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Chapter One: Nightmare

Patch P.O.V.

Excruciating pain ripped through my chest and back as I lay bleeding on the dirt above my apartment under Delphic. My bestfriend had just stripped me of my newfound wings and stabbed me through the chest because I wouldn't lay down and let him kill my girlfriend. I worked so hard to keep her safe, from Jules as well as would have guessed Nora would have been the heir to two fallen angel lines? I sure didn't.

I was strangely calm as I lay bleeding out in the muck and rain. A large pipe protruded from the middle of my chest. My hands, one on top of the other, were skewered through the same pipe.

My "predicament" was painful, but Rixon's betrayl hurt the worst. He had been my friend since we both fell. I trusted him fully, now he's gone and stabbed me not just in the back, but through it.

In the course of minutes from when I was stabbed, I began to feel extremely weak to the point where I had to close my eyes. I finally became so exhausted I couldn't even bother myself to take breaths. It felt like my heart exploded when I thought of Nora's pale, dead face the moment before I faded into blackness.

Artemis P.O.V.

I was mulling over my decision to call Nick to my temple when I heard a terrible scream of pain echo through my home's granite walls. Oooh, Dark-Hunter time!

I snapped my fingers and a well built, tan man appeared in my temple. He had a gaping hole through his chest and two holes of the same size on each hand.

"So, you were betrayed, I take it." I said drably. Always the same… can't murduring friends be a bit more creative?

"Where am I?" he asked assertively. "I have to help Nora."

"You're dead. I'm Artemis, goddess of the hunt, moon, and childbirth. Humans these days. So stupid, don't know a goddess when they see one…"

"Wait, I'm an angel of God. I can't be here."

"Oh well, either you can help 'Nora' or you, Mr. Fallen Angel, can meet your manufacturer." I retorted.

He looked at me oddly, "'Meet your manufacturer'…? If I'm dead, how can I help Nora?"

"I will give you 24 hours to do with what you please, if you trade me your soul and pledge to searve me for eternity."

"Anything, I'll do anything to save Nora." The angel proclaimed.

I grabbed his bear bicep and extracted his soul. He let out an excruciating scream as I enfused him with the powers of a Dark-Hunter. He disappeared from my temple to exact his revenge.

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Rixon de-winged Patch= Fallen Patch= unassociated with God

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