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A young boy, no older than six, was sitting quietly in a make-up chair as two make-up artists fussed over his face and hair. He wasn't very happy that they were touching his sleek silver hair and dusting foreign powders around his ice blue eyes. However, he knew that if he grumbled, his mother would have his head and he would like to have his head intact, thank you very much.

The woman on his left brushed his silver strands one last time and smiled at his reflection. "All good. You cute little boy."

Hato looked at his reflection, noted that no hair was out of place, nodded politely at the women, and slid out of his chair carefully. His mother had warned him of the consequences if he dared to ruin his clean white suit. The boy patted the unnoticeable creases and exited the room. He smiled immediately when he saw the darker skinned, grey haired man leaning against the hallway walls.

"Daddy!" Hato cried out and rushed forward. The man smiled in return and lifted the boy into his arms and gave him a tight, warm hug. "I've missed you!"

The man pulled back, but still kept the boy in his arms, "I've missed you, too."

"What did I tell you about ruining your suit?!" A high but melodic voice chastised.

Hato turned and panicked, "Mom!"

The man's smile grew as the platinum blonde approached the pair, "I've missed you, Ino."

Ino sighed in attempt to hide her smile. She gave the man a quick peck on the lips, earning a "eww" from the boy. "I didn't know you'd be back so soon."

"Got a call from Sai. I can't miss my son's first commercial, now could I?"

Hato looked at his dad, "I am so happy that you came back for me, daddy! Are there any presents?!"

"After the shoot," Ino told the boy as she lifted him out of Shin's arms and set about fixing his suit. The boy, despite fearing his mother when she was having her moments, still loved her very much. He loved it when she cuddled him because her soft long hair always tickled his cheeks. She was also very beautiful and he was glad that he had gotten her unique eyes, not that he didn't like his father's warm dark orbs. Hato turned his head and watched his father smiled at his mother lovingly. Yes, he also loved his father equally. He had gotten the shocking silver strands partly from his father and he secretly hoped that one day, he could be just as lean and athletic as well.

Hato had heard from his godmother that his father had a very weak heart once . He had to stay at the hospital and that was where he had met godmother, who later introduced him to mother.

10 years ago

"Shin-kun, I have great news for you. A generous man who was in an accident had kindly signed the donor papers and the hospital have decided to give you his heart. We'll have the surgery as soon as possible."

The frail man looked at his doctor in surprise. He had been waiting for this day for so long and now that it had finally arrived, he didn't know what to say anymore. He placed a hand atop of his chest, feeling the irregular heartbeats, and blinked.

"May that man rest in peace," the pinkette by his side whispered softly and then smiled, "This is amazing, Shin! You can finally have the surgery and be out and about again!"

Sai looked at his brother and smiled, truly, "Nii-san."

The startled man tilted his head and looked into the dark orbs that reflected so much love and hope. "Sai."

Sai was pacing back and fourth outside of the surgery room. Today was the day and he hadn't slept a wink the night before. His only family was in surgery, a complicated surgery that had many opportunities to go wrong. Ever since the doctor had announced the surgery, he had been reading about it and the more he read, the more he had panicked.

He ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. A gentle hand tapped his shoulder and he turned, looking into a pair of soft emerald orbs. "Don't worry. The doctors will do their best and Konoha's best is the best in the continent."

Sai nodded and gripped the pinkette's hand tightly. Another hand soon patted his back and this time, he looked into icy blue orbs. "Sakura told me about the surgery and I'm here to support you, too. Just to be clear, I don't like you, but I have nothing against Shin-san."

The man... boy nodded as thank you and sat down on the bench. The girls flanked his side, one patting his shoulder and the other gripping his hand. A few minutes passed, then an hour...

Suddenly, the lights flared and two nurses ran out. One raced passed them and disappeared down the halls and the other called for their attention. "We have an emergency!" Hearing that word, Sai nearly fainted.

"The patient is losing blood and we don't have enough in the blood bank, can anyone here donate immediately?"

Sakura immediately pointed at herself, "I am an O, I can!"

The nurse was about to lead her away when Ino stopped her, "You were at a charity blood drive two weeks ago, you can't!"

"Well, who else can? The patient can take either O or B type blood."

The frustrated pinkette stared at her partner, "Ino, you are type B!"

Said blonde paled slightly. She abhorred the needle and anything else related to it. Her hands shook slightly, but Sakura and Sai's gazes were pleading. The nurse looked at her expectantly and Ino nodded softly. She forced a smile, "There is a first time for everything and I suppose saving a life would be a huge plus in my karma chart."

After that small statement, Ino was quickly lead away and Sai gripped his friend's hand even tighter.

Shin blinked once, then twice. All he could see was white... "Does this mean I am dead?" he muttered. He lifted his hand and noticed the IV connected to it. "Ah... I am in the hospital."

He closed his eyes again and felt for his heartbeat. It was strong and slow, completely different from before. "This must mean the surgery was a success..." With a small smile on his face, the boy lifted his head slightly to survive the room. What surprised him was the platinum blonde girl sleeping softly on the bed next to his. Her face was unnaturally pale, but he could not see anything physically wrong with her.

Just then, he heard the door open and a pair of green eyes stared at him. She blinked and then rushed forward, telling him to lay back. The boy behind her noticed her actions and ran out, calling for a doctor.

"Shin, you're alright!" The girl was near tears.

"Why shouldn't I be?" he asked softly as the girl backed away, holding herself back from suffocating him in a hug,

Sakura blinked, "You were losing a lot of blood! There was a really big accident a few days ago and most of the O and B blood were used. Ino had to donate to you."

"Ino?" Shin asked as he looked at the beautiful sleepy beauty from the corner of his eyes.

"Yeah," Sakura replied as she moved toward the other bed and tucked the blanket tighter around her friend. "Her first time donating plus her fear of needles made her faint. But she is going to be alright. A little rest and lots of fluids will do."

"She saved me."

"Yeah, and be warned, she will expect payback."


"Hato, we have to hurry! Ai-chan is waiting!" Ino smiled as she held onto her son's hand. Hearing that name, Hato immediately blushed. Ai-chan was his god-sister. She was really like a goddess, beautiful, smart, kind and everything else that he thought was wonderful.

Shin looked at Ino with surprised, "The Uzumakis are in it, too?"

Ino nodded, "Yes. Sakura, the idioit, and the whole gang. Kushina-san and Mebuki-san wanted their children to film the first commercial of their new wedding line."

"Mebuki, did you make this dress?!" Kushina gushed as she stared at the gown hanging in the Haruno's living room.

"Yes, I have been designing and sewing for awhile," Mebuki smiled, "Keep this a secret from Sakura, alright?"

Kushina snapped her fingers as a brilliant idea popped into her head, "I have a brilliant idea! Let's start our own business!"

Shin wrapped his arm around his wife, "So what is the ad about anyways?"

"Sakura and the idiot would be at the alter doing their thing and they'll throw the bouquet..."

"Then I'll catch it together with Ai-chan and smile!" Shin shouted happily.

"Shin-kun?" a sweet voice flowed into the three's ears and one set of these ears turned slightly red. The voice's owner ran towards the family with small steps, due to the heaviness of her sky-blue dress. She reached out to hug the boy and Hato braced himself for the contact, but nothing came.

The girl blushed, "Sorry! Mom told me to be careful. I can't wrinkle the costume." Hato understood her reason because he had the same problem, but his disappointment didn't escape his mother's eyes.

Ino chuckled softly and leaned down to fix the girl's dress. "Ai-chan, where are your parents and brother?"

"Ishi is being watched by one of the film crew. He kept running around and the big sisters are tired of fixing his hair and clothes," Ai explained and then smiled proudly, "But I have been really careful so they let me to go get Hato-kun."

Hato blushed furiously and Ino grinned to herself. "Ai-chan is so cute, just like my Sakura. Sadly, she is just as oblivious."


All four pairs of eyes turned and focused on a black mob, topped with golden yellow hair, that was rushing towards them. A boy, slightly shorter than Hato, stopped right before he could make a collision. "Ai, I was looking for you everywhere!"

"Nii-san, didn't they make you sit still?" Ai asked in surprise. However, her brother wasn't paying any attention to her. Instead, Ishi was eyeing Hato and obtusely stepped between him and his little sister.

Ino had to force the laughter back into her throat. "And Ishi is just like Naruto, totally obvious."

"Ishi, how are you?" Hato greeted his god-brother politely.

The blonde looked at him, "Good."

~7 years ago

Dazzle, the world-renowned duo, had recently ceased activities due to their pregnancy. Despite being married, Ino and Sakura were still loved by all of Fire Country and beyond. Some fans had cried at their weddings but most were overjoyed. Thus, even though many fans were upset that they would be gone for awhile, they knew that Dazzle would come back stronger than ever and bring along two little bundles of joy with them.

Correction, three bundles of joy.

Cold blue irises widen in shock as they traced the two outlines in the picture. "Twins?" she gasped.

Her best friend nodded enthusiastically, "Yup! One boy and one girl! This is really wonderful, Ino!"

The blonde looked at Sakura's much bigger stomach and smiled, "No wonder you're so much bigger than me even though you are two months later."

"This is really great, Ino! Our kids would be such great friends!"


Ishi was obviously the older twin since he was also so protective of his sister. Deidara had joked that he had forced his way out first since he was such a feisty little boy. Some actually believed him when they met Ishi. His golden blonde hair was just like his dad and grandpa's and his fiery green eyes could rival his mother's. He had the boyish charms of his father and an exact copy of the "I must do whatever I want" DNA.

Ai, on the other hand, was much more demure like her mother. Strangely, she didn't have the hot-headed temper, but she could stand up for herself when necessary. Her soft pink hair and worldly blue-eyes were a match made in heaven. In addition, her intelligence and beauty had made her an unforgettable figure. This was why Ishi was like a bodyguard who was by her side twenty four seven.

"Let's go get mom and dad!" Ai grinned and pulled her brothers along, with the adults following behind.

Naruto's eyes gleamed with pride as he looked at his wife in her golden trimmed white gown. The veil was lifted currently, making it easier for her to see.

"Stop staring at me," Sakura grumbled as she adjusted her long formal gloves.

"I can't. You are too beautiful," Naruto answered frankly as he crossed the room to envelope his wife in gentle hug.

Sakura was red like a tomato.

"I would kiss you right now, but I can't risk ruining your lipstick," Naruto whispered into her ear.

The pinkette laughed as she remembered their wedding day.

~8 years ago

Naruto glared dagger into his fiancee's best friend's head, "I am her soon-to-be-husband, I demand that you let me in to see her!"

"No can do," Ino glared back, "This is the rule! You can't see the bride before the wedding! Especially if the groom is you because we all know that you don't know what the word 'careful' means!"

The man tried to force his way in but the woman threatened to beat him up with her heels and all the extra bobby pins in her purse. Defeated, the man had no choice but to sneak outside and attempt another way in.

Most people would say that Naruto wasn't the smartest pea in the pod, but he definitely had his moments. He had sneaked past all the guests and reporters and escaped into the back of the building. A large tree stood tall, at the foot of the building. The blonde leaped on the branches with the grace of years of practice and climbed until he reached the window that connected to his beloved's dressing room window.

He tapped twice and a strangely not surprised pinkette opened the window and helped him in. Her smile was blinding, "I knew you were gonna show up sooner of later."

"You know me so well," Naruto smirked. Then he finally got a glimpse of her and couldn't tear his eyes away. Sakura's long pink hair was left down her back, untouched. A strapless top was wrapped tightly around her chest, revealing a bit of cleavage. The bottom of the dress was halo-shaped, with a side cut. High heels adored her feet and long gloves covered her pale arms. Naruto noticed that a laced veil was resting on the make-up table.

Sakura blushed at his intense gaze, "Do I look weird?"

The man didn't answer. Instead, he reached out and pulled her toward him. His lips ravished hers and he pressed her hips as close to his as possible. When they broke for air, Sakura was trapped by the love shinning in the blue expressive eyes. However, a knock and Ino's voice snapped them out of the moment and Naruto quickly rushed back down the tree before anyone could see.

He had quickly sought out Sasuke who helped fixed his appearance. Similarly, Sakura rapidly applied more lipstick to replace the ones that left with her lover's lips. She thought that nothing was noticeable, but she was dead wrong.

Ino had given a small glare and a lecture when she walked in the room, "He was here, wasn't he?"

"What do you mean?"

"I put on your lipstick just now and the strokes you use are different from mine."

Sakura panicked as Ino walked around her in a circle like a mother hen. "I'll let you two off this time, considering that you two didn't mess up your dress."


Sakura smiled, "You can kiss me all you want later if the shoot goes well."

Naruto beamed and put his fist into the air, "Let's do this, dattebayo!"

A little blonde boy looked up at him with disgust, "eww, kissing!"

The pink haired girl besides elbowed him slightly, "Kissing is wonderful, it means they love each other!"

The silver haired boy's cheek flamed, "Lo... love?"

Shin looked down, "You're years too early for that."

Ino tapped her fingers against her lips, "Kissing, yes. Love, no. You are never too young for love."