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Paul POV

I am freaking pissed off. Sam made me do double patrol because I was late for the pack meeting last night! Who F-ing cares! So while I'm on freaking patrol Jared, tweedle dee, tweedle dumb, and Seth get to go cliff diving! And Jake, Embry, Quil, and Leah wont shut up about this badass girl they saw at McDonalds who they think I'll imprint on. Ha me imprint, no freaking way.


I hear four people phase.

Holy Crap man I think we just found your imprint! Said Jacob. I groaned.

No no dude, really I can just see it happening right now. Quil implied

Yeah she's a bitch, I like her though. She seemed like a badass. Leah said, and that caught me off guard because Leah never really talks.

I will bet you $100 bucks you will imprint on her. And of course that is what Embry would say.

Deal. That just adds more money to my pocket. I said.

Come on man, you make it seem like you will never imprint.

That's because I won't. I mean seriously come on, me Paul the manwhore imprint? Yeah right.

Paul you know it will happen and its great to hear you admit that you are manwhore, Jared said.

I know I'm one dude now just shut up so I can patrol.

Gosh whatever. They all said.

End of Flashback

I'm tired and I'm hungry and I just can't take these people's shit anymore. Me Paul Lahote is never going to imprint. So shut up. After that I phased out and made my way to Emily's. I just wanted to eat and wait for the day to end.

Once everyone got back we are eating and joking around until we hear the door open.

"Sam, Emily we have someone here to meet you! And she says she knows Sam and needs to talk to him." Jared shouted.

"And she has a name you dumbass." I heard a girl say. She sounded like an angel It was so sweet and sounded tough. Beautiful maybe. Ah Paul no! I mentally slapped myself.

"Really who is it?" Emily asked walking out of the kitchen.

"This is Margaret, Margaret Emily, Emily, Margaret," said Jared introducing them. Margaret, what a beautiful name. I mentally slapped myself, stop it Paul.

Jacob, Embry, and Quil all look at me mouthing 'Thats her!' but I ignored them.

"It is very nice to meet you honey. Come into the kitchen so I can put this down and you can meet Sam and the others." Said Emily. Then walked in with the most beautiful I'd ever seen.

"And this is Sam." Seth said.

Sam got up and looked at her then paused and they just stared at each other.

"Sammy." She whispered, "Is that really you?"

"Margaret?" he whispered in disbelief. "Oh my god, this isn't real." he said then started moving forward.

Ohhh shit Sam has another girl friend we never knew about! Haha this will be good! I thought to myself.

Then they just hugged and that caught everyone off guard. Seth and Jared were just dumb founded and Jake, Quil, Embry and Emily's faces were priceless, probably just like mine.

Then Sam started crying! CRYING! Holy Shit what was going on. "It really is you Maggie moo isn't it?" he asked. Margaret laughed.

"No shit I'm standing here aren't I." she giggled, then buried her face in his chest again.

"Yep you haven't changed a bit sweet heart. The same hot headed girl I left 9 years ago and it's only gotten worse buddy boy." She said. I really like her already.

Then she quickly realized they weren't the only two there and blushed. Beautiful, she is so damn hot. Shit Paul stop it Stop.

"Now why the hell are you here?" Sam asked in his serious voice, "Joey will be very upset when he finds you gone." She said. Who the hell is Joey?

Sam then got this look on his face "Sammy Joey's dead. He told me to come to La Push and find you and that you'd know what to do and I want to talk to you in private." It looked like someone had punched Sam in the face when she said that.

"Sure thing. Let's go to the beach." he said

What the hell? They just ran out, we all looked at Emily who just continued cooking like nothing happened. She much know.

Jared and Seth grabbed food and sat down,

"Who the hell is she?" I asked

"No clue but she says she knows Sam and the only reason she came was to talk to him, but that, what just happened between them was weird and something I wasn't expecting." said Jared.

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