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Brittany stood on the Berry's porch scowling. She had hoped to spend some time alone with Santana, but she could hear Puck's obnoxious voice through the open window. Guess he beat her again. Lately Puck and Brittany were always fighting.

They used to be great friends, playing video games together for hours on end. This was always much to Santana's chagrin, who would look on, bored out of her mind. But these last couple of months everything had sort of become a competition between the two of them.

Puck, who was a year older than the girls, had started high school in the fall, and – according to Brittany – it had really gone to his head. He thought he was so cool for making the worst football team in the United States. Brittany couldn't help but snort derisively every time she thought about it. Even worse was that disgusting rat on his head.

Unfortunately, Santana didn't seem to agree with her. Ever since Quinn had gotten on their case about needing a cool boyfriend – she insisted it would make all the difference when they would try out for the cheerios – Santana had started spending a lot more time with the boy. It didn't help that they were next door neighbors. Anytime Brittany got her mom or one of her siblings to drop her off at Santana's house, it seemed like Puck was already there.

Since Brittany couldn't just walk back home, the three of them would usually hang out together. They would occasionally have fun, Brittany had to admit, after all they had all pretty much grown up together. But sometimes Puck and Brittany literally felt like they had to fight for Santana's attention.

To make matters worse, when Brittany did get Santana to herself, the brown-eyed girl would talk about Puck almost non-stop. More specifically, she had initially talked about how it would feel to kiss Puck, and when it had finally happened, she would talk about how great it was, although Brittany had noticed that she sounded just a little too excited sometimes, like when she tried to be nice to Rachel after she had sung ten solos in a row on their karaoke machine.

Brittany, also on Quinn's insistence, had a boyfriend of her own, Mike Chang. They had been friends forever, taking karate lessons together since they were little. She, however, had no desire whatsoever to kiss Mike. Both of them knew they were only 'dating' to keep Quinn happy. They occasionally shared a quick peck to the cheek when they were hanging out in a group, but that was it, and they were both happy to keep it that way. So Santana's endless babbling was sort of hard for Brittany to take.

More importantly, Brittany had been dealing with some pretty weird feelings lately. Whenever she would see Puck kiss Santana, or hear Santana talk about it, her tummy felt sort of weird, and she would get angry with Puck, not knowing why. Even weirder was that she sometimes found herself thinking that she would much rather kiss Santana than Mike. Santana was just so pretty, and so were her lips.

Brittany often fell asleep at night, thinking about how those lips would feel against her own. She had been wondering whether wanting to kiss girls was normal - she had never seen that on T.V. - so she had vowed to ask Alexis, but her sister was very busy, and so far she hadn't managed to have a private conversation with her.

She took a deep breath and opened the door, finally ready to face the music.

"Hey!" She called out, trying to sound excited.

"Brittany!" Santana replied. She sounded giggly and carefree, and Brittany was conflicted. She loved seeing Santana like this, because lately she got sad or moody easily, but she also wished she could have been the reason for San's good mood.

"What are you guys doing?" Brittany asked, looking around. She didn't see Rachel or their dads anywhere, which was sort of odd. Brittany was pretty sure Santana wasn't supposed to hang out with Puck all by herself. She was only thirteen after all, and Puck was a high schooler.

"Where's your dads and your sister, San?" Brittany asked, feeling like a party pooper, but needing to know anyway.

Santana giggled again, "shhh, Puck's not here!" she said, "they went to the store, Rach needed their advice on some dress for an audition or something, don't really care, but anyways, Puck's not supposed to be here, and he's gotta leave soon!"

While Santana was saying all this, Puck was sending a very satisfied smirk Brittany's way. She felt like he was taunting her, reminding her that he had been alone with Santana while she wasn't here.

"Come sit," he said, "we're watching Big Brother."

"What?" Brittany muttered, "but San, I thought you hated that show." She felt miserable for some reason she couldn't put her finger on.

"Usually I do, but Puck's making fun of everyone, it's hilarious!"

Brittany frowned, but sat down. If Santana said so…

The kids watched the show for another twenty minutes or so; Puck with his arm around Santana's shoulder as if her were a man and not an awkward boy. Brittany had never felt so uncomfortable in her life.

Part of her wanted Mike here, so she would have someone to put his arm around her too, but most of her just wanted Puck to leave, and maybe then she could put her arm around Santana. At least her armpits didn't stink like Puck's did.

Relief came when they heard a car pull up in the driveway. Puck jumped up like someone was pointing a gun at him, and if Brittany hadn't been so miserable, she would have laughed. Instead she just watched, amused, as Puck fled through the back door as if the devil were on his heels.

Brittany thought it was pretty funny he was so scared, after all Santana's dads probably wouldn't have minded the three of them hanging out, but mostly she was happy that Puck was gone.

They greeted Santana's parents, who seemed happy enough to see Brittany – at least she had that advantage over Puck – and after they had retreated to their bedroom to watch T.V. in there, they settled back on the couch, putting on an old episode of The O.C. instead of stupid Big Brother.

Rachel had also gone upstairs because she needed her beauty sleep – she was the lamest fourteen-year-old on earth sometimes – and Brittany finally felt the knot in her stomach come undone now that she and Santana were alone again.

Santana put her head in Brittany's lap, and as she played with her black hair, listening to her sweet giggles, Brittany reminded herself to talk to Alexis soon. She had to know if it would be okay to kiss Santana.