"Change in all things is sweet."


I sighed heavily as I stared out the car window, grinning slightly as I listened to my niece, Linda, sing "Rain, Rain go Away". How I wished it would go away. There was nothing but green and rain here in this godforsaken town called Forks. Before I continue my complaints, let me introduce myself. I am Catía Elisabet Lauriete, I'm seventeen years old and I'm a werecat. No, you're not crazy (well, not that I know), and yes, you did hear me correctly. I am, indeed, a werecat. Or a cat-monster, whichever you prefer.

Every full moon, I turn into a sort of cat-human animal, sort of like a werewolf, except instead of a dog, I'm a cat. The change is painful but necessary for my body to stretch in between a beast and human.

I wasn't born a cat-monster, I was turned into one when I was bitten in April 10th 2005, in my home-town Jericoacoara, Brazil. I was twelve years old at that time. My friend, Maria (Linda's mother), was bitten the same day I was, when we were attacked after coming home from the April festival Drama da Paixão de Cristo. My tio Umberto, tia Margarita and my cousin Catarina were killed that night by that cat-monster. Maria and I were never separated.

Maria, being an orphan and sort of nomad, had no place to stay (Tio Umberto and Tia Margarita took care of her when she came around) and lived with me; both of us being traumitzed by our attack.

But as the days passed we noticed a change. A frightening change. Our bones ached, as if though we were stretching. Our gums ached, as if though we were teething. Our bodies were longer and slimer. Our eyes stung, our irises darkened in color. Not understanding our abnormal changes, we shared nothing with no one. Maria and I changed for the first time in July 17th, 2005. My father witnessed the change and kicked us out of the house as soon as it was all over. My mother did nothing to stop him.

Maria and I were homless nomadic theives for about two weeks until we were found by Didier Perlman, a Russian werewolf who wanted to gather all Cats and have them fight alongside his kind against the vampires (cliché, much?). There we were trained as warriors, enhancing our instincts as Cats, making us nearly indestructable. The war was grotesque and horrible, but we were victorious. There, we met MichaelAngelo Bernaducci and Jose Luna, the two men who changed our lives.

They adopted us into their family. At that time, they had only been five in the family. But as the years passed by we found Franco Emilio Giordano, Giselle Fiametta Caveira, Cristian Armando Aveiro, Lisa Maria Fernandez, and Teival Akan Corral. We all became a family, having been adopted by MichaelAngelo and his wife, Amadora.

Jose and Jimena (his wife) lived with us as well, having had raised MichaelAngelo after his father was killed years back in the war. We were all close. So close in fact, Maria and Teival were married when she was 18 and Teival was 19. They have two children: Linda Alba and Ramses Alexi.

"Negro céu, luz do. Luar." Linda continued, moving on to singing a Portuguese lullaby. I glanced back at her, smiling. "Excited about moving, Linda? " I asked, grinning back at her. "Oh yes, my English is near perfect! " she said, squirming around excitedly. "Are we almost there yet? " groaned Ramses. "Almost, kid. " Franco called back to him,"Jimena and Jose went on ahead to start unpacking already. " "I hope they don't ruin any of my stuff. " Ramses muttered, but was slightly satisfied witht he answer.

When we arrived to our house, Jimena and Zeirus were unloading the couches as Giselle and Lisa brought down the shelves. "Come help, you lazy basta-" "Language, Zeirus! " warned Teival, glaring at Zeirus before carrying his kids inside. "I'll go unpack my stuff, " I said, before snidely telling Lisa,"Don't want you guys to ruin my stuff! " "Shut it, woman. " she growled.

Lisa's nickname is Albina (the Spanish word for female albino), she is 13 years old and looks like vanilla ice is one scary girl but is a softie at of all of us, we struggle the most with her when it comes to showing affection. "Jimena, when I'm done with my stuff I'll go look around this little town. Not like there'll be much to look at but I'll be searching for a phasing spot for us. " said Franco, coming out of the front door. "Sure, thanks, mi'jo. " she smiled affectionately at him.

Franco, being an orphan and growing up in an Italian culture where every boy treasures his mother, appreciated Jimena and Amadora as if though they were most amazing people in the world. "I'll go with you! " I said, faking my cheerfulness. Franco stared at me, as if though wondering whether or not I was retarded before finally shrugging and saying, "Fine, but if we get attacked by a group of pedophiles, you're on your own. " "Thanks, Franco, I feel the love. " "Any time, sister dear. "

Paul POV

"Change is such hard work."- Bill Crystal

I growled as I listened to Leah's complaining thoughts before yelling, "Stupid woman, just shut up already! "Leah snarled viciously at me but I continued thinking towards her,"And don't go on about us not understanding your pain because Sam left you over your-"But I was interrupted when Sam yelled, "Enough,Paul! "and as Leah pounced on me.

But no worries, this is just regular stuff for me. You see, I'm a shifter. I shift into a wolf when I want to or when my temper gets out of control (which has been a lot lately). It's genetic, so there's no escaping this. In my animal form, I can hear the amazing thoughts of my amazingfellow pack-mates and they can hear mine.

The leader of this peaceful pack is Sam Uley, he is our Alpha and what he commands we must do. And Leah is the only female in this pack...Yay. But back to the action...

At Sam's command we both immediately stopped but Leah was the one still growling and snarling. "Bitch." I snarled at her before phasing to my human form. The others started phasing back too. I was about to walk off before Sam said,"Paul, stay. Jacob's coming with the news. " What news? Jake came up running, shaking leaves out of his shaggy hair before saying,"There's some new family that's moved in, in Forks. There are thirteen family members. Their grandparents have moved in with them. I think their last name is Ferreira. I don't remember. They're living in that old mansion that's a few minutes from the border. "

Ever since that Swan girl chose that leech over Jake, he's been some sort of zombie. Not really ever thinking anything, just being there. Just dead. And he kinda looked like that Swan girl did when the Cullen-vamp left her. I think this world is just full of idiots or something. I just hope it's not contagious...I'm sure there isn't a cure for stupidity.

"My mom said something about a new family moving in. I think she said the grandfather and the dad are architects or something. Rich people. " Seth piped in. "But what's the big deal? Don't tell me they're vamps like the Mullens or something like that. "groaned Leah.

"Well, as soon as you guys get over the excitement of having new civilians in this town, let me know. In the meantime, I'm going for a run. " I announced, walking into the street.