Act Nine: Maybe, Just Maybe

The news of Luce's death was spread far and fast that even Reborn heard it and left exile to attend the funeral.

Fon, Reborn, Verde, Lal, and Colonello were all there. They sat together on one of the front rows only missing Viper, but Skull had a feeling she was present just using her illusions to hide or disguise herself.

Skull stared at the one who was like his older sister. He felt that he should cry, but he couldn't cried. At least, not a real tear.

Has the mafia desensitized me to this extent?

No. He knew why. He didn't know how to let his emotions out in the form of tears; he had always produced them for show.

How he wanted to cry for real, like the others around, but he simply couldn't let the emotions flow through his eyes. Even when he was looking at Luce's body inside the coffin.

Luce's small fragile body was decorated with numerous white flowers. Skull couldn't help but think that she looked peaceful with that small smile, almost like she was sleeping.

His eyes shadowed over as he walked back to his seat, so no one could see his dry eyes. The fact that he couldn't even manage a real tear for his Luce-nee ashamed him deeply.

He watched as the rest of the Arcobaleno walked up to Luce's coffin.

He watched as Lal finally broke and let her loud cries to escape, no longer able to hold her strong exterior.

He watched as Fon sat down silently as tears leaked out of wide eyes.

He watched as Colonello attempted to comfort Lal while hiding his face in her hair, so no one saw his distraught state, though it was obvious with the watery hiccups that he made.

He watched as Verde shakily made it back to his seat, and he collapsed with his head in his hands and tears poured onto the scientist's lap.

He watched as a tear traveled down Reborn's shadowed face before it was quickly wiped away. Even the cold-blooded hit man shed a tear.

Skull was filled with dread when his eyes didn't water. He knew better to muster up fake tears; it would be disrespectful to Luce's memory.

The Cloud listened to the cries, the speeches, and the mourning of the Mafioso in the room, and wondered when he died if he would see Luce again.

The chibi purplette didn't realize he had been sitting for hours until Reborn shook him.

Skull blinked at the fedora wearing man, " Huh?"

" It's time to go." He stated his voice rough.

Skull's stared confused. " What? Oh, yeah, sorry." He looked around and saw that nearly everyone was gone. The sun was almost set, and the only ones remaining were from the Giglio Nero Famiglia.

Slowly he got up and walked out when Reborn's hand on his shoulder stopped him. Skull looked into the hit man's eyes and found he couldn't speak.

Sorrow, shock, regret, fear, and relief were reflected in his eyes.

Reborn spoke, " It's okay. Luce's no longer suffering."

Those words triggered something in Skull, and he found his eyes watering and tears escaped. He found himself collapsed on his knees bawling and clutching at his face.

Reborn kneeled down and patted Skull's head. " It's okay, Skull. It's okay."

Skull didn't understand how he finally cried, but he it didn't change that he was. It was odd how he could feel so sad, but relieved at the same time whenever Reborn repeated those words: 'It's okay.'

His wails just got louder and more desperate instead of quieter. Skull found he could not stop the emotions that flowed out, and maybe he didn't want to.

He cried for his mother and father. He wished that he could see there faces again without bringing them into this dark world.

He cried for the Arcobaleno. He wished that the others could've escaped their cruel fate.

He cried for Luce. Why did she, someone so kind and pure have to be put through such pain?

He cried for Aria and the other future Sky Arcobalenos that would have to inevitably die the same way. A tragic recurring cycle.

Lastly, he cried for himself. He didn't understand. Why he did he use his pitiful mask? Skull wondered why he even put it on at the start, why he felt the need to pretend for his parents, why he became reliant on that mask to hide away from the judging eyes of others.


All the while Skull sobbed uncontrollably, Reborn stroked Skull's hair and listened as the boy cried Luce's name. He didn't expect the boy to wail harder.

" Mother... Father..." The purple-haired chibi hiccuped.

Reborn froze momentarily before continuing to comfort Skull. He never even thought about the kids parents. Were they part of the mafia? Were they dead? Did they throw him in an orphanage? The endless possibilities swarmed around in his mind.

He never even wondered why Skull was in the mafia in the first place. Did Skull choose to be part of a mob or was he forced to?

With those thoughts he realized that maybe Skull was hurting more than he had thought.

Skull sobs finally became quieter and he handed the child a handkerchief.

Skull looked at him in the eyes unsure of why Reborn was doing this. It confused him. Reborn called him and treated him like a lackey, he wasn't supposed to comfort Skull. It went against his nature. Reborn didn't care about him... right?

But here they were, Reborn soothingly petting Skull's head letting him cry to his heart's content.

Maybe Reborn wasn't as bad as he had initially thought.

Maybe, just maybe the Arcobaleno would accept the real Skull into their crazy family.

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