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When Severus Snape returned from going to see the headmaster Harry was crying. Harry, unknown to the potions master had been following him. He could not believe the ferocious and determined frown on Snape's face. Harry allowed himself to hope.

That had lasted until Snape had crossed the Entrance Hall, and started along the corridor to the Headmasters office, at that point the determined frown had become a confused one. By the end of the corridor Snape was walking very slowly. As if trying to remember what he was there to do? Abruptly he stopped, turned around and hastily made his way back towards his room.

Harry ran all the way and managed to squeeze as through the door to Snape's room closed. When he got there he sank into a chair and watched Snape as he passed the sitting area, silent tears running down his face.

Harry couldn't take it anymore he had to get out – that was what he needed – he needed to fly. Leaving the rooms of the potions master he called to his broom as he ran up the corridor. Not worrying about being seen he jumped onto his boom as soon it arrived and flew the rest of the way out of the castle.


Snape was still sitting at his desk when he frowned. There on his desk was his pensive. He felt an over powering urge to jump in. Quickly Severus he all but threw himself into the bowl.

As suddenly as he had thrown himself into the pensive, he threw himself out. Snape looked madly around the room. Harry was not to be seen anywhere. Where would he go, would he try and hurt himself again. Standing quickly he rushed out of his rooms and up towards the deserted girls bathroom.

On the way the stairs moved, he glanced out of the window and he saw a small person zooming around on a broom at brake neck speed, Severus' first thought was to either cast a sticking charm to keep him on the broom or a soft landing charm in case he fell.

Quickly he went out to the pitch climbed up the stands. After what seemed lie forever, Harry started to slow down. Eventually he noticed that he was not alone.

Carefully he landed a little way away from Snape. Harry wondered if he remembered or if it was a coincidence that he was here.

Severus turned and looked at Harry, "I am sorry, Harry, I don't know what happened I was so determined to speak to the Headmaster, and then I forgot what I wanted to see him about."

On seeing Harry and his tears he rushed over and in a most uncommon display of emotion he swooped down and picked Harry up in a hug.

Harry could not believe what had happened. Snape sat down with Harry in his lap sobbing, 'you remembered, you remembered.'

'Yes, little one, I have remembered, the question is what will we do know?'

'I followed you. I think that the spell is on the entrance hall, you fought it all the way down the corridor to his office. Then you forgot,' Harry continued quietly.

'Oh, Harry.' Snape continued to rock the young man until he relaxed.

'It's funny you know, in the summer there is no one to speak to and those who do speak to me I would rather that they didn't. Here, though has always been the place that I regarded as home – I felt sure that if no one wanted to speak to me that that would be just fine. I just can't get over the fact that Hogwarts has forgotten me.'

'I too can understand the feeling that Hogwarts is home, but I don't think that she forgot. I believe, that I now able to understand how I remembered you when I did. A couple of days or so ago I first noticed that my pensive was not in its protected storage area. I checked it to see if it had been tampered with, when the spell showed that it hadn't I put it back.'

'The next day, again there it was sitting on my desk; again there were no signs that it had been tampered with. Eventually I found the time to enter the pensive and see what was there. It was not a particularly interesting memory. It was one of you flying. It wasn't until I came out and thought about it that I realised that I had not seen you for a while. That took place a while before I followed you to the bathroom. So I don't actually believe that Hogwarts has forgotten. I think that she was doing her best to get me to remember.'

Harry relaxed against Snape, 'that's good to know,' he said.

'Is there another way to get the to Headmaster's office without going through the entrance hall?'

'Yes there is but it is rather a long way round, I would have to leave by the Slytherin back entrance – walk all the way around to the outside of the castle to the Headmaster's private entrance and see if I can get to old coot to let me in that way.'

'Maybe if you owled him to meet you there you could go and take the pensive.'

'That should work, if I can get him to look into it – to see what I saw…..'

'No, please don't show him that – he wouldn't understand. He did this to help.'

'All right, I will only show him if he is un-accepting of what has happened. OK?'

'Alright,' Harry agreed.

With a chuckle he added, 'there is one thing that confuses me.'

'Just one? Now that is surprising.'

'Yes, just the one thing, why do you have a memory of me flying in your pensive?'

Turning to look up at Snape he was surprised to see a faint blush across his cheekbones.

'Ah, well, you see it was like this.' Snape began to stammer.

Harry just looked up at him and smiled.

Snape stopped stammering and smiled back.

Harry just curled up on Snape's lap and laid his head against his chest.

'I think, Harry that if that is ok with you we will hold off that conversation until all of this has been sorted out.'

Harry snuggled closer and nodded.

'In the mean time though, Harry, you may call me Severus.'

Harry's head shot up, 'really?' He smiled.

Severus nodded and tucking Harry to him gently kissed the top of Harry's head.


On returning to Severus' rooms, Severus prepared a meal for the two of them, while Harry sat by the fire and tried to warm up.

After their meal Severus insisted that Harry have a nap while they waited for the Headmaster to reply. Harry refused to leave the room as in the back of his mind there was the concern that Severus would not remember again. Harry finally agreed when Severus said that he could lie on the sofa while he sat and read next to him.


Sometime later, both Harry and Severus were standing outside the Headmaster's secret door waiting to be let in. Eventually the door opened and the Headmaster called down, 'come on in, my boy, come on in.'

'Why were you using that entrance, is something wrong?'

Snape sat down and Harry beside him. 'Headmaster,' Severus began, 'Now that I am here I am not sure where to begin,' he paused for a moment, 'when was the last time you saw Mr Potter?'

'Who?' the Headmaster asked.

'Harry Potter, James and Lily Potter's son, your golden boy!'

'I know who James and Lily were, my boy. Now what is this about their son?'

'I would like you to look at some incidences that have recently occurred; then, I want you to tell me what you have done?'

Severus looked at Harry, as if to ask if he could show the memory. Harry nodded. Between them they had taken some of Harry's memories and added then to the pensive with Severus'.

'Let me check that all the incidences are in the right order.' Quickly Severus looked into the bowl and looked around; when he came out he added a final one.

Standing, he brought the pensive over to the Headmaster. 'Shall we, Headmaster?'

The Headmaster leant forward and entered the pensive. Snape followed.

After what seemed like forever the two men returned.

The Headmaster sat heavily into his chair, 'I had no idea, Harry. I am so sorry, my boy.'

'You remember now?'

'Yes, everything will be as it used to.'

Harry smiled slightly as he watched to man who he had once thought of as a grandfather got ready to cast the spell that would set everything back to how it was. Well not quite how it was, Harry would once again be worshiped by a few, ignored and or glared at by many and still hated by some. But only he knew how they really felt.

Harry would not forget these last weeks or the order in which people forgot him. A lot of people's actions now made sense – were before they hadn't. Where the Headmaster was concerned there would always be more than that element of doubt in Harrry's mind. It seemed that the headmaster just saw Harry as the 'boy who lived' not even as just a pupil. He clung on to the hope that the Headmaster had done what he had done for the right reasons. But at least he had Severus in his side know.


It was after dinner had started that Harry was found lingering outside the doors to the great hall. Not long before a message had been sent out saying that attendance in the great hall for dinner was mandatory. Before every one had entered the entrance hall the Headmaster had taken down the spell and added another one. No one would remember that they had forgotten about Harry; that would just make even more problems.

After every one had entered the great hall the Headmaster had asked the heads of house to have a head count – after all it wouldn't do for someone to remember that they had forgotten about him! Harry chuckled quietly to himself.

The Headmaster had decided that it would be best if Harry made an entrance, so here he was finally in some clean clothes. They just happened to be the ones that he had worn on the first day.

The front on Harry's robes were open and he has on his black skin tight t shirt with the slogan in shimmering Avarda Kedavera green that read:

'Moldevort and the Mort Munchers - soon to be appearing in Azkaban.'

'That would get a reaction if nothing did,' he smirked to himself. A chuckle to his right startled him.

'I like the t-shirt, Harry.' Severus said as he leant forward and gently kissed Harry's cheek.

Harry blushed slightly and replied, 'does that kiss mean that everything is sorted now and I can ask why you have a memory of me flying in your pensive?' Harry felt his old confidence growing as it returned to him.

Severus looked him up and down and smirked, 'I might be able to tell you Harry, later. But now you have to make an entrance.'

'I have to make an entrance or we do?' Harry asked carelessly.


'Oh, I was just wondering.'

Harry slipped his wand into his hand carefully so it was not seen. He then beckoned Severus down to his level. Reaching one hand up he grasped to back of Severus' head and pulled him closer. Gently he kissed him again and again until there was a response.

When Severus started to return the kiss and wrap his arms around him, Harry flicked his wand and the doors opened with a bang. The noise from the great hall ceased immediately. This was instantaneously followed by a blast of noise.

They continued to kiss for a moment. 'You brat,' Severus chuckled. 'I will find you later,' he said as he stalked into the great hall.

Harry looked out to the faces staring at him. Yes, he thought, he was back and he had to admit that there were worse things in life than being the centre of attention. With that he turned his smile up a notch and strode over to the Griffindor table.

Now he found the spluttering indignation of the Slytherin's amusing, the awe filled looks from the Hufflepuff's entertaining and the distain of the Ravenclaw's comical. And the Griffindor's - well if they even noticed, Harry was sure that they would mention it eventually. But he would live with that.

As he sat down with the others, he short a grin up to the head table, yes he thought he could live with it, because he wasn't on his own any more.


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