Flying furiously, Nymphadora Tonks yelled instructions over her shoulder to the Harry-ganger that was Ron, whilst recklessly avoiding the various jets of light darting at her.
Swerving dangerously, to keep from being stunned, she had no choice but to reverse speedily, and in doing so, she caught sight of an elaborate black and white form heading her way.

As the form got closer, she realised two things. First, she desperately needed an upgrade, broom-wise. Second, it was Bellatrix getting steadily closer. Of course. Her estranged aunt, incredible skill, evil, pureblood ideals, prejudice and insanity all rolled into one very unbalanced package. The one who so recently murdered her cousin, Sirius. Of course that would be the Death Eater she'd get.

"Oh Christ," she muttered, overtaken with sudden panic. For the first time since the mission briefing, it occurred to her that she might die. But she had to get Ron to safety.

The frozen image of Bellatrix soaring towards her, wild black curls, skirts flying, urged her on, Tonks subconsciously tried to make herself more streamlined. That expression… Pure hate enveloped Bellatrix's hollowed, once-beautiful features, her eyes narrowed with fury, and her mouth twisted with disgust at the mere sight of her.

I must be such an abomination in her eyes. Tonks knew that fear was manipulating her thoughts into reasonless mental rambling, but the knowledge did not help her prevent them.

I'm the child of Andromeda, her sister, the one who left her, my father is the reason she ran away.

Bellatrix was gaining on them, and Tonks could hear the panic in Ron's voice as he impressively managed to hit home with a stunning spell aimed at another Death Eater.

I'm a living reminder of her sister's abandonment, and I had the nerve to marry a werewolf, that's why she wants me, she's going to kill me…

Ron gave a yell, and Tonks turned sharply to the left, unconsciously heading towards her destination.

I'm spitting on the family honour that my mother tore down.

As Bellatrix's expression turned triumphant, her wand pointed at her niece with every intent to kill, she suddenly disappeared from view.

It hit Tonks like a ton of bricks as she hit the ground in the yard of Muriel Weasley.

She was going to live.