Title: Paying Him Back

Author: Mel1592

Rating: G

Summary: A drabble based on the spoilers for 8x18. Don't read until after if you don't want to be spoiled before then.

Notes: Like the summary says, this is a drabble (100 words) based off the spoilers for the season 8 finale. The other episode was the season 3 finale "Charge of This Post", in which Flack was caught in a bomb blast. If you've seen the ep, you probably recall Mac holding Flack's hand, saying he'd get him through. Flack was comatose then, but I figured Mac probably told him about it later on, and that now, Flack would want to do the same for Mac.

Don Flack stood by his friend's bedside, unable to escape the sad irony of the situation. Six years ago, he had been the one lying in the bed,fighting for his life. Now, the situation was reversed, and it was Mac who was near death. He still recalled what Mac had told him afterward, about the promise he'd made.

Don took hold of Mac's hand, and began to speak.

"I haven't forgotten what you told me six years back... about saying you'd get me through. Now it's my turn to pay that back. It's my turn to get you through."