Characters by: Suzanne Collins

Disclaimer: Suzanne Collins, who is very sadly not me :)

I run through the woods red hair flying behind me. I grip my brother's hand. Never let go I think. I glance up at the sky the hovercraft is reaching us. I force myself to go faster. Pumping my legs I feel myself going farther. The hovercraft is on top of us now. I know it is hopeless. I stop, sending my brother flying. "Lavinia" he yells. I pull him up and drag him in to the nearest clump of bushes. The claw comes down and grabs my brother. I scream. The claw comes down a second time. I see someone moving. I catch site of a girl, black hair. At first I think she is turned around until I spot her seam grey eyes looking at me. I plead with my eyes. "help, help" I make my eyes say. I feel the metallic claws encircle me. I go up. The latch opens and I am thrown inside. They have my brother in between two guards. Two others appear to hold me back. They start pounding my brother, blood splattering everywhere. The tears come down my face. I let out a scream. He starts coughing up blood. I see the club before he does, The club that ends his life. I watch in slow motion as it comes down over his head. as he slumps to the floor dead, lifeless, gone. One guard pulls out a knife forcing me to open my mouth. The heavy, disgusting blood doesn't compare to the infuriating pain inflicted on my tongue. I try to scream, try to make noise nothing happens. I black out. You never forget your last hope. I will always remember the girl with the black hair and seam grey eyes. Remember, I hold on to that word Remember.