Chapter Thirteen-

"Katherine, please just go!" I yelled in frustration. "Why did you come?"

She smirked. "Why'd you come here?"

"Ah!" I threw my hands up and began walking home; completely forgetting about the council meeting.

I didn't understand why I had so much beef with Katherine, but I was going to find out. I arrived at the Salvatore house and yelled out for Stefan.

"Stefan! Tell me why Katherine's here!" I screamed out as I walked into the foyer. Elena came bounding down the stairs and had a grimace on her features.

"Katherine as in Katherine Pierce?"

I shrugged. "Hell if I know, she just attacked me after Matt came in all bloodied up; talking about a man looking for me." I held my hand up as she began to speak. "He's fine. Damon is taking care of him. I couldn't find a man anywhere, I don't know if she compelled him, but it scared me."

Stefan slammed a door upstairs and cursed. "She's back!" He yelled out, mostly to himself.

"Can you explain this Katherine to me? I know that I knew her somehow, I feel like she is Katrinia, but it's not like she'd give up any information willingly."

"Not unless she actually liked you." Elena snorted and took my hand. "Let's head over to see how Matt and Damon are doing."

I bargained for her to let me go home and change first. I was done with the... "Oh no." I whispered.

"What?" Stefan asked me, worry covering his face.

"I left in the middle of a council meeting!" I yelled. "They probably think I'm a ditz or something, I swear..." I shook my head and we continued to walk. We were walking along the street when someone yelled my name. I turned to see Jasper and Emmett running at a human pace towards me. I squealed loudly and met them halfway.

I embraced the two of them tightly and grabbed their hands. "I am so glad to see you! Where is everyone else? How is Esmé and Carlisle? I am so sorry for not being able to talk to you the past two weeks-I have been so busy!" I rambled on as I pulled them over to Stefan and Elena.

Jasper chuckled and squeezed my shoulder. "They're at your house, waiting. Esmé and Carlisle are here too. It's alright; we know you have a life."

"Yeah," Emmett agreed. "We all missed you- except for you know who. He is in Alaska, forever, I think."

I burst out laughing at Emmett's comment, and it caused people walking on the street to blatantly stare. I turned to look at Stefan and Elena and motioned them over. I untangled me from Jasper and Emmett's grasp. I grinned as they began a conversation and turned to see Damon walking over with a slightly rattled Matt.

I walked over and into his arms. "I'm sorry I left the meeting. I met a Katherine Pierce outside, though. Elena and I think that she may have known me before, but I am not sure when. She reminds me of Katerina."

"Oh?" He frowned and kissed me softly. "I am sure we'll see her soon then. Maybe she wants to bribe you. We can go look for her later. Marie says that your forgiven for leaving so suddenly. Carol believes you must be a vampire to run out so soon after they gave you vervain."

"Well, maybe I should tell her I'm an angel and I am deathly allergic to vervain." I snorted. "Then I must be a damned soul, too!" He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck.

"I think she'd call the priest. Or maybe leave the state." Ha! I laughed and pulled him over to the five.

"Guys! This is Damon, the man who saved me!" I dramatically spoke and fanned my face. I turned my head to Emmett and Jasper and whispered. "I am such fan girl!"

I continued to squeal and giggle as they burst into laughter,clutching their sides with tears streaming down their faces; except for Jasper and Emmett, of course. But they laughed as hard. Damon just looked incredulous at me.

I wrapped my arm around his torso and looked up and met his eyes. "I apologize for the dramatics, but I think we all needed it."

He smirked and placed his lips on mine. I thought I was forgiven until he started to tickle me. "Oh... no!" I gasped out as I tried to wiggle out of his grasp. "Think your forgiven...?" He teased.

"Please! I'll make it up later... just." Damon ceased the finger torture and whispered in my ear. "Deal."

Elena scrunched up her nose and pulled me from Damon. "Later, lovebirds. We wanna see the rest of the Cullen's."

I agreed and we walked down to my house. "Grandma won't be back until six,"

"We can all go over to our house when she does, Bella." I smiled and thanked Elena. I immediately spotted Esmé and ran forward.

"Bella!" She greeted me and I crashed into her small frame and began to apologize. "It's alright dear. I'm excited to see you, too. Care to introduce me to your new friend?" I blushed and she laughed. "I'm just teasing, honey. Do introduce us, please."

I tangled my fingers with Damon and introduced the trio. Rose came up and hugged me tightly, as did Alice. Carlisle gently hugged me and Damon resumed his place with his arms around my torso and his head on top of mine. "This is Damon Salvatore, Stefan and Elena Salvatore." I motioned to the couple standing next to me. "This is the parents: Esmé and Carlisle. You've met the rest of them already." I beamed at them and they all shook hands.

I leaned my head to the side. "Will y'all come inside?" They herded to the door and walked into the living room. I sighed in frustration. I asked Esmé if Rose had informed them of my... travels. She nodded and I looked at everyone. "I know y'all don't want to hear my past again..."

"Why don't we all hang at my house?" Stefan suggested. "We'd get to know each other better."

They all agreed and that left Esmé, Carlisle, Damon and me. I took a deep breath and looked at Damon. "You can do this, Bella. You are unbelievably strong. And don't forget brave."

I stared at Carlisle and Esmé for a moment before talking. "You probably do not know, we all don't have happy pasts. I am in no way comparing it you any of yours, but mine... is not happy. Yes I have a few happy moments in my time, but at the outcome of it- I don't. The only past life of mine where I was truly happy for a time was when I was with Damon."

After my tales were told, I bid a goodbye to a crying Esmé and an upset Carlisle. "We will see you tomorrow. I am truly sorry you had to go through all of this. You don't deserve any of it."

I hugged them both. "Thank you. I do help you feel better." I waved goodbye to them and watched them disappear down the road.

I turned to Damon and he wrapped his arms tightly around me. "We still have four hours until your grandmother gets back." He whispered in my ear. I shoved his shoulder and raced upstairs. I laughed along the way.

I slipped my shoes off and climbed on his lap. His lips battled with mine as we fell back on my bed. "Bella." He mumbled as he kissed the sensitive skin on my neck. I clutched his shirt and a quiet moan slipped from my mouth.

"Please?'" I whispered to him. I looked up at him through my lashes and waited for a response. He knew I was ready. I wanted this more than anything; and I was praying and hoping we would have time. I just needed a little more happiness in my world, I thought to myself. Damon happily agreed.


We were tangled in my sheets and I snuggled into Damon's side. Damon was almost asleep. I was wide awake. "Damon?" I whispered, hoping he heard me.

"Mhm," His eyes were tightly closed and his hair was a mess. Like mine. I decided to trace his jaw with my fingers in hopes of getting a better response. It worked.

Damon's lips traveled along my hairline and I was busy kissing his neck. I paused. "I love you Damon. Always." He looked into my eyes and replied.

"I love you too, Isabella." I smiled and held him close. I felt perfect in that moment. Those types of moments, I knew, were far and in between.

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