Dear loyal, wonderful readers,

I'm afraid this is one of those notices we all dread to see on a story we love. I will no longer be working on this fic.

As always, I feel that you deserve the reasons and explanations as to why this is happening because, without your support, what would all we authors be? So here goes:

Firstly, and most importantly, I am writing my own stories which take priority. If I accomplish one thing in my life, I want it to be that I've written and published a book that people enjoy.

This links in to reason number two: I am at that horrible stage when I need to figure out what I'm doing with my life. If I go to university, it will probably be to study either creative writing or games design (or both on a joint course) so to be able to advance in that I need to be focusing on my own stuff. UK university places are horribly competitive with some courses accepting 20 students out of 250 applicants. Furthermore if I do go to university, it will be EXPENSIVE (£9000 a year for some universities - money I don't have which will get me in debt) and I have got to make it count. Creative writing courses also have awful contact time - as low as 13% - so I need to be working on my own things to get the best out of it.

And then if I do not go to university, I will be getting a job which will give me limited free time that I will use to write my own stories. Also I think my parents will disown me/hate me forever/look at me disapprovingly if I don't get into university so I'll have that to deal with as well. Either way, I have to focus on my own work.

Finally, every time I've tried to write the next chapter I don't get anywhere. I will probably not delete this fic but I am not giving permission for anyone to adopt or carry it on. I hope that I can turn this fic into my own full-fledged novel one day, with my own characters and concepts, so that is why I'm not giving permission to adopt. I need to be in control of the plot and leave little doubt that it is my own work - some authors get discredited because people say they gave them the idea for the story or they stole chapters from them.

My other discontinued fic, City of Smoke, is still up for multiple adoptions. 2 people have already adopted but that's not stopping anyone else from taking the challenge of finishing it.

I am really sorry to do this to you. I originally started writing for fanfiction because, after reading quite a bit, I thought I should give something back. My finished work, This World, accomplishes that and should still be available to read (if it's not let me know and I'll sort it). It was my love for Kingdom Hearts and words that brought me here and some of my happiest memories are associated with me writing chapters for my fics. I'm not leaving fanfiction; I just won't be working on anything for a while. Who knows, maybe you'll get a one-shot out of me at some point ;)

So a huge thank you to everyone who has read, favourite and reviewed. You've given me so much confidence and courage to write my own stories. As always, Just-in-4-da-fan (is that still your username? Sorry if it isn't, I can't remember if you changed it!) deserves a special thank you for originally giving me the courage to publish this fic. I really miss you by the way and sorry I don't text that often! Maybe I'll bombard you with emails from now on XD

So remember guys, when life gets you down, keep looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 3 (I'm reeeeally excited and it's only 'in development') and remember that you, yes you, are awesome.

Thank you for everything,

Cipher. xxx