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The Ultimate Digital Adventure

Chapter 1

Here We Go Again

"Aw man, why does this stuff always seem happen to us?"


The Eighteen Realm Digital World

The Temple of the Dark Region

"Lady Lilithmon." Said a pink and golden armored digimon, as she walked in then did a brief bow to the medium sized digimon sitting on a large black seat and she was mostly hidden in the shadows.

"I told you to call me Your Lady," She sighed "now what is it Crusadermon?" Lilithmon asked in a bored voice.

"The human children have been sent to another dimension." Crusadermon answered in an almost calm demeanor.

"All of them." Lilithmon questioned

"Well…no…one of them escaped our grasp…one of the females, but the human brat and her traitor partner have been seen heading for the Eureka Forest, no digimon or human have ever come out, so we don't have to worry." Crusadermon explained quickly with touch of smugness tinting her voice.

"Hmm," Lilithmon thought for a moment "what if thy reach the dimensional gate, before all of their energy is drained?"

"I assure you they will not." Crusadermon answered with the smugness in her voice easily readable.

"You had better hope so." Lilithmon answered her servant in a dangerously low voice.

The Palace of the Region

Of Power

"The humans have failed." Said a calm and quiet echoing female voice, the voice was talking to Saberleomon he was a giant tiger like digimon with huge fangs great big blue puppy dog eyes "The humans have failed." The echoing voice said once again in his mind only this time a little louder and more impatiently, Saberleomon just grunted at the voice "Saberleomon? What should we do! I demand more than a mere grunt!" the voice yelled.

"QUIET MARINEANGEMON!" he yelled "Inform the others then we will talk of alternatives." He answered calmly even with his earlier outburst (Though it was extremely hard with the headache he now had)

"Very well." She said sounding irritated; it wasn't long until many voices started talking in his mind with echoing voices "Alright are we all here?" Marineangemon's voice sounded out a few minutes later.

"I believe so." Said an old echoing voice before anyone could answer.

"I have…been thinking," Saberleomon started "and watching other dimensions, but I have not found the human children, but during my search I found four other worlds with children that have completed the task of saving both their worlds, perhaps we could bring a group of them-"

"Perhaps…" said the old echoing voice from earlier cutting him off "but which one?" the echoing voice asked.

"All of them, Saberleomon is not the only one who has been searching!" said a young female voice indignantly as if it was an insult that no one thought she was working at all.

"We mustn't take this decision lightly, as the youngest of us all Venusmon you haven't had as much experience as the rest of us!" Growled Saberleomon so loudly that many of the others were moaning from the Headaches caused by the loud echo, and it took a few minutes for the sound to subside and everyone to recover.

"Humph you didn't have to yell at me Mr. Grump and I'm only the youngest by two minutes!" she yelled making any remaining headaches worse.

"I wish to bring the humans." Said the old voice from earlier, trying to defuse the tension, then others followed and they ended up with eight yeses and eight no's.

"Well it seems we have a tie, and you have the last vote Marineangemon." Said Saberleomon with a somewhat satisfied yet grudging tone to his voice, because he was still annoyed from her barging into his mind yelling at him and just to tell him what he already knew.

"I think…we should bring them all here." She said and then it was done the fate of many humans and digimon alike was sealed.

"Very well, we should begin to bring them." The old voice stated (The "old voice" pops into a lot of conversations doesn't it)

"We should send the last human to warn then of the dangers of this world and to guide them to safety." Said Saberleomon

"Agreed." Said the old voice

Digimon Savers World

The Digital World

"Marcus! Would you stop running? All this shaking around is making me feel sick." An orange dinosaur looking digimon named Agumon complained from inside the orange digivice that was swinging on a string around his human partner's neck, as he was running through a desert

"Your own fault, you ate my birthday cake!" Declared a fifteen year old boy triumphantly, he had reddish brown hair in a ponytail, a sleeveless red and white jacket, tanish greenish pants, his skin was almost a dark red from countless hours spent in the sun, green eyes, a small brown drawstring bag was lightly swinging on his side, a small canteen on his other side with the sound of gushing water coming from it, and another bag with contents that he will be busted for later, this was Marcus he went to the digital world his partner Agumon and all the other partner digimon to keep the peace.

"Sorry, I couldn't help myself how many times do I have to apologize?" Agumon asked

"You're not getting off that easily, wait there they are I'll finish with you later! Agumon realize!" Marcus yelled thrusting his digivice forward, then Agumon "Ya ready Agumon?" Marcus asked him

"You bet." Said Agumon with confidents flooding his voice

"Let's go then!" said Marcus all grudge forgotten…for now "We heard there was some trouble over here!" said Marcus with the same confident voice as Agumon had

"Yea what's going on here?" Said Agumon backing his partner up

"We just want to pass through." Said a cute little digimon with a burger on its head, this was Burgermon "But they wont let us." She finished pointing at a large group of green digimon called Ogremon; the two groups of digimon were only five feet away form each other, and looked on the verge of attacking, but before Marcus and Agumon could do, or say anything, a portal of some sort opened above them and sucked the two into it, then it felt to them that all of the air had been sucked away and they couldn't move as though paralyzed, then it went black, Across the digital world Lalmon, Goamon, Falcomon, the two Pawnchessmon, and Biyomon were all being sucked into portals as well, then the digital world froze.

Digimon Savers World

The Human World

"Mom, Dad, come on hurry up or we'll miss the fireworks." Said a little girl about eleven years old, she had reddish brown hair like her brother, only wavy and halfway down her back, she had a pink shirt, a blue skirt, connected to her skirt was a pinky orange digivice, she had green eyes, and she was being very pushy, walking backwards while watching her parents.

"Alright Kristy we're coming be patient we have tow babies to take care of." Said Kristy's father Spencer, he had a one month baby girl in his arms, and his wife Sarah was walking beside him with another baby the same age

"I know, and I'm sorry I shouldn't push." Kristy apologized

"Its alright we know you just want to see the fireworks." Said Sarah smiling a little

"I wish Marcus was here right now then he could know about little baby Hope and Light, and about my digivice, and he could see the fireworks with us, and we could all celebrate his birthday together." Kristy listed it off smiling at the thought

"We all miss him but someone has to keep the peace in the digital world, or what happened a year ago could happen now." Said Spencer

"I know I just wish…ahhh what's happening?" Kristy Yelled as a portal opened under her feet pulling her in "Mommy, Daddy, help me!" but before either of them could do anything the portal disappeared, taking Kristy with while she was struggling to catch breath and finally blacked out.

It was about seven at night, and Yoshi who had mid red hair, matching eyes, shorts, a jacket, and the color scheme was red and white, there was also a pink and black digivice hanging from on of the belt loops on her shorts, Mickey had purple hair, purple eyes, a blue and white top, with a purple bow at the top of the her jacket, and dark blue skirt with a grey digivice hanging on it, and then there was Megumi she had blondish gold hair, dark yellow eyes, and the same outfit and digivice as Mickey, though the bow was different with a yellow bow, and they were carpooling in Yoshi's car.

"Are we almost there?" Mickey asked bored of sitting in the car

"Yes so would you stop asking?" asked an annoyed Yoshi (Isn't she usually annoyed?)

"Here we are!" said Megumi in a cheerful voice as Yoshi found a parking spot and parked in the garage under the DATS building

"Lets get inside or the commander will be on our case again!" Yoshi said "Let's go." They both agreed with her, and then they walked into the elevator

"Good evening Commander!" they all said together as they walked in, then Mickey and Megumi went to their posts, and Yoshi went over and plopped into her seat

He just nodded and right when he was about to say something a vortex kind of portal formed and pulled the three girls into it, then closed as quickly as it opened, then the Damons came in, and the girls were trying to get breath but

'Aw this is the worst.' Then she blacked out

It was about 7:00 p.m. and dinner time at the Norstein mansion

"Dinner is ready and your sister is waiting at the table for you." Said the butler sticking his head in the door to tell Thomas that diner was ready, he had blond hair, light blue eyes, a blue shirt under a light green sweater vest, tan pants with a blue and black digivice hanging on one of his belt loops

"Thank you; tell Relina I'll be down in a minute." Said Thomas in a soft voice, while still typing away at his computer

"We will be waiting." the butler said and he left and went down stairs, and to the dining room

"Alright." Thomas said to himself, then he started to type faster, and about five minutes later he got up and went down the stairs, then he turned right, and went into the dining room, to see his sister sitting waiting for him, then as he began to walk towards his sister, a portal formed behind him puling him through, but instead of closing instantly, it took a about two minutes to close this time, and Thomas struggled to breathe, finally blacked out after a minute

"Mother me go in forest?" Asked a boy about Kristy's age, with a yellow shirt, face paint, tan pants, and a purple digivice connected to one of his belt loops.

"Alright Keenan but be careful, dinner will be ready in about ten minutes." Mrs. Crier answered then Keenan began to walk towards the forest, then his mother looked out to see a portal form above her son

"Keenan? KEENAN!" she screamed as he was pulled into the portal, the portal disappeared, and then Keenan felt like all the oxygen was gone and blacked out after a couple minutes, then the world froze like the digital world

Digimon Warriors


"Hey!" Yelled a thirteen year old boy with brown hair, an olive green hat, dark tan gloves, yellow shirt, red short sleeved jacket over his shirt, tan pants, and goggles on his hat.

"Takuya!" called another thirteen year old with black hair in a ponytail, a bandana on his head, a dark blue jacket over a yellow shirt, and grey pants "Your late, half an hour late to be exact ! Why are-"

"Koji." He said cutting him off because he was getting two feet closer with every word "Why do you always assume it's my fault? It was her fault, who else would take half an hour to get ready?" he pointed to his left at Zoe, who was standing beside Takuya, wearing a purple hat over her blond hair that was tied up in a pony tail, with a purple ribbon, a sleeveless jacket over a striped short sleeved shirt, and a short purple skirt

"Sorry!" she apologized "But I couldn't figure out which outfit to wear, so I finally decided on this." Zoe explained pointing her hands towards herself

"So, you mean you took half an hour to decide to wear your normal clothes?" asked J.P. who had brown hair, and was in a blue and yellow jump suit, and he obviously didn't notice her hair which was usually left down to her waist. Then Takuya stepped over to J.P. "Bad move buddy." He said patting his shoulder

"What do you…" then he looked at Zoe, who looked like she wanted to strangle J.P., and suddenly he noticed her hair, but it was too late now she-was-pissed

"Let's just say I ran three-fourths of the way here, you had better run…fast." He said still patting his shoulder then he stepped a few feet away, then J.P. started to run away and Koji, Kouichi, and Tommy all came closer to see what is going on, and Takuya explained while Zoe chased J.P. over almost every inch of the park, and once he was done explaining there were two ohhh's and a scowl.

"You're so insensitive." Koji said with his normal scowl

"Oh ya mister scow and say all of my faults so you can make me mad." Takuya retorted "That's really sensitive." He said sarcastically

"Here we go again." Sighed Kouichi and Tommy at the same together because even though Koji and Takuya were best friends they did this at least once every day, and they backed off a little because they've learned to stay out of these little squabbles

"You are s-" then Takuya's cell phone rang cutting Koji off

"I'll be right back wouldn't want to keep you from yelling at me." Takuya said sarcasm flooding through his voice "What is it mom?" he asked as soon as his friends were out of earshot

"I just wanted to check in." she said

"Mom," he sighed "I'm not a child anymore, bye." He sighed again and pressed the end button

"Takuya," Yelled Tommy who was ten years old, had yellow pants, a white shirt, and enormous orange, and he had been watching him "What are you doing?"

"Nothing!" Takuya yelled back to him, and he was about to put his cell phone back in his pocket but then it began talking to him saying to get on the 7:00 a.m. train to Shibuya station like last year only it was a different voice than last time, deeper, and he looked at the others and saw that now the others were pulling out their phones as well, so he walked over to the other five who by then were in a tight circle with a heated discussion

"Well should we go?" asked Kouichi and Koji at the same time

"Don't think that just because your twins it isn't still weird when you do that." Said J.P.

"I don't know about this, do you think someone found out about our adventure and this is a joke? I mean think about it it's not Lady Ophonymon." Reasoned Zoe

"We have to go!" said Takuya and they all looked at him as if he had just come into existence "What if the digital world is in trouble? We need to find out!" And the rest of the group agreed with him, and so they started to run towards the train station

Kouichi found himself ahead of the others and found five tickets waiting for them when he got to the ticket machine "Look." He said "There were tickets waiting for us how-"

"Who cares, lets go!" said Takuya, and they all started running again, and got on the train just as the doors closed

"Ohhh now I'm all sweaty!" complained Zoe breathing fast

"Oh well we made it didn't we?" asked J.P. who was leaning on a pole, and breathing fast like Zoe

"Yea but I'm still a girl!" she pouted, then plopped down on the nearest seat, and everyone then followed her lead, and sat on any other seats that were empty until the train stopped, and the doors allowing the six to get off, and they went over to the elevator the when the doors closed took them down far below the ground, and then finally when it stopped the doors opened and they saw a single Trailmon waiting for them

"Alright, all aboard to the Eighteen Realm Digital World." The Trailmon said in a deep and slow voice

"Eighteen Realmed Digital World?" They all asked together

"Are you going to get on I'm old and tired." Said the Trailmon already half-asleep making everyone jump, and come out of their thoughts

"Lets go." Said Koji Takuya and Kouichi

"I think we should go to." Said J.P., Tommy, and Zoe who was still complaining about being sweaty, then when they all agreed to go they walked across the platform, and got on the back platform of the Trailmon.

"And were moving, WHOOT WHOOT!" said the Trailmon much more lively than before, then they began to move and before they knew it they were speeding through the tunnel that had been in front of them, and seconds later they entered into the light again and at that moment their human and digital world froze in time "Don't go inside I'm on a short track, and there are no terminals." The Trailmon said

"Well then how do we get off?" asked Koji suspicion laced into his voice

"You jump, (Lady Ophonymon's orders of course) were only 60 feet up, here's your stop or should I say drop bye!" The Trailmon said laughing lightly he then leaned to the side and they fell off, then the Trailmon disappeared, they were all falling…falling…falling, they all began to really panic, but then Kouichi's cell phone fell out of his pocket, or what used to be his cell phone, but it had turned into a black D-Tector with a square screen, and two buttons under the square screen; everyone reached into their pockets and pulled out their D-Tectors that were once cell phones, then once they had all taken a few seconds for the shock to wear off, they all got ready and yelled at the same time

"EXECUTE, SPIRIT EVOLUTION!" they struck their D-Tectors with one hand and big balls of light formed around them, and when the balls dissipated they were all digimon, Takuya had red amour, with a yellow mane of hair, he was called Agunimon, Koji had white amour, a white face mask that showed only his mouth and chin, and yellow hair like Takuya's, and was called Lobomon, J.P. had blue armor with gold on the edge, and on his back what looked like a shield were wings, and was called Beetlemon, Kouichi had turned into a lion like digimon who had black armor, a mane of yellow hair, a lance, and a shield, he was called Lowemon, Tommy had turned into a white bearlike digimon, who had green armor with a snowball gun, he was called Kumamon, and then there was Zoe, she now looked like a bright purple butterfly only with whitish wings, purple hair , and a purple outfit, she was called Kazemon, and everyone flew, controlled their direction and landed with a perfect ten, or hitched a ride from someone else.

"Hey who's that?" Kumamon/Tommy asked the others while pointing to the figures he had seen

"It looks like a bunch of humans and digimon? And there looks to be a Leomon up there." Said Kazemon, she then began to fly towards the group of people and digimon, and the rest of them ran or flew after her for the last forty feet.

Digimon Tamers


Henwee hurry up or we'll be late to see Lopmon and Teriormon." Said a little girl in a fancy pink shirt and pink capris, sunglasses, and a large pink back pack that looked to heavy for such a little girl, but even so she was still nearly draggingher older brother along by the hand while thinking about two rabbit digimon, one was cream and green (Henry), the other was pink and brown (Susie)

"I'm coming Susie we're already fifteen minutes early, we'll be the first ones there, and it's so we can all see our digimon." Said Henry who, had an orange vest over a green shirt, tan pants, a backpack, and sunglasses over his Raven colored hair, and at the moment he was extremely annoyed

"Hey there they are, and you said we would be the first one's there." Said Susie a mater of factly

"HEY YOUR BOTH LATE EVEN THE GOGGLE HEAD IS HERE!" Yelled a girl with light red hair in a ponytail, a white shirt with mint green short sleeves and a heart on the front, blue jeans, sunglasses, and a big blue pack

"Rika," Henry sighed "we aren't late your all just early he said a mater of factly like his sister

"You…I…we…your right." She sighed in defeat

"So," Henry started "do we all have sleeping bags, enough food for two days at least, our D-Powers, a change of clothes, cooking utensils, sunglasses, and told our parents that were going to camp?" he asked everyone "Takato do you have the communicator, so we can communicate with our families, and they can help us get out of the digital world?" he asked Takato who had brown hair with goggles on top, a blue short sleeved sweater, and cream pants

"Yep," he said happy that Rika had no reason to yell at him

"Kazu and I have all those things, and we know we each have them we packed together." cut in Kenta who had greenish brown hair, glasses, a tan button up shirt over an orange shirt, brown pants, and a big grey backpack, and he was pointing at the boy beside him who a black visor over his brow hair, a black shirt with a yellow emblem on the front of his shirt that resembled the crest of reliability, cream pants, and a black backpack.

"Oh well who else is read Jerri?" Henry asked a girl with reddish brown hair, her hair also had a small side ponytail; she wore a light green dress over a yellow shirt, a large green back pack, and a pair of sunglasses

"Yea I'm ready." Said Jerry in a strong but quiet voice

"Ai, Mako?" Rika asked a little girl with brunet hair, sunglasses, a dark pink skirt, light pink jacket, and large pink backpack that looked to big for her, and her brother was standing beside her, he had brunet hair like his sister, with sunglasses, an orange vest, tan pants, and an orange backpack that like his sisters looked far to big for him.

"Were ready." Ai answered for both of them

"Ryo," She asked a boy with brunet hair, a red sweater, and grey pants, and a big red backpack with sunglasses in one of the front pockets, and Rika didn't like him very much, or at least that's what she made it seem like.

"You know I'm ready." He said with an enormous grin

"Well then let's go!" said Takato, and they all went to the old hideout that they used to use for the digimon, they then crawled in the hole that Gulimon had dug when they found their first digigate, a few months before the D-Reaper incident, and they all crawled into the digigate, once they were all through the gate the human world froze.

Digimon Tamers World

Digital World

"I think were almost through the core." Sad Takato

"I'm completely confident," Said Rika sarcastically "but do our digimon actually know were coming?"

"Well…um…I…she's going to kill me," he muttered under his breath, then swallowed and answered "They probably don't."

"WHAT!" everyone yelped, except Rika who was falling through the core with her arms and legs crossed, and as usual she was wearing a scowl

"I knew you would pull us into the digital world and something would go wrong!" she yelled throwing her hands into the air in despair when she said "something"

"Well you try sneaking into Hypnos hacking into the mainframe (With Henry's help of course) and staying up all night waiting for a signal to get through, get no confirmation, and still get fifteen minutes of sleep!" he yelled at everyone only mostly at Rika, and after that they didn't pickup the subject while they fell through the core for about three more minutes, then Takato spoke "Now think about the place we landed last time, by any luck they will have gotten the signal I sent, and wait there." And so they all began to focus on that one place, seconds later there was a light and they saw lots, and lots, and lots of sand, but they also saw several digimon that seemed to be waiting for them, and sure enough right when they thought they were going to hit the ground the digimon caught them (Geomon can jump, and Susie is light enough that Lopmon could probably use her ears as wings.), and when the children saw who they were they were overjoyed to see their partners, their digimon partners put them lightly on the ground, thought Geomon and Teriormon did it a little differently, Geomon, a red dinosaur digimon, caught his human partner, but lost his balance when they hit the ground and ended up landing on Takato, and Teriormon was so happy to have his perch back that he just sat on Henry's head, and Renemon caught Jeri and her partner Rika while still balancing a little white digimon on her head.

"Renemon!" Rika squealed hugging her digimon partner that looked like a large fox with purple gloves, which is what she was just a digimon, then everyone started to hug their partners, all of them except Jeri who had lost her digimon partner during their first trip to the digital world, but still was willing and even fought to come, she smiled at the reunions, but her eyes said the opposite of what her smile said, and so Calamon the little white digimon that had been on Renemon's head went over to her.

"What's wrong? You look so sad." The little digimon said sad that Jerry was sad

"I'm fine." She said cheering up; the little digimon seemed to have that effect "I just miss Leomon."

"Oh…" Calamon answered not knowing what to say, and then Jerry began to get a feeling of uneasiness, and began to look around spotting ten beams from the core forming into a circle.

"Hey, everyone there's a circle of beams coming this way!" she warned the others but by the time she had finished her warning the beams had swallowed them all up, and then a portal with a slide like structure, opened a few feet above the cliff where the Warriors found the Savers, and their digital world froze like all of the others, the portal opened a few feet above the cliff where the warriors had found the savers, and they all slid out first Jeri and Calamon who were caught, then Takato and Gulimon, followed by Ryo, Rika who was caught by Ryo, then their digimon partners, then Henry holding Lopmon and Susie with Teriormon still perched on his head, then Kazu and Kenta came screaming all the way (What girls), then Ai and Mako with Impmon trying to catch them, but ending up under them (Poor Impmon), then Jerry saw the digimon that had caught her and saw a Leomon, and not just any ordinary Leomon, but the very Leomon the Tamers used to know, Jerry's partner, and at his touch her D-Power sprang back to life "Leomon?" she asked listening for the static of her D-Power but the static was gone "Leomon, it's you, it's really you!" she then hugged him and got a squeeze back.

Digimon Adventurers


Click, click, click, click, this noise continued for a long time, and it was extremely fast for a few minutes, until there was a soft knock on the door to the computer room at the local middle school, the sun was starting to set, and everything was bathed in a soft orange glow.

"Who is it?" the source of the typing Izzy who had short red hair, a school uniform with a green jacket, a nice shirt under the jacket, grey pants, and he had been typing code after code into the computer.

"It's me Izzy," came the soft voice of Tai "and I have Kari, T.K. Matt, and Sora." He said; Tai had brunet hair, and the same outfit as Izzy, Kari Tai's sister had light brown hair, pink gloves that went most of the way up her arms, a pink and white sleeveless shirt, a pink skirt a little above her knees, and a camera around her neck, T.K. had dark yellow hair that was mostly hidden by the hat he was wearing, he had tan pants, a shirt with sage green on the front it also had yellow sleeves, T.K.'s older brother Matt had blonde hair like T.K., and an outfit like Tai and Izzy, and Sora Tai's girlfriend had the same out fit only it was completely green and it had a skirt

"Hello." came the soft voice of Ken as he and Yolei walked up, he had raven black hair, a white shirt, and light tan pants, and then there was Yolei, who had lavender hair tied back with a blue bandana, big round glasses, a peach short sleeved shirt, and a red skirt that went to her knees, and her and Ken were holding hands.

"Ahhh," Tai yelped clinging on to Sora's arm "why do you always sneak up on me?" he asked letting go of Sora's arm

"You are such a baby." Sora said to Tai

"Cant I have a bit of fun?" Ken asked in an innocent voice

"I think Davis has corrupted you." Tai said

"Maybe he has." He said with a shrug

"Aw well, Izzy! Ken and Yolei are here now too." Tai informed his friend

"Alright come on in, I'm almost done." Came Izzy's cheerful reply thought it was hard to hear over his typing; they then went into the computer room, to see Izzy completely engrossed in the computer screen…again.

"How long is this going to take?" Tai asked, already bored of sitting around, though he didn't expect an answer, and he was right not to because he didn't get one, they all waited quietly until Izzy called Ken over, then a few minutes later a young boy walked in politely said hello and took a seat.

"Hi, Cody." Yolei greeted the boy with brunet hair, a tan shirt, and brown pants, but before he had the chance to answer Izzy talked.

"And…WERE UP AND RUNNING!" Izzy exclaimed, making everyone jump from the sudden noise "Now we only need to wait for Mimi, and Joe who is picking her up…and knowing Davis he will be here in about twenty minutes." He sighed

"I'm glad Mimi moved back here," Said Kari who was obviously trying to start a conversation; she then continued "it's nice having so many of us digidestined around Japan." Then two people came in, one had pink highlights in her honey colored hair, a blue shirt, and a short tan skirt with leggings that went most of the way up her legs, and then the second had bluish hair, a dark blue school uniform, a large red bag that was his first aid kit, and a backpack that had supplies like, water, compact meals, stuff like that, the couple were holding hands due to the fact they were dating, they said hi to everyone as they came in, and who was this mysterious couple? None other that Mimi the sincere and good old reliable Joe!

"Well speak of the Mimi and she comes." Said Matt laughing, and once everyone else had figured out the joke (Tai), they were all laughing, and then they began to talk to each other they went on for about ten minutes until, right on queue, the door to the computer room burst open to reveal Davis dressed in a blue jacket with flames rising from the bottom, tan shorts, and it seemed had run all the way

"Am…I…late?" he asked still panting

"We were just about to leave without you." Said T.K. in a very convincing voice

"Really?" he asked sounding a little hurt about this

"No, of course we wouldn't leave with out you, without you our team is incomplete." Said Kari Giggling a little

"Whew." He sighed, and then entered the room after giving T.K. a death glare, and then T.K. stared him down for it.

"Alright we should go." Said Tai trying to bring the tension down a little, and so T.K. and Davis stopped their glares, they then walked to the computer Izzy had been working on to find a digigate; Yolei went over to the computer first and pulled out her red D-3 model digivice, she then pointed it at the screen and yelled

"DIGIPORT OPEN!" then she was sucked into the computer, then Kari, T.K., Sora, Mimi, Cody, Davis, Tai, Matt, Joe, and Izzy all went after her, then their dimension froze human and digital world alike, meanwhile in the digigate.

They were slowly sliding, slowly sliding through the digital gate, and there was no end in sight.

"It's never taken this long to get through the digital gate." T.K. said unable to hide the worry in his voice

"Don't worry, it will all turn out alright," said Matt in his reassuring brotherly voice, then they all saw the end of the tunnel "See there's the exit."

"Hey, look, there's another tunnel branching off up ahead, and there's something coming out of it." Said Yolei

"Those aren't things those are digimon!" yelled Joe "They're our part-"

"YES!" everyone yelled knowing exactly what he was going to say, except Joe wasn't excited

"Ummm guys," he started a he began sliding himself towards the digimon faster "don't be excited yet, they're about to fall, and so are we!" he yelled

"PATAMON!" T.K. yelled, and they must have heard him because a few seconds after he yelled they all turned towards the group, the digimon included, Veemon, a blue dinosaur digimon with white belly, and a yellow on his forehead and chest (Davis), Hawkmon, a red bird digimon with a strap holding a feather upright (Yolei), Gabumon, a seal like digimon with white fur, blue stripes, and a horn (Matt), Gomamon a very small seal like digimon with white fur, purple stripes and a red mane of fur (Joe), Palmon, a digimon with roots for feet, a plant form, and a flower on her head (Mimi), Patamon, a small light tan puffball with wings like a bat (T.K.), Gatomon, a white cat like digimon, with purple gloves, a purple and white striped tail with a little golden ring near the end, and the only digimon who has attempted to kill her human partner (Kari), Armodilomon a golden turtle like digimon (Cody), another Agumon (Tai), another Biyomon (Sora), Tentomon, a large ladybug digimon (Izzy), and Wormmon, a large caterpillar like digimon with a black ring around the end of his body (Ken), and then when the digimon saw their long time partners (Some more than others) they ran, or flew, or inch wormed towards their partners, until finally they

"I hate to ruin this moment but, WERE ABOUT TO FALL!" Joe yelled

"Aw man why, does this stuff always seem to happen to us?" T.K. asked

"AHHH!" everyone but T.K., Izzy, Sora, and Yolei who had partners that could fly, the rest just held their digimon tight as they fell, yelling things like why does this kind f thing always happen to us then from the top of the cliff they had just passed there came two synchronized shouts

"DNA CHARGE!" Came the loud voices of Kristy and Keenan yelling at the same time digivolving their digimon partners whom they then had save the falling children and out them down on the cliff, then Izzy, T.K., Sora, and Yolei were flown over by their digimon partners, and checked to make sure everyone was ok

"Whew I thought we were goners." Said Davis sounding relieved when they were set on solid ground; then they all looked to see the digimon who had saved them to see the dedigivolved form of, Falcomon a black owl like digimon, with red around his eyes, and a purple vest (Keenan), and Biyomon who also looked like a bird, with blue tipping her wings and tail feathers, she also had a metal ring around her left talon (Kristy).

"Nice job." said Goamon, a puppy looking digimon with boxing gloves, and a head band (Thomas), as he came up behind the two with Lalmon, a plant like digimon with her lower half light green, and her upper half light pink (Yoshi), and the black and white Pawnchessmon that looked like short knights (Mickey and Megumi).

"Biyomon, you did great!" Kristy squealed hugging her partner

"Kristy your choking me." Said Biyomon

"Oh, sorry." She said letting go.

At the base of an unknown mountain

In the Eureka forest

Time: Sunset

"We've got to make it; we have to warn them before its to late," said the figure of a human to the figure of a small digimon beside it, thought they were not visible do to the sand blowing around do to the high winds, then the human figure gasped when it looked at something in its hand "a set of twin dark digimon are heading towards them! We have to warn them!" and with that said the two figures found the lowest place to climb up and began its ten foot climb.

The Temple of the Dark Region

Time approximately 7:00 at night

"CRUSADERMON COME HERE!" Lilithmon yelled

"I'm sorry my Lady I did not-" she started

"Quiet! If you hadn't relied on that stupid forest then my team would have found them, if you were not one of the bearers, I would get rid of you right now!" she yelled "But perhaps…just maybe, we can still win this war," she said in a voice that was scarily calm "Now go get your twin, and the Icedevimon twins! And don't come back until you kill the new children."

"New children?" Crusadermon asked

"Yes," she said with amusement in her voice "my old comrades have become desperate cowards, they called on four of the child dimensions, and I never thought they would do it, but I guess they figured desperate times call for desperate measures, huh?"

"I agree my Lady," Crusadermon answered, picking her words carefully.

"Kill them all Crusadermon, they are hiding in the Cherry Blossom forest near The Rocky Region." She said, satisfied with the fear emanating off of Crusadermon.

"I will not fail you my Lady." Said Crusadermon bowing and leaving the room