Chapter 1- Journey to La Push

Margaret POV

It's been three months since I left home, three months I've been on the journey to find La Push. I've spent three months in wolf form, and guess what? It's been three months since I've been in the pool. I have no idea where I am and I'm hungry. What I miss the most is the Pool.

I'm a diver. I participated in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing winning three gold's individually and a bronze over all with the US team. And I haven't touched a board in forever and it's killing me!

Curse you stupid vampires! I thought.

If it weren't for them I wouldn't be here right now. I'd be back at home with my family END OF STORY! Three months ago vampires attacked my Hometown the Abnaki reservation in Maine. Lots of them, more than my pack could ever handle and of course I am the only one of my pack on our reservation to survive. My father our Alpha's last words to me were,

My angel you are not who you think you are, I am your real father but Mama is not your real mother. You are part Quileute their reservation is in La Push, Washington. Go find it and look for Sam Uley. He is your half brother and explain everything to him, ever our secret. He will know what to do. There are others like us there. Now go, go find it and never come back. I love you my angel.

And that was it. He's gone. Isn't that horrible? Watching your closest friends, family, father die right before your eyes then get the information that the woman you thought was your mother your whole life isn't and it wasn't her to break it to you and now you have to go all the way across the country to find your real one! What the hell is wrong with my life?

I collapsed in the middle of the forest feeling hot tears stream down my snout and I whined, laying there for what seemed like hours. Then with my wolf hearing I heard cars. Cars, Ha! A highway! I got up and ran with my wolf speed to the edge of a road. I walked beside the road for a few miles until I came across a sign that said, "Welcome to Port Angles, WA."

Thank freaking God! I made it to Washington. I got really excited! Then the thought occurred, Now where the hell is La Push? Damn. I just kept walking when I realized that it was a little town. The first town I'd crossed in about 3 weeks. I am definitely close cause there is a Quileute Store. So I phased out, put on my short shorts and a tank top that were tied to my leg and put my hair I a pony tail. Man it feels good to be human.

I hopped out of the woods hoping nobody noticed that I came out but no one did. I got on the sidewalk and decided to find food. That was my number one priority.

I started looking around for food and realized that a lot of people were staring at me. It was fairly busy in the town and mostly couples were walking hand in hand or a group of girls with shopping bags gossiping not caring what was going on. I looked down at myself to make sure I didn't miss anything but I looked perfectly fine... Then I heard someone whisper "Do you think she's cold?" and I realized that it was about 30 degrees outside.

Of course I didn't feel it cause I'm werewolf hot. So I rapped my arms around my arms to make it look like I was cold, when I saw three guys dressed in shorts and t-shirts staring at me, and Holy god, they were hot! All of them had to be over 6 feet tall they had short black hair and they were huge like totally ripped!

I stopped drooling and snapped out of my trans to come and realize they are like me. Shorts and t-shirt tanned skin black hair they probably weren't cold at all just like me.

They started walking my way so I looked over to see a McDonalds beside me and ran in.

Yummy it smelled soooo good. "Hello welcome to McDonalds what would you like to order." A kid said behind the counter. He looked me up and down then smiled seductively meeting my eyes.

I snorted "Yeah uhh, 2 Big Macs, a large coke, large fry, And ehh medium chocolate shake." I looked down at him and he stared at me,

"Are there two of you or is this all for you?" I can't believe this guy. "No I just got another Big Mac for my imaginary friend and we will split the drinks." I said sarcastically. "Yes it is all for me."

"Okay, okay it's just a lot."

"What? You've never seen a girl eat this much before. Is there a problem?"

He was about to say something but I just walked away. I don't really know why that made me so mad, but it's probably because I've been in wolf form for so long so I have a short temper. I always have a short temper though and I've always had.

Sitting down at my table I noticed the three guys had followed me in. They kept sneaking glances at me until the kid behind the counter sat in front of me. "So babe I'm on brake wanna make out?" Oh my god. Are you kidding me.

"Excuse me?" I asked

He looked completely serious "You heard me babe."

I busted out laughing but I was also really irritated. Does he really think I'm that easy?

I could see the three guys chuckling "Uh, yeah right. Are you serious? Is this what you do to everyone? Does it look like I wanna make out with you?" I started to get agitated and his cheeks turned a light shade pink. I could feel myself starting to shake. "I think I would much rather make out with one of them that you." and I pointed to the three guys and they all looked at him nodding their heads. "Fine what ever." he mummbled and got up and walked away. I could feel myself shaking as I glared at him walking away. I took deep breaths to calm myself down and hoped that the three guys' hadn't just seen that.

When I finished I got up and walked over to them.

"Hey, thanks for nodding you heads back there." They looked up and smiled "No problem," said the shorter of the two; he was also skinnier. "I'm Quil," he said. "And this is Jacob and Embry." They both smiled and said hi.

"I'm Margaret." I said stretching my arm out and they all shook it. The conversation became awkward so I asked, "I hope this isn't a stupid question. But which way is LA Push?" They all laughed and I could feel my cheeks start to warm.

Jacob, I think, smiled warmly and said, "If you follow that road right there and go about 50 miles, it's on the right. You'll see a sign."

"Thanks." I said turning for the door. "Um maybe I'll see you guys around? It was nice meeting you."

"Wait." Embry said stopping me. "You need a ride? We're heading back there in about an hour. We are just waiting for a friend."

"Thanks, but no thanks, see ya later." I said walking towards the door. I ended up running into someone knocking their purse out of their hand.

"Watch where your going Bitch." The girl said bending down to pick up her stuff.

I quickly responded, "Oh sorry, but it's not my fault you're an asshole." Helping her pick her stuff up. She looked at me up and down and I turned to go.

"Hey." She said. I turned and glared back. "I'm Leah." She extended her arm.

"Margaret." I said shaking it.

"I like you, you seem pretty cool."

"Thanks, you're not so bad your self." I answered hearing one of the guy's, maybe Embry, say, "Damn, she's like a girl version of Paul."

I didn't give that much thought and turned to walk out.

"I'll see you around," said Leah.

"Maybe." I answered taking off towards the woods.

Once in the forest I stripped down and phased. It took about 15 minutes to get to La Push with my wolf speed and when I got there I had nowhere else to go so I headed to the beach. I needed to get into water soon or I was going to kill myself!

Phasing out and putting on my shorts and tank top I walked out onto the sand. Man it felt so good to finally be here. I just closed my eyes to take it all in. It was beautiful here and I'm already happy with the whole area.

I was snapped out of my trans when I heard a guy yelling, then a splash. I looked to my left. Cliffs. CLIFFS! CLIFF DIVING! Woo hoo, oh yeah! What now. Before I knew felt myself running to find the top of the cliff. This place was my paradise, yet my life couldn't start living my life until I would find Sam Uley. I had to find him because it was an Alpha command and there was a pull to where he might be. But until then I'm going to impress those guys with my mad diving Olympic skills!