Author's note: This is my first story ever, just an idea I had, I hope you guys like it! If I get any reactions, I'll continue this, and anything that might be unclear right now, will be explained along the way. Enjoy.

Brittany's grown up a lot since high school. While Santana spent most of her time partying, sleeping around (there's really not a nicer way to put it), and only attending her classes when she actually remembered them, Britt quit drinking and partying, switched her major from dance to architecture halfway through freshman year and studied her ass off. She studied and limited her free time to sports. Dancing, running and karate. Motocross not so much, not in New York City. She does have a bike though, a big badass one that Santana used to love riding on the back off. Santana loves that Brittany rides motorcycles, but she will never understand what Brittany likes about karate – she took lessons for all of three months when she was about eight, so she considers herself somewhat of an expert – but Britt apparently loves pretending that she is Chinese (Santana's tried to tell her that karate's not really a Chinese sport, but Brittany refuses to believe her). Mind you, Santana still graduated cum laude, with a double major in psychology and music. She's always been a smart girl, just not a very studious one.

Anyways, as quirky as Brittany still is, always will be probably, Santana feels like Britt might actually be more mature than her. Scary thought. But then again, she shouldn't really be surprised. It was after all Brittany who never struggled with her sexuality; she just embraced it at the tender age of 14. Santana is still sorta rummaging through her closet, and they're 22 now. And she's pregnant with Puck's baby.

Yeah, she didn't see that one coming either.

It's pretty sucky.

But now she's run into Brittany for the first time in four years, and she's never felt more like a screw up than right now.

Well, telling her parents came pretty close.

It's just that… It's Brittany, Brittany with the puppy eyes and the unwavering trust in people. Especially in her.

Three weeks later she hasn't told Brittany. They have begun hanging out together. It's great, yet some awkwardness lingers over them. Those four years and untold secrets and insecurities about what they are, are all keeping them apart. They are watching One Tree Hill on DVD and eating pizza though . Just like they used to in high school, in the Pierce's basement, or in the Berry living room.

They are laughing carelessly, like they used to, when Santana feels a piercing cramp in her belly. She can't help but scream, and Brittany is all over her in a second, a worried look on her face. Then she notices a giant blood spot on Santana's sweat pants, and her look turns confused.

Santana is reduced to sobbing from the pain, but she somehow manages to tell Brittany "I'm pregnant". Brittany pales even more than she already had, and begins scrambling around for her phone. "I'm calling 911 San", she says resolutely. She talks to somebody on the other end of the line, but they tell her Santana has to come down to the hospital by herself if she wants to get checked out. Brittany is muttering to herself furiously, takes a second to gather her thoughts, and then scoops up Santana effortlessly.

"It's gonna be okay, San", she whispers in her ear comfortingly, before walking out the door, grabbing only her keys. She carries Santana the three floors down, not bothering with waiting for the elevator, and steps outside to hail a cab. Luckily she lives on a busy street. A cab pulls up immediately, and a concerned looking man steps out of the back of the car, telling her to take it, he'll catch a different one. She sends him a grateful half-smile – it's all she can muster – and gets in the car.

The driver takes one look at Santana and warily checks with Brittany if she wants him to take them to the nearest hospital. She glares at him, not really bothering with a reply. She swears if he says something about blood getting on his seats, she will punch him in the face. Santana seems to be slipping in and out of consciousness at this point, and Brittany gently pinches her cheeks in an effort to keep her awake. "I love you Brittany", Santana murmurs "always have, always will", before closing her eyes. Brittany doesn't know how to feel about this statement, but she doesn't give herself much time to consider it, instead calling Rachel to tell her to meet them at the hospital. She's stayed remarkably calm until now, but when she tries to explain to Rachel, she starts sobbing uncontrollably, and the taxi driver, who turns out to be a lot nicer than Brittany originally thought, eventually pries the phone from her hands while they're waiting at a stop light, and tells Rachel what hospital he is taking them to.

When they make it to the hospital, the man parks his car, and insists on carrying Santana inside for her. Brittany doesn't really know what is supposed to happen now, but it turns out that if you walk into an E.R. with an unconscious person and blood everywhere, they're fairly helpful. Santana's being put on a stretcher, and Brittany is being pushed aside, and told to wait in the waiting area. Their driver pats her on the back somewhat clumsily, and tells her that he is sorry but he has to get back to work. Brittany stammers something that resembles a thank you and stumbles to a seat.

She loses all track of time until Rachel arrives with Kurt in tow, both looking incredibly worried. "What the fuck happened?", Rachel demands, and Brittany is taken aback by her crude language, not used to hearing it from her. "I don't know", she stammers, "Santana just started screaming, and there was so much blood and and…" She starts crying again, Rachel joining her. 'I didn't even know she was pregnant', Brittany whispers. Rachel looks at her with sad eyes. "She was ashamed, Britt", she says. "Who is the father?" Brittany demands. Kurt and Rachel exchange a look, "I really think that's up to her to tell you", Rachel says, hesitation in her voice. Just as Brittany wants to start complaining, because apparently Kurt does know, a doctor makes his way over to them. "Is any of you related to the girl you brought in?" he asks. "I am", Rachel says, "I'm her sister". "All right then", he nods, "follow me, please".

Rachel gets up and walks with him, "Call my parents please" she tells Kurt over her shoulder. The boy nods, and gets his cell phone out, taking a deep breath before dialing the number. Brittany starts to get up, wanting to follow Rachel, but a nurse comes at them with a bunch of forms. "Try to fill out everything you know, please", she says with a friendly smile. Brittany focuses on her new task so she doesn't have to listen to Kurt's conversation, but her hands are shaking too badly to actually write stuff down. Kurt hangs up soon, and takes the pen out of her hands. "Let me", he says, "you just tell me what to write okay?". Brittany nods, and they get to work. She is surprised at how much she knows, basically the only blank is Santana's social security number, but her parents will probably be able to supply them with that info when they get here. They live on Staten Island now, so it shouldn't be that long of a wait.

After a while Rachel comes back with a tight-lipped smile. "She's okay" she tells them. Kurt and Brittany look at her, not saying anything, but Rachel understands them and says: "the baby too. It was touch-and-go, but it should be okay." Brittany realizes that she feels relief at this, and she wonders why. Her and Santana are not together. Not anymore. This baby is not hers. But she decides it doesn't matter. If Santana will let her, she'll help with the baby. It could become theirs. After all, Santana did tell her that she loved her, right?