A Harley For Harry

By: El Chacal

Disclaimer: Don't own anything except the idea for this fan made story. I'm not making any money off of this. Do not sue me. Thank you.

A/n: After some consideration, I thought it would work a bit better to refer to the London charter as SAMLEN (The Tucson charter in Arizona was referred to as SAMTAZ so I opted for the first letter of London and the first two letters of England.)

When he and Ron were voted in as Prospects for the London charter of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Harry had the thought that they would get motorcycles as fierce and commanding as the patched members.

That idea was squashed when they got rat bikes. Sirius told him that the only time he would ever ride a Harley like the ones he and the other Sons did was when he was patched in as a member.

For 11 months of his Prospect year, Harry rode a rat bike. In his last month, they took the rat bike away from him. The next time he saw it, Sirius had used Fiendfyre to destroy it.

Through that final month, Harry had to rely on using his Fire Bolt to go from place to place.

When the day came and Harry was patched in, Sirius told his godson and fellow Son to go home to Hermione and shag her in celebration for his great achievement.

The next morning, after a night of shagging, Harry and Hermione Potter found every Son from SAMLEN (London, England) standing outside his house along with a dark emerald green Harley Davidson Fat Boy Softail motorcycle with customized beach bars replacing the stock bars. Safety bars were installed to prevent the bike from falling completely on it's side. The saddle bags were enchanted to hold anything and everything Harry would need for any type of journey.

"Sirius, is this for me?"

Sirius nodded. "As a Son, you must have a proper motorcycle. We all worked on this when you were still a Prospect. Every day I had to watch you ride that piece of rubbish, I looked forward to this day when you can sit upon and ride this Harley Davidson with us."

Hermione hugged Harry and kissed him. "What are you waiting for, Harry? It's time to ride like a proper Son and I have yet to ride on an American motorcycle like this one." Walking back inside, Hermione used her skills to change into some clothes in the blink of an eye and came back with Harry's cut. Putting it on his back, Hermione kissed Harry.

Once he got Hermione situationed on the rear seat, Harry mounting the driver's seat and noticed that there were no keys in the ignition. Just as he was looking for them, Sirius walked up to his godson and handed him the keys.

"Take care of her and she'll last a lifetime."

"Thank you, Sirius." Harry said to his godfather before turning to the other Sons. "Thank you, brothers."

Ron Weasley, who also had been patched in that day, was mounted on his Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide motorcycle and his Old Lady, Daphne Greengrass, riding bitch behind him as Harry started up his motorcycle for the first time.

Sirius whispered to Harry where his position in the ranks of the motorcade was in time for everyone to get into position and ride out through London.

A/n: This is a one shot fic about how Harry got his first motorcycle and when he patched in as a Son.