Please note that I was inspired by a manga named Mishounen Produce. However, I made major changes to the story, so it is different from the manga. This is a Narusaku fanfic with dashes of other pairings and loads of sakura-loving from people other than Naruto (cough, cough, this has nothing to do with Sakura being my fav. character, just saying). I hope you read and enjoy.

Note that characters may be a bit ooc since this is an AU story.

Naruto Promotion

Konoha High School

"Have you seen him?"

"I think he went this way!"

"Oh kami! He is over there!"



"I love you!"

Amongst all the screaming girls of Konoha High was a tall, blond figure. His spiky hair was gelled and flattened, framing his fox-shaped face. A pair of sky-blue eyes and sharp nose completed the heart-throbbing look. Stars seemed to hover around his entire being as he smiled and greeted every girl with an elegant wave.

"You look good as usual, Naruto-sama!" screamed one of his fan-girls.

"Thanks, all you beautiful darlings. Am I really that captivating?" Naruto whispered in a hoarse voice that made the girls scream even louder. Standing behind all the commotion was a girl smiling lightly to herself. Long, pink bangs covered most of her face, leaving only the bottom of her nose and lips exposed. She giggled softly and left the school building.

"Naruto-kun, where are you going?" one of the fan girls asked as the blond tried to walk away.

Naruto gave them a cassanova smirk, "A guy's business," and as the girls swooned, he left for the bathroom. However, as soon as no fan girls were in sight, he scurried off to the back of the school building, where the pink haired girl was waiting among the tall bushes.

She smiled brightly at him, "Great job, Naruto! All those sparkles and corny lines! All the girls fainting over you! You did great!"

"I did what you wanted, right? Praise me so more, Sakura-chan!" Naruto laughed, with a goofy grin on his face. Seeing that grin, Sakura immediately punched Naruto. "What did I tell you? Don't ever show your true face at school!"

"But Sakura-chan!" Naruto pouted cutely, "The gel in my hair is sticky and gross! And I can't breathe with this collared shirt and tight tie! I'm going to die!" Sakura sighed and tried to fix Naruto's hair and clothes to make him feel better. She smiles to herself softly as she remembered how this whole situation started.

The sun was blazing hot in the rural regions of the fire country. This little village, not even significant enough to have its name printed on the large maps, is quite small and has very few people. This is precisely why it is very rare for people to have friends in the same grade. However, the Harunos and Uzamakis had planned their parenthood carefully and gave birth to Sakura and Naruto in the same year, which enabled them to be playmates since birth. Still, even though they were born around the same time, they were very different. Sakura always hid in the shade to read medical books and magazines, while Naruto played in the sun. Nonetheless, they were the best of friends who always played together.

15 years later, Sakura and Naruto became high-school students. However, since there was no high-school in their village, their parents sent them to Konoha High, an average high school in Konoha, the capital of the Fire Country. On the first day, Naruto was being his usual, awkward self at the front gate. "Dattebayo! We've made it, Sakura-chan!" Sakura, much more timid than Naruto, smiled quietly behind him. Just then, Sakura heard 2 girls snicker behind them. "Look at that guy. Such an lame image, must be a country boy." "What a loser."

Sakura froze at those words. "Loser?" She thought to herself, "Naruto is a loser?" Not knowing that the girls insulted him, Naruto turned to grin at Sakura. "When break comes, let's go home and celebrate with mom and dad!" He laughs crazily at his best friend. Sakura looked at him through her bangs, thinking, "They… they just couldn't see how bright his smiling face is." However, she was irritated that Naruto didn't notice people making fun of him, thus, she punched him hard in the face.

She crossed her arms, "This isn't good. We have to do something about you. We have to make those girls regret for calling you a loser." Remembering the popular, blond and blue-eyed celebrity, Deidara, Sakura screamed, "Naruto! I will make you into someone like Deidara-sama! What do you think? Naruto Promotion!" Naruto looked at her with a dumbstruck face. Then he grinned. "We will play a joke on these city-people? Yeah! We will do it! Believe it!"

This is how it started. Sakura promised herself that she will never let anyone insult her best friend ever again. With that goal in mind, Sakura went to work. She fixed Naruto's spiky hair, made him dress "cooly" and forced him to stop saying slangs like "dattebayo" and "believe it". No one would be able to laugh at him ever again.

"Good moring, ojo-samas," Naruto smiled charmingly at all the girls in the hall. "KAHH!" "AHH!" Sakura could only smile proudly at her work.

"Do you think Naruto-kun will join the Mr. Konoha High contest?"

"If he does, he will definitely win!"

"Yeah, I will vote for him!"

Sakura eavesdropped without them noticing, "Mr. Konoha High Contest…"

The Apartment

"Welcome home, Sakura-chan~" Naruto smiled as Sakura entered through the door. Every day, the two of them would leave and return home separately, since Sakura didn't want the fact that they live together to ruin Naruto's reputation. Naruto didn't agree to her plan at first, but Sakura somehow convinced him with a month's worth of ramen.

Sakura nodded in greeting and handed a slip of paper to Naruto. He looked at it with surprise, "Really? Sakura-chan, you want me to enter Mr. Konoha High's contest?"

"Yeah. This will test if our hard work has paid off. Don't worry about anything. I will do your hair and make your clothes. There are prizes for the winner. You will win for sure, you're cool," Sakura replied as she put her school bag away.

The blond watched Sakura's back quietly as she moved about. His smile turned into a sour frown. However, after giving the contest a bit more thought, he smiled. "Sure. I like free stuff."

"I will be number 1."

Konoha High

Sakura was rushing down the hallway as she thought of a game plan that would make Naruto the winner. She had just gotten news from the gossip girls in the bathroom about the other contestants. One was Kiba, the playful MVP soccer player at school. Second was Neji, the cool and smart student President. Third was Shikamaru, the lazy chess champion that strangely receive a lot of love. Sakura was thinking hard for a concept for Naruto. "I got it! A cute boy image!" the pink haired girl giggled to herself as she planned out the nice outfit that she would make for Naruto's "Sunshine Boy" look. She couldn't wait to tell Naruto her plan, but realized it would have to wait since Naruto was surrounded by a bunch of girls (as usual).

"Naruto-sama, I made a cake for you," a short, red-head smiled at Naruto.

"But I rather eat you," Naruto whispered back as he took the cake from the girl's hand.

Said girl immediately turned bright red and her legs grew weak. All the girls behind her were blushing like crazy as well, but they were slightly jealous at the same time.

Sakura's eyes widen in surprise.

Naruto loosen his collar a bit and whispered, "Is it hot in here, or did you girls did this to me?" A predator's gleam was in his eyes and all the girls swooned.

Sakura only ran to the back of the school in shock. Naruto, tall enough to see over the girls' heads, noticed the pink hair and excused himself to chase after her.

"Sakura-chan, the hot, sexy concept is modern now. I will win easily with this style," Naruto smiled, filled with confidence.

"Sunshine-Naruto would never do that!" Sakura protested and her bangs swayed from side to side. "I can't believe you did that!"

"Sakura-chan, your sunshine idea is out now."

"But, you… you're…" Sakura couldn't find any words to argue back, not with Naruto staring at her with that same look in his eyes. She felt like a sitting duck.

"You're too innocent," Naruto stated simply. Sakura was dumbstruck. She stumbled back quietly. "I will show you that this is the best way."

Sakura followed Naruto back into the main hall and watched as Naruto flirt with the girls once more with the same hot aura around him. She thought quietly, "I can't believe this is working!" But the word "innocent" continues to echo in her head and Sakura knew that as Naruto's promoter, she should let him input some ideas on how he should dress.

Just then, two girls noticed Sakura looking at Naruto. They approached her menacingly. "Who do you think you are? Staring at Naruto-sama with no respect!" "You wouldn't even look at him with your eyes, are you discriminating him with those ugly bangs of yours?" Sakura staggered back, "But I'm his childhood friend…"

"Ha, childhood friend?" one of them sneered into Sakura's face. "You don't match with him, you are in different worlds!" the other laughed.

"I don't match with him…" Sakura thought repeatedly. Feeling defeated, she disappeared from sight. Unknown to her though, Naruto had heard those girls picking on her.


Sakura was flipping over magazines while the words of the mean girls echoed in her head. "I guess they were right… But it's okay. This just means the promotion is working, right? Naruto did change a lot." She smiled weakly to herself. "Way to go, Naruto."

"Gah, I need to stop being distracted!" Sakura shoved all thoughts away as she looked through the magazines she had opened. As soon as she got home, Sakura had found all the magazines that had pictures of Akatsuki's photos. Akatuski is a famous group for their hot, dark, styles. Don't forget that Deidara is a part of it!

Sakura looked at the photos for hours and drew out her design for Naruto's outfit for the contest. She smiled proudly to herself at her design. Now all that was left was buy the materials and sew up everything. As Sakura set her things down, Naruto yelled from the living room. "Sleep already, it's midnight!"

Konoha High

When Sakura awoke the next morning, Naruto had already left for school. By the time she got there, a crowd of girls had already surrounded the blonde. A beautiful girl with pale skin and long dark purple hair was talking with Naruto. "Hinata-sama and Naruto-sama looks so good together." "Yeah, they look like a pair of models."

Sakura watched silently, not knowing what to do. With a weak, understanding smile, she backed away and went to their usual meeting place. Naruto met her there a few minutes later. Sakura was dead quiet and Naruto sighed softly.

"Hinata was only telling me about a store that sells nice clothes, she thought it would help me with the contest and stuff."

Sakura looked at him through her bangs. She felt hurt, since she already said that she would make his outfit for him.

"I don't need you to make my clothes, Sakura-chan…" Naruto whispered gently.

Even though Naruto said that with good intentions, all Sakura heard was, "I don't need you". Shocked, Sakura tried to leave, but Naruto was faster. He cornered her into the bush. "Weren't you the one who wanted to promote me? Sakura?" His voice was soft, and completely different from what Sakura was used to.

Sakura was scared. This guy wasn't her childhood friend, Naruto. She quickly shoved him and ran back into the halls.

Naruto sighed, "Sakura-chan."

Day of the Contest

"Naruto," Sakura whispered softly to her friend, so they wouldn't be heard by the other people in the backstage.

"Sakura-chan?" Naruto whispered back in surprise. The two of them hadn't talk ever since they argued, so he thought she was still mad at him.

Without another word, Sakura handed him a bag. Naruto quickly opened it and found a really cool, dark colored outfit inside. It looked like the expensive brand styles, but much more original and adjusted to his image. He ran off and changed into it quickly and found that it suited him perfectly. "Is this what you have been doing, Sakura-chan?"

Sakura nodded, "I want you to win no matter what and your concept isn't bad."

Naruto grinned, happy that their fight is over, and hugged her tightly. "Sakura-chan, you should know that no matter how different I'm on the outside, I'm still your Naruto on the inside!"

Sakura cries slightly, "I know, this is why I couldn't stand those people laughing at you. Even if you're still your nerdy self, you will still be cool to me."

*Last contestant! Naruto Uzamaki, please go on stage!* announced the students that were hosting the contest.

"Then let's quit!" Naruto laughed and ran onto stage, leaving a shocked Sakura.

As Sakura expected, Naruto shined on stage like the sun he is. Everyone screamed and cheered as he ran around the walkway with his charming smile. With their combined efforts, Naruto won easily. When he received his first place award, Naruto screamed to everyone in the audience, "Thank you everyone! But if it wasn't for someone special, I wouldn't be here accepting this honor! Thanks so much, Sakura Haruno, my best friend!" Sakura fell on the ground when she heard his confession, while everyone else in the audience screamed out in shock.

The next day

Sakura felt very self-conscience and awkward as she walked down the hallways. Everyone, literally everyone, was staring at her and whispering as if she couldn't hear them.

"This is Naruto's best friend, he is so weird."

"Maybe since he is the enemy of us guys, he had to get a girl as a best friend."

"She is so strange though, you can never see her face."

"But her pink hair is actually quite cute."

"I don't believe that they're just friends, there must be something…"

Sakura growled to herself as she increased her footsteps. Just then, she found a crowd of girls again.

"You look good like this!"

"Say that cute word again, please!"

Naruto was standing among the girls in his normal style: messy spiky hair and loose uniform. Sakura's mouth dropped. Still, Naruto kept his popularity, despite the major change in style and action. Even "dattebayo" changed from lame to cool through their promotion. He smiled at Sakura and said bye to his fan girls as he went to their meeting place. Sakura followed him through a different path.

"Being popular sucks! All the guys without girlfriends hate me. They complain that now that I changed, I shouldn't be popular anymore," laughed Naruto.

Sakura sighed, "Naruto, why did you do that yesterday? Now everyone is talking about me and staring at me. All the girls are pestering me about your past and asking me to give you stuff!" She sat down in the grass and mumbled, "Maybe… I could be more popular, too, if I get promoted."

Naruto grew silent and his smile disappeared. "You get popular and then what?"

"Well…" Sakura thought to herself, "then I won't embarrass you even if I'm your best friend."

However, before Sakura could actually say her thoughts out loud, Naruto growled, "It's impossible for an innocent nerd like you, who is always reading medical books, covering her large forehead with bangs, and dreaming of celebrities like Deidara!"

After hearing the harsh insults, Sakura got angry, too. "What are you saying?"

Naruto gave her a blank look and messed up her hair. "What are you doing? Let go!"

He only whispered softly, "When we started this game, didn't you ever think that you won't like it once I get popular?" He gently brushed Sakura's bangs aside.

Two large, alluring eyes glanced back at him. Within them were two shining emerald orbs that seemed to reflect the world. A long, delicate nose reflected the sky's light and a pair of lips, soft, pink, and full was opened slightly in surprise. The background of each exquisite piece was a heart-shaped, milky-white face. Loose strands of pink hair created a frame for this fine picture. This was an angel's face, one that was created to please people's eyes.

Naruto smiled down at Sakura's widen expression, "There is no way I would promote you."

A small brush appeared on Sakura's cheek. "Why not?"

Naruto grinned. "Because it would be pointless!"

Sakura growled and punched him far, far away.