Hiya! This is my first story so go easy on me! I'm new to writing but I've read other stories and loved them! This is probably not going to be a dirty story. All that's in here is probably going to be kissing and maybe a little swearing (not really bad though! I'm only 13, so I don't really have a bad mouth.) All are NORMAL!

Summary: Cammie and Zach have loved each other since forever, but it's the best friend kind of love. Cammie goes away with her Aunt Abby for a summer in Europe because Zach is acting like a jerk. When she comes back beautiful, everyone wants to be her friend. Zach finds himself having feelings for her that he's never had before.

Here's the first chapter to my story. Sorry if it sucks.

Cammie's Pov

Cammie Morgan hugged her best friend, Zach Goode, goodbye. She was saying goodbye to him for the summer.

The past year had been hard on me and him. His parents were never there for him. His dad hasn't come to one of his games the whole year and he made varsity in football and lacrosse.

I was just lonely. My mom had passed away when I was young and my dad was always away on business trips. I felt like Zach was slipping away from her. Usually we hung out, but more and more lately he was blowing me off for parties I wasn't invited to. He was popular, I wasn't.

I wasn't going to stick around this summer waiting on Zach, so I accepted my Aunt Abby's invitation to come explore Europe with her.

Zach and I had been friends ever since second grade. We weren't the type of friends that just said hi in the hallways of school. No, we were the type of friends that had each other's backs and were always together. We held hands and made each other happy.

We might have sounded like a couple, but truth is neither of us never had the thought of dating each other. Zach was smart, athletic, and a player. I, on the other hand, wasn't pretty or popular. But I made Zach laugh and was always there for him. I called Zach's parents mom and dad because they were like family to me.

Well time for the first summer of my life away from Zach to begin! I wonder what he's going to do this summer.

(A/N- Now it's after summer! I'll sort of talk about what Cammie did in Europe, but that's not what this stories about.)

Zach's Pov

I parked my car in the airport parking lot and went into the airport. Cammie's flight lands at 12:30, and it's now 12:25.

Man, I really missed my best friend. Even though I missed her like crazy, I was kind of happy that she left for the summer. I know that sounds horrible, but if she was here, all she would do is yell at me for treating girls wrong. I was the type of guy that liked to hook up and nothing more. So, what's the problem with that?

All summer I just partied hard. Grant, Jonas, Nick, and I had a great summer. I did football and lacrosse with Nick. Grant was transferring to our school, Gallagher High, from Blackthrone Institute. He was also going to play football and lacrosse. Jonas was just the nerdy one out of our group. He was always worried about colleges and tests, but he's an evil genus! I swear! Even though we were all different, we worked well together.

Jonas gave the best relationship advice, even though he wasn't good at taking his own advice. I think he gives good advice because he is the most sensitive out of all of us.

Grant had his eye on Bex Baxter, even though he never talked to her. Nick dated girls, but never got into a serious relationship. I just hooked up with girls and maybe took them to a movie or something.

Bex Baxter was a transfer student form London. She was friends with Macey McHenry and Elizabeth Sutton. They were all at the parties this summer. Cammie wasn't really friends with them. They really didn't know her either. All they knew was that she and I were best friends.

The flight attendants just opened up the tunnel doors and the passengers started coming out. I held up my sign with the name Cammie on it, kind of like the limo drivers do when their sent to pick someone up at the airport.

Just the most beautiful girl stepped out of the tunnel. She had the longest, tanned legs I had ever seen. Her waist length dirty blonde hair with colorful streaks in it hung down her back. She had on short jean shorts, a white skin tight tee-shirt, and a navy blue zipped up hoody. She had navy blue converse on. Her skin was tanned to perfection and it wasn't a spray tan. Her big, blue scanned the crowd until they met mine.

She smiled the most beautiful smile and started to walk towards me.

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