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~story begin~

Does anyone believe this? This world, 21st century world still has witches, magic and mythical creatures? If you don't believe it then looked outside, looked around. Do you saw any humans or what we called 'Mortal' walking around in the neighborhood? The answer was no, because people were too scared to go outside. All the villains had taken over the whole world and no one was allowed to go outside unless they were starving to death.

You asking who I am? I'm Fubuki Shirou, a normal mortal. I obeyed every single word that the 'villains' said, that's why they had never hurt me. They even gave me food to survive through those days. I'm only a silver-eyed boy that they loved and because of that love all the other mortals started to hate me saying that I betrayed them. Did I want to do this? No! Not at all!

Anyway … right now I'm standing in front of the front door, trying to open it but I failed to. I'm too scared to open it, who's know what will happen if I do? Disaster and I mean it!

"What are you doing Shirou?" Oh no, that's my master Gouenji, he caught me trying to open the door.

"Nothing sir …" I stuttered, apologizing to him before he dissapeared in front of my eyes.

"What have I done?" I said to myself, slamming my palm on my fore head.

"You done nothing brother!" Then my brother Astuya walked towards me, lending me a hand.

"You need some rest Shirou, you have been working hard already!" the last words that he said gave me courage back I smiled at him as walked to out rooms.

When we reached our rooms my smile was gone. The picture of my long lost parents was hanging up on the wall. Whenever I saw that picture, the bad memories came back and tortured me.

"How that picture did came up here?" my brother asked,

Wait if he's not the one who hung it up then who did? In this house only Astuya and I knew where the was.

"I hang it up, so that you guys won't cry at night like before!" my master came up and replied, we looked at him in disbelief.

"What you don't like that picture? Then I'll throw it away then!" Gouenji said walking towards the picture but when his hand touched the picture. I ran as fast as I could and cut him of, I was protecting the picture. I didn't know why, even how I had never wanted to see that picture again. I just had a feeling that I must protect it.

"Oh you change you r mind Shirou?" Master Gouenji said glaring at me and smiled, but it wasn't a happy smile at all.

"I had change my mind Master, I want to have this picture!" I replied

"Very well, do whatever you wan with it!" He said and then the next second, he was gone.

"Phew that's was close, what on earth have you done?" Astuya said acting like a 5-year-old kid, I just laughed at him and said

"Don't you remember Astuya?" I asked him, he shook his head several times. I sighed and looked at him.

"This's the only thing that resembles our parents!" I pouted childishly, Astuya stared in surprised.

"Oh I forgot!" he replied back.

And then I looked outside and saw a Chimera shooting fire balls at us …

The End

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