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Chapter 2:

"Melanie everything is so….Brandon?"

No, no way, this isn't happening. Brandon Sheilds is not sitting at the dining room table of the new house I'm staying at.

I slowly backed out of the room. How could I be so stupid?

I took a look around at all the family photo's hanging up. Sure enough, there he was standing in the back, barely smiling.

I should have asked for the guy's last name! I'm so stupid!

I took a deep breath, then walked into the dining room with my head held high.

"Hey, aren't you that girl from lunch? What was it, Serena? Sara?" Brandon asked

"It's Stella!" Jeez, the least he can do is remember my name.

"You 2 know each other?" Melanie asked

"Not really" I said taking potatoes

Don't make it obvious you like him.

"So are you in Brandon's class?" The little boy named Sammy asked

Brandon chuckled

"Not in this century" Brandon muttered

"Okay, I may be in Class C but I am proud of it" I said

"Class C? Woooooooow, only idiots get into that class" Sammy said

My mouth shot open

"How old are you mister no manners?" I asked

"12 and yet I'm smarter than YOU" Sammy said

"You little…."

"Stella!" My Dad said stopping me

"Sorry" I said, glaring at Sammy

"Sammy, please apologize to our guest, she and her father will be staying with us for a while" Melanie said

"What?" Brandon and Sammy scream at the same time

Why are they so mean? Because I'm not smart?

"Well, if you'll excuse me I have to go uhhh….call my friends" I said

"You have friends?" Sammy asked

"Yes I have friends" I said rolling my eyes

"She has 5" Brandon added

"And they are all more loyal than you're little monkey boys" I said getting up and walking to the exit

"Stella, are you alright?" Melanie asked

"Yes, I'm fine" I said with a smile

"Good, we can go shopping in about an hour" Melanie said happily

I walked back up to my room and sat in my bed. How could this possibly happen? Of all the houses! Of all the friends my Dad could have! Why did it have to be Brandon?

I felt some tears in my eyes. I don't want to live here anymore, no matter how luxurious it is. I don't want this.

Suddenly, my phone started ringing.

I quickly composed myself, then I pressed send.

"Hello?" I said

"Hey Stell, how's the new house?" I heard Bloom at the other end

"Its..great" I lied

"Stella, are you crying?" Bloom asked

"No, don't worry, everything's great over here" I said

"Good, if anything happens or if you're not happy, please call me" Bloom said

"Don't worry, if something goes wrong I'll call you. Don't freak B" I said with a little laugh

"Okay, we'll all stop worrying now. Come by anytime you want" Bloom said before hanging up

"Why me?" I said falling back onto my bed.

Later that day Melanie took me shopping. She took me around to all the stores I usually like to avoid…the expensive stores.

"Melanie, this is way to much. Why don't we just head downtown, I heard Walmart's having a sale" I told her

"Walmart? Stella, I've been waiting 17 years or a daughter to shop for, Walmart is not going to cut it" Melanie said

I laughed

"I'm just treating you as my own" She said

I started to look around. I think Bloom owns this whole store. Bloom's family is kind of loaded with money. That's how I dress so nice, I usually just borrow Bloom's stuff.

"What should I get?" I asked looking at all the beautiful clothing

"Well, one time I heard Brandon and his friends talking together in his room about some girl, and apparently they think she looked sexy in clothes like this" Melanie said throwing me into the dressing room.

"Wow, there's just so much stuff" I said

"Perfect, we'll take it all" Melanie said

"Are you sure?" I asked checking the price tag

"Stop! I'm buying it for you and that's final" Melanie said

"Melanie, you really are like the mother I've always wanted" I said hugging her and smiling from ear to ear

Melanie laughed paying the man at the counter

"So, tell me, do you have a boyfriend…"

Later, after a bit more shopping, we went back to the house with like a million bags! I still cant believe Melanie just spent 1600 bucks on me. These clothes better last me till my death bed cause I'm never spending another cent on clothing ever again.

I went up to my room and started to try on some of my new clothes. I put on a one shoulder top, white jean shorts, and a brown hat.

Somehow, standing in front of this mirror, knowing that I owned these clothes now….it gave me a sort of confidence.

"Stella, it's your turn to shower!" Brandon called from outside my door

It made me jump a bit, still all new to having him live with me, but I stayed calm.

"Okay, but first, what do you think?" I asked showing him my outfit

"What?" He asked
"You're a boy right?" I asked

"So I'm told" He said

"Okay, would you say this outfit is like showing off to your crush worthy?" I asked

"Do I look like Bloom, Flora, Tecna, Musa, or Layla?" Brandon asked, raising an eyebrow

"Bravo, you know their names" I said with a sarcastic clap

"Soooo…?" I asked

"Sure, you look nice" He said rolling his eyes

"Good, now you're free to go" I said pointing toward the door

He left, closing the door behind him. Ha! I just made Brandon say I look pretty!

I took a shower, then changed into a cami, pajama pants, then I put my hair up into a messy bun.

Just as I was setting my alarm clock for school I heard a knock at my door.

"Come in!" I said, getting on my bed and sitting cross legged

"Hey Stella" Brandon said coming in
"Can I ask you something?" I asked

"Sure" he said with a shrug
"Can we not tell anyone I'm staying with you cause, I don't know, it just sounds bas" I said

"Yes!" He sounded relieved

"Why do you sound so relieved?" I asked

"Because if people find out you're staying here, they're going to start talking, and I really don't want people to think I fraternize with people like you" Brandon said

"People like me? Tell me those words did just come out of your mouth" I said

Brandon shrugged

"When my friends come over you have to hide, is that clear?" He asked

"Crystal" I stated, teeth clenched

"Night" He said leaving


He left, so I shut of the light of my lamp and went to sleep. God Brandon gets me so angry sometimes. Yet….I still like him. Is this like a disease or something?