Dearest People who are reading this,

As much as I am thankful for the reviews, favorites and follows, I am sorry to say that there is no other chapter to this story. Chapter 3 is the last one, the ending of the story and there will not be another chapter or epilogue. If you were expecting any kind of continuation, I am sorry to say that there won't be. This is the way I saw this story playing out back when I wrote it and I am happy with the results.

I have been having some writers block with some new stuff I'm writing and thought I would go back and edit some of my old stories (hence why this was reposted). I didn't like the way they looked and some of the grammar was just bad, so I went back and fixed them the best I could. I am sorry for the confusion if there was any but like I said, this story is over. I'd just like to thank everyone who read it and for the support, it means a lot.