The whispering started almost as soon as Harry arrived on platform 9 and ¾. What was going on now he wondered? Usually that didn't start until the second day of school.

Someone shoved a copy of the Daily Profit into Harry's hands. Typical Harry thought. After all Dumbledore had said about keeping the precious prophecy a secret, here it was blazing across the front page. Harry read more, this it appeared was one of a series of articles. Just what he needed!

He got onto the train and cast a secure locking charm over the door so he wouldn't be disturbed. He sat down and got out his 'new books' the ones the only he knew about.

This was the start of their last year at Hogwarts. Harry turned 17 in the holidays and just for change he had been fed. Oh, he had still had a list full of chores to do but just for a change there no beating if they weren't all completed. There had been very little contact from his friends or the Order.

He hadn't even been allowed to spend time at the Burrow let alone been allowed to go to Diagon Alley himself. (Well what the Order and his friends didn't know about he couldn't get into trouble for!) He was just 'to precious to risk.' 'Owls' the headmaster had said 'could easily be intercepted that, he was told would give away both possible information and his location.' Harry had tried to ask about having a house elf deliver any mail and then wait for reply, but the Headmaster just wasn't interested in what he had to say - unless it involved a 'dream' then the Headmaster couldn't get enough of him.

Harry had decided that there needed to be some serious changes to his life and in the way that he operated at Hogwarts. Hogwarts was 'easy', he decided that what he needed to do was acutely work, less messing around and quidditch and more time spent in the library. What was he thinking Hermione would be overjoyed and Ron horrified. No, he wasn't going to think of them, he was so disappointed in them.

Changes in his life were harder; to start with he went out and got a proper hair cut. It was now spiky and tipped with silver at the front. He had glasses that he could see clearly through and contact lenses for duelling – but he was keeping quiet about that for now. When he had managed to get to Gringotts and get some money, he had then got himself some new clothes – that fitted! - In all the right places or so he was told. What he was wearing today was definitely going to get a reaction in the Great Hall.

Harry now had four goals for the forth coming year 1) still be alive at the end of the year, 2) study enough to pass the NEWTS, 3) defeat Voldemort, 4) still be alive at the end of the wart. After all he had a life to start living.

As Harry chatted with some second years in the carriage going up to the castle he reflected that the castle however much he loved wasn't really home any more. He was still pondering this as he walked up the steps.

'Harry,' a voice called to him. He kept walking.

'Harry, Mate'

'HARRY JAMES POTTER – don't you ignore me'

Harry sighed – he was so close. Standing in the entrance hall of Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft.

He turned and looked at his supposed 'best friends'. 'You bellowed,' he said.

'Why weren't you on the train Harry, it was very rude of you to ignore us like that.' Said Hermione

'Me ignore you – that's a good one, let me ask you a question Hermione – where did you spend the summer?'

'Well at the Burrow of course.'

'And where did I spend the summer?'

'Well Professor Dumbledore said...'

'Well what about what you said, 'I promise we will write and visit you,' you said. It was a good job you weren't holding you wand Hermione or you would be no better than a squib.'

'Don't be so silly, Harry.'

Harry looked at Ron. Ron nodded. 'In the Wizarding world if you make a promise like that your magic will make sure that you keep it.'

Harry turned away from them and started walking into the hall. He smirked as he stood in the doorway. He knew that he looked good and he knew that if anything his top was going to cause the most attention. He couldn't believe that his friends hadn't noticed.

The front on Harry's robes were open and he has on his black skin tight t shirt with the slogan in shimmering Avarda Kedavera green that read:

'Moldevort and the Mort Munchers, soon to be appearing is Azkaban.'

Soon people started to notice and look – those who had seen him at the station smiled He took his place at the table. He hadn't as much as looked at the head table he was still very angry with the Headmaster. Soon there was the sound of the clicking of Professor McGonagall's boots as she came down the hall. Harry knew that she was behind him, but he chose to keep talking to Neville who had just asked 'how his summer had been.'

In a loud voice McGonagall said, 'Mr Potter, you are not properly attired; the Headmaster will see you after the feast. I shall escort you up there.'

After the feast and ignoring his 'best' friends he waited by the doors to the great hall. Hermione and Ron came over to wait with him. But he was not interested in what they had to say. Eventually Professor McGonagall came over smiling and said 'are your friends joining you.'

'Yes,' said the twosome.

'No!' said Harry.

Huffing McGonagall sent the twosome back to their common room to wait. In silence Harry and the Professor approached the Headmasters office. 'Buttons,' she said and the stairway opened. Upon reaching the door she said 'in you go, Potter,' and left.

'Come in, young Harry, come in and have a seat.'

Harry stood for a moment and then sat down, the forever twinkle in the old man's eyes dimmed slightly.

'I know how you must be feeling, Harry,' Dumbledore started to say.

'No, you don't, you have absolutely no idea how I am feeling and the reason that you don't is that you haven't bothered to ask. I am seventeen now, can you give me one good reason why I shouldn't just leave and tell you and the Order exactly where you can put the 'prophecy.' Harry stood. 'I believe that it is not such a secret now!' Harry paused for a breath.

'You are quiet correct Harry. Tell me Harry – tell me what it is that you want.'

Harry sat down again studying the man across from him. 'I want people to stop staring at me, especially now that they know about the prophecy. I want to be properly trained, I can't go out to meet Voldemort and expect to defeat him with a quick 'expelliarmus' and a 'jelly legs jinx.' It doesn't have to be dark it just has to be effective.'

Harry waited for Dumbledore to reply, the man in question slowly stroked his long beard, his eyes gazing at some upon some unknown problem from afar. Then he smiled.

'Harry, my boy I think that I know of just the thing, it is a cross between a Fidelius charm (not true one of course) and a notice me not charm. The difference is that only the people who will want to know Harry will be able to see and interact with you. It will need some tweaking but that should not take to long. What do you think?'

'That sounds OK. When do you think that it will be ready?'

'Oh, by the end of the week for sure, if you can stand it for another couple of days and come back here on Friday night, I will do it then, I won't do it until you are here, alright? We can talk about your training then.'

'Friday it is then,' Harry left feeling more positive than he had in a long time.

When he got back to the tower he went straight up he his bed. Over the next day or so something strange was starting to happen. Harry didn't know what to make of it at first normally when you go through a door for example you hold it open for the person behind you. Harry had a bruise on his face to show that this wasn't happening. Slowly people that had been nodding acquatenses were now ignoring him. By the time Friday arrived Harry was concerned.

After dinner on Friday Harry returned to the Headmasters office – the stair way wouldn't open. For over an hour he stood there alternately patiently waiting and trying out sweet names. Harry finely came to the conclusion that the Headmaster had definitely done something when Professor Sprout walked straight passed calling out to two sixth years that there was not the best place to 'rest' and to go back to their common rooms.

This was not good, what was he going to do? Some people were still talking to him; he would have to do the best that he could.


It had now been a little over a month since the Headmaster had done whatever he had done. No one was now speaking to him or even acknowledging his existence. He was going to classes and doing the work – even the homework, but none of it was being graded.

Harry figured that it was like being with the Dursleys.

Harry had had enough. Still for some reason there was one 'person' that still spoke to him that was were he was going. He hurried along the corridor. Just before he came to the door he crouched to the floor as if to tie a shoelace. Carefully he looked back – there was no one there. Not that he was expecting anyone to follow him. But you never know...

'Of course there's no one there you fool, you…'

'Stop it - this is getting you know were', he sighed to himself and slowly opened the door. The door creaked slightly due to lack of use. As he stepped in side there was a whooshing sound and the slash of water.

'Hello, Harry,' sighed Myrtle as she peered around the toilet stall. 'Not a good day.'

'No, Myrtle, not a good day! I have had enough I can't take any more.' Harry whispered as he slid down the back wall of the washing area. 'Nobody spoke to me again today – no one, not even a teacher – I haven't lost any points or had a detention in weeks. Nobody talks to me, nobody looks at me, nobody hears me', he replied sadly.

'Oh, Harry – I wish I could help you.'

'You have,' he replied, 'will you stay with me.'

'What do you mean stay with you?'

Slowly Harry untied his tie and wound it around his arm and pulled it tight.

'Harry, what are you doing,' Myrtle snapped.

'I'm finishing what should have happened years ago – the only difference is that I won't get to be with my parents and even knowing that I will never see them or Siri again - this still seems like this will be the best option.'

Harry watched as the veins in his arm bulged because of the pressure. Taking a quill from is bag he transfigured it into a scalpel and with great precession sliced down his arm with two swift strokes. He loosened the tie and sat back against the wall. Dipping a finger into the bright crimson river that was forming into a lake under his arm he wrote on the floor – 'Enough Is Enough'

'Oh, Harry – I'm sorry' quietly Myrtle slipped down to join Harry on the floor 'of course I will stay with you' she whispered.

Severus Snape, Hogwarts Potions Master, Death Eater, Spy and all round Great Greasy Bat, had just finished conferring with the Bloody Baron in a little used classroom on the second floor when he saw the Bain of his life Harry Bloody Potter slip into the girls toilets.

'Now what is the brat up to – he hasn't been to lessons all week, now the Headmaster will have to punish him – maybe even suspended – he will never expel him – golden bloody Griffindor.'

Quietly Snape pressed against the door – inside he could hear talking. With a swift wave of his wand he silenced the door and himself and slowly pushed the door open.

He walked forward and heard a girl's voice saying 'of course I'll stay with you'. 'I have him now,' he thought, 'I will wait a moment more to find out what is going on'

'I wish I could put my arms around you, Harry' – Snape heard.

'That's OK, Myrtle, I know – I will miss you too – funny that at you are the only one…..'

'I know, Harry, – if it comes down to it you can always share my toilet'

There was the sound of quite laughter.

'I feel so cold, Myrtle, I feel sleepy'

'That's OK, Harry, close your eyes – you might still get to see your parents – you never know.'

'Bye, Myrtle.'

'Bye, Harry.'