Hi Everyone! I wanted to thank you all for following along and reading and reviewing my stories! You guys are amazing! I just hit 69 fav authors and I am SO honored that you all enjoy my writing this much. I wanted to send out a note and let everyone know that I am still writing fanfiction. I have been updating She's Rather Odd and I have plans to continue the other stories I haven't finished as well. The Princess of Cinders is due to my publishers in March and I am hard at work trying to meet that deadline. If you all want to take a look at my videos you can type The Princess of Cinders into youtube and find two videos by me about the process of writing the new story and making the cover! Also, I wanted to offer out a challenge! If you guys help me reach 1000 views on youtube for either video, or you help me reach 200 likes on facebook for any of my pages, OR help me reach 100 followers on Goodreads I will release a sneak peek of some of the chapters before the official manuscript is turned into my publishers! This is either of these options! Any one of them and I will give you all the sneak peek. I am even willing to offer a sneak peek for each item! Vote on my profile for the topic you want to see! Again my name is Kaylynne Spauls and that name will lead you to any of these places! Thank you all and keep following along! There will also be a makeup tutorial from my makeup artist for the cover shoot soon and she will break down the cover look for you to recreate at home! 3