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The way you look at me is kind of like a little sister

Your high fives, your goodbyes

And it leaves me nothing but blisters

So I don't wanna be one of the boys

One of your guys

Just give me a chance to prove to you tonight

'One of the Boys'

Katy Perry

Grant's Pov (AN: EEEKK! I've been waiting to do this!)

As I was pulling into my new school for the first day, I saw something nasty happening in the bushes. It was Nick and some girl getting it on. Just to be the ass that I am, I honked my horn and screamed as loud as I can "Get some!"

They both looked started, but then the girl screamed back "Pervert!" and walked away.

I parked my Porsche and walked back to Nick.

"Wow Nick! It's the first day and you've already gotten to second base with a chick," I paused, "Dude, you are the man!" Nick just rolled his eyes at. That sentence coming from me is a huge compliment. I'm what some people would call a ladies man, not a player. Players just seemed desperate.

"Grant, shut up! What if Macey hears you!"

"Bro, chill. She's no were in site," I replied coolly. That man needed to get laid and fast.

"First 'she' is Macey; second don't talk about her like that. I know you don't really have respect for women, but I do."

Just then 'Macey' and some other girls walked up to us.

"Hey Nick," one of the girls nodded to Nick, "new kid." She nodded to me as well. Damn, I got to say this girl was hot. Usually most girls that I'm attracted to are.

"Grant this is Macey," he pointed to the girl he was just hooking up with, "Liz," he pointed to the smaller one of the group, "and this is the famous Rebecca Baxter, but call her Rebecca and she'll snap your arm. I learned that the hard way in third grade."

"So what should I call you then," I winked at her. She sent me a death glare.

"Bex is fine. Now stop staring at me like you're going to rape me or something." Bex? I like it. I ignored the

"So Bex, you doing anything this afternoon?" I asked her. Her friends started cracking up laughing and Nick just gave me a look as if to say 'do you have a death wish?'

"Yes I have something to do this afternoon, tomorrow, and anytime in the future that you decide to ask me out again," she spat. Wow, is it just me or does this girl have a British accent?

"Wow, your accent's hot," I smiled at her. She raised her eyebrows and frowned.

"Nick is your friend always this stupid?" she asked him.

"Ok, me being little Liz here, is just going to step into this conversation and save Grant a trip to the hospital. So Grant, Nick do you guys know that girl that Zach was with?" Liz interjected.

"What chick?" Nick questioned clearly confused.

"The one over there," Macey pointed out.

"Yo Zach!" I called out toward him. He started walking towards us, but the girl took off in the opposite direction.

"Hey Zach who's the hottie you were just talking to?" Nick asked. Macey slapped him hard leaving a red hand mark on the side of his arm. Clearly there was something going on between them, but I just don't know what yet.

"Who? Wait her?" he pointed to the girl that he was just with. We all nodded yes.

"Guys, you know her. That's Cammie Morgan! She's only been one of my best friends since before I was born," he said in a 'duh' tone.

"What the hell happened to her? She's drop dead gorgeous!" Macey screeched.

"She was away all summer long in Europe with her aunt," he shrugged.

"Wow not to sound shallow or anything because she's always been pretty, but like she totally like grew up on you Zach! I couldn't even recognize her," Liz told Zach. I had no idea who Cammie was. All I knew from the guys was that she's one of Zach's best friends, but they never really speak to her.

"Zach you're going to have a hard time keeping the men off her," Nick teased.

"Don't even joke about it Fuller," Zach growled with jealous, "she's my best friend and only mine."

"Chill out man, he was just yanking your chain," I smiled. Zach seemed really protective of this Morgan chick. That definitely means she's off limits to me.

"Has anyone seen Jonas?" Liz asked.

Jonas' Pov

I was running along the hallways of Gallagher to turn in my extra credit project to Mr. Smith, when I ran into someone.

The person dropped their books all over the floor and I reached down to help the person pick them up.

"Oh sorry my bad," I told the person.

"No it's my fault. I wasn't paying attention," then she, yes it's a girl, noticed my crushed Civil War reenactment on the ground, "Oh my god! I'm so sorry!" Man this girl was beautiful, but only had eyes for a certain small strawberry blonde. Still that didn't stop me from blushing.

"Nah it's ok. It was only extra credit and it had to be there five minutes ago or else it wouldn't of counted."

"Ok well I'm still sorry," she apologized again.

"It's cool really. By the way I'm Jonas," I told her.

"Um Jonas I know that. We've been in the same grade since Pre-K." Well that's embarrassing.

"Yeah it is," she said. Wait, did I just say that aloud.

"Yes you did." Oh crap I did it again.

"Sorry Cammie it's just you look so different," she gave me a look, "But it's not a bad thing I swear!" I stuttered. She smiled a nice, kind smile at me.

"It's ok Jonas. I better get to homeroom before the bell. Don't want a tardy."

"Yeah, who do you have for homeroom?"

"I have Mrs. Baker. How about you?" she asked.

"Same." She smiled again at me.

"Cool, see you there." She turned and walked off. I wonder what Zach thought when he saw her this year. I always thought that he liked her more than just a friend. It really wouldn't surprise me. I mean even though he won't admit it, he's with her way more than us.

Zach's Pov

I grab my books I needed for first period and headed off to homeroom. I was glad I got Mrs. Baker this year because she the best. She lets us do anything as long as it won't get her in trouble. Another good thing about having this homeroom was that all my friends were in it. Usually they separate Nick and me because we fool around. Damn this going to be a fun homeroom because now we have Grant.

I sprinted for homeroom because I did not want a tardy on the first day. I made it just before the bell. Nick, Grant, and Jonas waved me over to the back of the room. Next to them in a clump are Bex, Macey, and Liz. The best part about this homeroom is that since there weren't enough places for homerooms are homeroom is held in the science lab. They don't allow homeroom in here because they don't want anybody messing around with the lab tools, but that doesn't stop us.

"So Zach, Cammie Morgan's changed a lot over the summer," Jonas looked at me to see how I would react. I kept my poker face on.

"Joe my bro," I was so going to get him back, "Why would you care? Do you like her? I'm sure Little Lizzie over here would care." I pointed at Liz, who blushed as red as tomato.

Jonas frowned. "No I'm just wondering because there seems to be a lot of guys trying to get her attention. Now you're not the only man in her life." I twitched a little. Wait, why am I twitching? Why would I care if Cammie has some admirers? It's not like I like her that way.

"How would you even know Jonas? Have you talked to her?"

"Yeah, I actually have," Jonas replied to me. I frowned a little at that.

"When did you talk to her?" Liz butted in, "Wait, was that this morning when you weren't outside?"

"Um… well… sort of," He blushed, "I was just running to turn in my project when we ran into each other. We talked and she's really cool. She has homeroom with us too." Just as he said it Cammie ran into the room. She didn't get a tardy because Mrs. Baker was too nice to do that.

"Cammie!" Anna Fetterman called to her. She looked up and started walking towards Anna. Everyone watched as Cammie walked over to Anna, shocked that the mystery girl was her.

Bex's Pov

Right when I thought this was going to be the best school year ever, I find out that I had health class right before lunch. Gross much? Who wants to learn about drugs and teen pregnancy right before they eat? Everyone thinks I'm over reacting, but if you have meet Dr. Steve you would be scared for life. Last year I got two Saturday detentions for making a balloon animal out of the condoms we got.

The worst part was that it was held on the gym bleachers on the opposite side of the school and I was going to be late. I made it to the gym five minutes late. Dr. Steve had his back turned to the chalkboard, so I snuck in. As I was crawling to my seat, he turned around.

"Miss Baxter, we feel so special to be graced with your presence. As I was telling Miss Morgan that I do not put up with tardiness," He pointed to Cammie, "Nothing will be acceptable. You both have after school detention. Please take a seat."

I walked up the bleacher stairs and sat down next to Cammie. "This is crap," she whispered to me, "I heard that he's only in a bad mood because Madame Dabney broke up with him over the summer." I snorted. There was this rumor going around that Dr. Steve and Madame Dabney, the French teacher, were going out, but then she broke up with him for the Prime Minister. On her wedding Dr. Steve got by the security and professed his love to her. She fell for him again and they ran away together.

"Whatever. I'm surprised he gave you detention." She frowned and shook her head. We didn't talk for the rest of the class.

Cammie's Pov

It was after school and I had detention. First day of school and I have detention. Anna laughed at lunch when I told her about it. I never got in trouble. I was late for health class and I got detention. That's stupid.

"Cam, wait up!" Zach called from behind. I turned around to see that he was laughing at me. "Shut up it's not funny!" I frowned.

"Please, it's hilarious! The Cammie 'suck-up' Morgan gets detention by health class teacher. Is health class even a real class?" Zach asked.

She rolled her eyes, "I got to go."

"I'm kidding! Cam chill," he smirked. "Are you and your mom still coming over for dinner?"

"Yeah I think so, why?" she raised her eyebrows.

"No reason," he smiled, "Just wondering. See you tonight." He walked back to his friends.

I walked to the library for detention. Bex wasn't here yet. I sat down at one of the empty tables. I didn't notice when Bex sat down next to me. She chucked a piece of paper at my head. I opened it up and it read:

I'm sorry for how I acted during health. I was just pissed that I had detention on the first day of school.

I wrote back:

It's cool, I get it. I still can't believe I got detention too.

She replied back:

This is stupid why don't we text.

I stifled a giggle and wrote down my number on the paper. We spent all detention texting back and forth together. I found out that she wasn't as bitchy as everyone said. She was funny in a sort of corrupted mind kind of way. She had some dirty jokes that made me so hard that I got yelled at by the teacher that was in charge of detention.

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