Emo love story

Srry for not updateing sooner but I had a terrible writers block...But thx to Unsocialized Bass Player gave me the ideas of what to do with this chap plus some more... Any ways the usual disclaimer I dont own any thing but my oc Lily.

Lily's Pov:

When we got to Olympus it was amazing to see. I mean it's my first time here so to me it was breath taking. When Percy looked at me he started to laugh his ass off. But when I shot him a glare he stoped and cowarded down. Man is it me or is scared of me because I still look like a goddess. "Now let's disgust this matter at hand." Zeus said when we got to the trone room. " how are we going to fight the war?" Apollo asked dumly. " well we could just..." Athena stopped right in then and looked like she was losted for words. Which is abnormal for her since shes the goddess of wisdom. Thats when I spoke up " Well first lets start our battle stradegy while me and Anabeth work toghter to figure out the prophecy." Every single one of the olmypians and minor gods and goddess where looking my way and all agreed until." Why does Anabeth have to be the one to figure out the prophecy with you. I rather have one of Aphrodite's kids figure it out the her." What the hell is Hesta thinking and what the hell is wrong with Anabeth. " Look here Hesta I chose here not you so you know what stut your little mouth because I don't want to hear it." That's when Apollo and Ares started saying "ooo Burn." An man did Hesta look pisted at me. Her face was turning red when she started screaming " Look here you little demigod bitch Irather have you go to underworld than to look at your stupid ass coments. From your stupid EMO face". Did she fucking call me emo this bitch is going down. " What did you fucking call me Hesta oh and Im way bigger than you in status than you can think bitch." I know I sounded like Aphrodite but I don't care right now. " I called you emo bitch. And no you aren't because Im a goddess when your a demigod". Right then I knew my eyes turned black and I had all of my anger in my fist and I felt the lighting in me start to go crazy. Hesta look at me like I was nothing. " Well looks like your a disgrace to your daddy." That's it one more word and I will kill this bitch. "Hesta you don't know what your getting into." Zeus said even I saw the fear in his eyes. " Why she can't do nothing shes just a weakling"

Thats when I with drew my sword and charged for her. I saw the lighting going from my hand to my sword. I saw water that was around us go drectly to my sword aswell. In one minute Hesta was on the ground with a sword pointed to her neck. " Whos a weakling now bitch" I whispered into her ear before I got off her and cut her arm. Once i cut her arm she was screaming bloody murder. Then she relised that there was lighting and water going around my sword. " how the hades did you get a lighting bolt and water on your sword ?' half shocked not suprised. "hestia Lily is the halfblood thats a goddess. We already found out Nyx was the titan to give her the gift." Zeus said a little pisted but inside I could tell he was laughing his ass off because I just beat his wife up.

" Alright well we should start figureing this prophecy out Anabeth... So let's get going." When I said that every one left the meeting room or confress room. Hey don't judge me it's not my falt that I don't know what that room is called. Any ways me and Anabeth got to Athena's room and got to work. We start thinking about the prophecy. Then all of a sudden Anabeth's face went a ghostly pale. "What is it Anabeth?" " We have to tell the gods right now." And with that she ran off towards the throne room. Yes I remembered what it was called. " Lord Zeus I know what Titan we have to watch for." Who Anabeth?" Zeus asked stupidly. But be for Anabeth said what Titan I knew who it was right then an there. "The Titian is...Kronos." No I don't want to tear up that old dude after Percy did... Why does it have to be Kronos...

Srry guys I haven't updated but now I am I'll try to update faster if I don't get another writers block...Any ways there will be a part three because I could not wait to put up this one...

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