Emo love story

disclaimer: I don't own the series Percy Jackson I only own my characters which r Lily Jackson

On with the story!

Hey my name is Lily Jackson (hint, hint) and I'm emo. I have an older brother named Percy Jackson who I haven't seen him since he started camp. All I know about him since he left is that he's got a girlfriend named Anabeth Chase I think. Any ways I get kicked out of all the schools I've been including Goode High School. Oh I haven't said my age well that's easy because Percy's my twin ( hint, hint) so I'm 18.

Man do I love not going to school because I don't have to deal with my dyslexia and stupid ADHD. Wait, what the hell was that noise I think it came from that alley. With out thinking I went to the alley and saw this really huge black dog with bloody red eyes. It started to charge at me and I tried to run but it got me. Then all of a sudden I see a guy that looked like mik jaggier (yes I know who Mick jaggier is). But he also had a bronze bladed sword in his right hand. Then he spoke " Hey we need to take u to camp fast ok." the mysterious boy said. " Um. K. Just let ask u what's ur name and what camp."" the name is Nico and the camp is called Camp Half Blood k. we need to go now so hold on tightly to me alright." I did what Nico said and held on tightly. Then all of a sudden we were at the camp I guess and it was filled with lots of ancient looking buildings. Then Nico shouted to someone " Yo. Grover go get Percy now!" wait Percy as in my brother no way it can't be. Then all of a sudden a dude that was a sayter I guess came over. " k Nico I'm gonna get Percy but first who's this?" I guess he was Grover. " this is a new half blood Grover" Nico said in return. Then Grover yelled to someone " yo Perce get over here!". Then all of a sudden my brother came over and asked Grover " What do u want Grover?" then Nico answered for him though " Actually I need u because u get to show her around and take her to the Big House K.". Then Nico pointed to me and Percy froze in shock that I was here. Then he was bouncing with joy and started to run to me ( he was 5 feet away from me) and yelled " Lily! Is that my little sister I know and love?". I started laughing and then he picked me up and toke me into a big bear hug. " Percy it's good to see you again after all these years and so u know I'm older than u not younger" I shouted. But then I guess everyone in the camp looked at where we were and stared once they heard the sister part. " HEY! I'm just younger than you by 2 minutes!" Man was he pissed

But then all of a sudden a green trident was glowing above my head. Wait isn't that the simble of Poseidon God of Seas, Earthquakes, Horses, etc. Ok creepy...

Hey emolovegrrawsome here I just want to know what u think and no slash because this my first fanfiction.