman like every wesen's parent told them, right?

"I'm not going to turn around and cast a spell, Monroe; I'm not that type of person." Ria startled Monroe, who turned around to see her leaning against the threshold, "Or that type of witch."

Monroe visibly relaxed, "Sorry, I guess I'm still a bit jumpy after what happened tonight."

Ria smiles softly, taking the cup of coffee from him. "Not a problem, it's understandable." she paused, tilting her head slightly, "But you don't seem all that surprise to hear of another type of witch."

Monroe smiled back, "That's cause I'm not all that surprise."

Before anything else could be said on the matter the front door opened and closed, Nick appearing in the kitchen a minute later. He stopped next to Monroe, frowning at Ria as he looked her over, trying to make sense out of everything he's heard and seen that night. Ria casually drinks her coffee, staring back at the cautious older man, completely relaxed. She noted the many questions he wanted to ask, but didn't know how or which one to ask first. Being a cop he'll probably want to know the basics first then look her up to see what was truth and uncover any dark secrets.

She hid the amused smile by drinking more of her coffee.

"Who are you? Why did you say you were my cousin? How can you be a witch when you're not a Hexenbiests?"

Ria held up a hand to stop the questioning, Nick closing his mouth and taking a deep breath. She brought down her hand and held the cup so they wouldn't notice the shaking. She was as nervous as Monroe was to have a witch–and another Grimm–in his home, and wondered what Nick will say to what she was about to reveal.

"My name is Ria Persephone Black, and I am a witch but of a different kind."

Nick frowned, "You didn't answer the second question."

Ria smirked, "We're third cousins twice removed on our great-great-grandfather's side." Nick frowned further, feeling a headache coming on from the math, making Ria chuckle, "The Grimm side. So it would be your mother's father, father, father–I actually have a family tree if you like to see it? Less of headache."

Nick looked startled, "Please." he whispered.

Ria smiled softly, "I have a cousin–your third as well–as an FBI C.I. in New York. He won't be able to visit as he's a criminal on house arrest, but we can go to him should you ever want to meet him."

Nick slowly sank to the chair Monroe pulled out for him. "How about explaining the different kind of witch?"

Ria chuckled, "There's four different kinds of witches. The first two are those that have magic powers that can be used without a wand and/or moving their hand or even saying some things out loud and they live in the Muggle world. Now, one of these kinds can see mythical creatures too–but most of them won't hide in human forms only demons do when they're trying to kill the witches. These type of witch's also kill these demons. The other is more nature-related and a lot of spells saying both out loud and thinking it, as well as potion making. They only fight against corrupt witches and witch-hunters. Also they can do magic on their own until they're bind into a circle–mostly of just six witch's–and you would need two or more to perform magic. Both this and the first kind of witches are limited with their powers and spells

'Then there are the Hexenbiests; they're evil witches that kill anything and everyone that their leader tells them to. They only work for royalty and are extremely loyal–I'm sure if you've noticed their human forms are strikingly beautiful but are extremely ugly in wesen form. They have no real powers except in making potions and super strength. Lastly there is my kind. We use wands–as you've noticed–to channel our power and to perform spells and/or potions. We have no real limit to what we can do with magic, the only down side is we count on magic so much that sometimes us Muggle-born's forget how to act in the world of Muggle's. We also live away from the Muggle's, the witches and wizards deciding to live in their own community. We fight against evil witches and wizards and some evil mythical creatures."

Nick muttered a few choice words to himself, scrubbing his hands over his face. Ria finished her coffee and walked over to the table to sit down, facing her overwhelmed cousin. Monroe only stared between the two Grimm's, his mind also in overload with the amount of information he had just heard.

"But, how can you be a witch when you're a Grimm?" Monroe asked confused. "And what's a Muggle?"

Ria chuckled, "A Muggle is basically a mortal–someone who doesn't have magic abilities, hence a Muggle-born which is someone who was born with two Muggle parents. My father, Marius Black, belonged to the world of magic and wands, however he was born without powers–a squib was what we call them. So when my father married my mother he didn't tell her of his background, thinking that since he was born squib his children wouldn't inherit the magic until later generations. However my mother didn't tell him about her Grimm bloodline, so when they had me the magic in both bloodlines brought out both of my magical abilities and both of their secrets to the open."

"So basically you're just like this…super Grimm." Monroe clarified.

Ria laughs, "No, just a Grimm that's a witch…or a witch that happens to be a Grimm."

Nick laughs, shaking his head. "You're a weird girl."

"I haven't been called a girl in a while," Ria shook her head in amusement.

"Why have you come?" Nick finally asked after a long pause.

Ria smiled ruefully, "Something happened eight years ago–I won't go into detail tonight, too long of a story–and I couldn't bear the reminder in that world anymore." she looked at her cousin and Monroe mournfully. "So I decided to learn more about the world of Grimm and that's how I came across your name and our relations."

Nick frowned with a shake of his head, "But why me? I'm sure there are other family members instead of third cousins removed or whatever."

"Because there was no one left." she told him softly. "They either had no children or they were killed at an early age. Aside from getting to know you this is also an opportunity for us to learn together the world of Grimm–your way–and I thought I might shared that with other Grimm's that I could find."

Nick stared at the other girl, wondering if he can take any more information. Seeing this Ria nodded softly to the older man, tilting her slightly. She knew that saying too much after an event like this would be overwhelming–hell, she didn't even want to introduce herself like this! But now that everything was out in the open Ria hoped that not only could they learn from each other, but also from this unique world together.

"Say, isn't there some place you need to be tonight?"

Muttering another oath, Nick quickly shoved from his chair and strode into the living room, taking his phone out. Chuckling, Ria turned to the quiet Blutbad, who seemed to be deep in his thoughts. Maybe the first step in this world was to befriend the wesen's that wish to break free of the chain this world has known for so long. Just like the witches and wizards in her world that can't stop using ancient ways of the renaissances…with a few adjustments, of course.

"I have to go," Nick suddenly said. "How can I contact you?"

Ria leaned back against the chair and crossed her leg over the other. To say the least she was a bit surprise that Nick wanted to see her again, even though she can see that he still didn't fully trust her. But it was good to have family nearby again while she's pursuing this world alone…Ria smiled at Nick, or maybe not so alone.

"You'll see me around, cousin, don't worry."

Nick saw the slow, accepting, smile on the younger girl's lips and gave a curt nod. Oh, this was going to be an interesting experience that was for sure, and he couldn't wait to learn more about his cousin…He actually had a cousin! Family that he desperately wanted long after his parents were killed. Sure, he loved his aunt for what she had done to raise him, but she was also distant and weird.

Though now he understood why she was so weird.

"Okay…um, see you around…cousin."

Ria watched after Nick, "See you, cousin."