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Ratchet POV

I still can't understand the reason why Shadow won't bond with me. I haven't done anything wrong… have I? Was there another mech who she cared for more than me? But who else could it possibly be? Optimus isn't her type, Bumblebee is too young and Bulkhead, well she doesn't care too much for him.

I know Shadow too well to know that she would never lead me into something that wouldn't end well… would she?

"Ratchet?" I faintly hear my name and it pulls me from my thoughts. "Ratchet are you alright?"

I know her voice all too well. "Huh? Oh, yes Shadow I'm… fine."

Shadow looks at me and places her servo on my forearm. "Are you honestly alright, Ratchet? You've been acting weird all day… ever since-." She cuts herself off and turns away. "Nevermind."

"Shadow-." I try to stop Shadow but she turns walks away her wings drooping.

"I'll see you later. Then we can talk." Her visor hides her optics but I can tell she's hurt. I don't go after her… I don't want to make it worse. So I just watch her walk away.

"Is everything all right old friend?" Optimus startles me.

"Primus Optimus, no need to scare me into offlining!" I snap.

"Sorry." He apologizes. I wave my hand in a shooing motion, which is silently asking him to leave. Optimus complies and leaves me to ponder my thoughts.

I walk to my quarters, nervously. I don't know what Shadow will say but I have a strange feeling that it isn't going to be what I expect. Shadow is already there and she sits with a cube of energon in her hand. I grab cube for myself and sit down opposite her at the table. We sit in silence for a couple of minutes.

"Look Ratchet," she starts but I keep her from speaking further.

"Knew this was coming, just get it over with already." I hiss. After what happened last night I knew she was ending this relationship here and now.

"Ratchet, I love you and I need to tell you the reason why I can't bond with you." It's not what I expect her to say. "I would love more than anything else in this whole universe to be able to bond with you but..."

"Then bond with me!" I say grabbing her by the shoulders.

"I don't know how to tell you this but… I'm already bonded to someone!" Shadow spits out the words so fast a human wouldn't have been able to understand it. But her words reached my audials loud and clear. I take a step back from her in shock.

"It's not what you think. My creators arranged the bonding when I was still a youngling. My sire was friends with the other mechs sire. And it there came the idea. I'm a seeker as you know and I was promised to a much respected seeker, at that time anyway. I never wanted to bond to him… but for our creators sake we agreed to it. I knew from what he had told me that he had somebody that he'd been seeing for a long time. I'd met the mech once before and I felt bad that he couldn't be with him. I knew there was no way to break a bond; he knew it just as well as I did. So we went our separate ways and never spoke again after that. Of course that was when the war started and he became a Decepticon and I an Autobot." She tells me.

I'm afraid to ask but I do anyway. "Does this mech still function?"

Shadow hesitates and looks away from me. "Yes."

"Do you mind if I ask what his name is?" I already regret asking the question because I think I already know the answer.


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