Ugh, I promised myself I wouldn't do this but it seems a shame to let it go to waste. I may not carry this on but here's something that got neglected. If a lot of people review I might consider carrying it on.

Note: Ophiuchus is pronounced Oh-fee-you-cous (as is couscous but only once lol)

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In your world, you know there to be twelve star signs:

Sagittarius, The Archer

Capricorn, The Goat

Pisces, The Two Fish

Aries, The Ram

Taurus, The Bull

Gemini, The Twins

Cancer, The Crab

Leo, The Lion

Virgo, The Virgin

Libra, The Scales

Scorpio, The Scorpion

Aquarius, The Water Carrier

Few people know that there was once a thirteenth Zodiac, Ophiuchus, The Snake Bearer. It was discarded from your world which left you with the twelve others.

In my world the thirteenth sign was never dismissed. For a while everything was normal; people were unsure whether their Zodiac really affected their daily lives.

Then, it happened. Ansem, an Ophiuchi astrologer, used his Zodiac to gain power. It was a dark power and it spread to everyone and anyone who was, and would ever be, born to be an Ophiuchus. The type of powers people gained were all different but they were all seen as a symbol of evil. Ophiuchi were hunted and killed for what they were. The world's goal is to eliminate anyone who is born an Ophiuchus, the thirteenth Zodiac.

Astrology became more important and people lived up to the stereotypes of their star sign.

Had Roxas not been born two days late, he would not have been under the Ophiuchus star sign. He would not have been abandoned and left to fend to fend for himself.