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Chapter 2


Time: 3:00 p.m. according to Izzy

"Why is this stuff so confusing?"


"Grrrrr…Agumon! Why am I always the landing pad?" Marcus groaned, and then found two things, first of all, Agumon's tail on his wrist…again, and there was someone else on top of him "Yoshi, you landed on me to?"

T.K. was watching, puzzled to say the least "Who is that?" he asked

"Just thee most embarrassing, annoying, rude hardheaded brother in both the digital and human worlds, doing what he does best complaining." Kristy said answering his question "Though, I think he might be the best at embarrassing me."

"It's true." Thomas added he was laying a few feet away with Goamon lying on top of him.

"Come on is anyone on my side today?" Marcus asked "Oh and you can't say much," he started "it's not like you have a perfect record either Nerdstein." He retorted to his friends little comment; this got him an amused giggle or two, and a flick on the forehead from Kristy.

"You should be able to move soon, me and Keenan couldn't move much either." She said, standing strait up, and turning away to hide her flustered face.

"Great." He sighed sarcastically.

"Aw this is the worst." Yoshi sighed, then sure enough a minute or two later she was able to twitch, and Marcus could move a little to, then after a minute or two, Yoshi got up, and Marcus sat up pushing Agumon off of him as he got up.

"Why does he always have to bruise this wrist?" Marcus asked himself quietly, so no one else heard, but to bad for him, Thomas and Joe can hear almost everything with their trained ears.

"What do you mean always?" Joe asked

"How many times has it happened?" Thomas asked

"Your going to check me over aren't you?" he asked. "Might as well not, I guess I have no choice but to tell you."

"Alright start-" Joe started

"I didn't say when, not right now of course because there will be a lot to do, I was thinking tonight when." He said cutting Joe off.

"But-" Thomas started

"Tonight." Was all of the answer he got, then Marcus walked off.

Tai pretty much took charge, by the end of twenty minutes he had memorized everybody's names (Must not have been to hard considering about 1/4th of the group was his), and something about them, and since he was one of the oldest, everyone, even some of the more hardheaded and stubborn digidestined followed his lead (Bubblekins1010 coughs and you hear "Rika" in the middle of it.) "Alright everyone come over here we need to talk, and gather all of the food and water here." He drew a large circle with a stick he found , and everyone went over to it and started to put any food or water they had, meanwhile the Tamers were rummaging through their packs for their food, Rika was the first of the Tamers to find her stuff all organized and pretty, though Takato was another story, he had just thrown everything he needed into the pack when he had gotten back home, and slept for his fifteen minutes, then he had to go, ten minutes later all the supplies were in a fairly large pile, Tai then had Tommy come over to him "Alright we need anyone who can cook to come over to Tommy." He said, and Matt, Zoe, and Marcus joined him, "Alright Kari, you come over here, you can lead the group that will set up the camp." And Kari went over to her brother where she stood is where Kristy, Yolei, Mimi, Miki, Megumi, and Joe all stood "J.P.?" Tai asked

"Yes?" J.P. asked in return

"You will lead the patrol group." And so J.P. walked over to a spot where his group wouldn't blend with the rest of the groups, he was then joined by Ken, Keenan, Thomas, Ryo, Takato, Kenta, and Kazu, "T.K. you will lead the scavenger group." And once he was finally finished the group had, Davis, Rika, Takuya, Koji, Henry, Yoshi, and Sora.

"Jeri, Kouichi, I would like you to watch Ai, Mako, and Susie."

"Alright I'm fine with it if you are Kouichi." Said Jeri turning towards him

"I don't mind." He said

"Well then I guess we'll do it." Jeri said, and then they got all three of the children, and formed their own group.

"A big happy family." Said Koji teasing his twin and making Jeri blush.

"How will you survive when I actually do have a family and I'm gone?" he asked a smile forming, and at this Koji scowled since his joke had back fired.

"Alright that just leaves me and Izzy, and were going to watch, and make sure you're all safe, so I need Tommy, J.P., and Jeri to come over here for a minute." he said, and so the three went over to him and he gave them each a D-Terminal, so that if anything happened then they would be able to contact each other, and they would be safer, he explained how to use them then the leaders of the three groups went back to their groups, they then went off to do what they were supposed to be doing like cooking, watching the younger kids, exploring for supplies, making a perimeter, starting a fire, setting up makeshift tents, and making sure everyone was safe, then Izzy called Tai over, and Tai eventually called Kristy, Zoe, Susie, Marcus, and Davis, while Izzy had his D-Terminal out, then a few minutes later Takuya, and Takato showed up and went over to them, and they began showing and comparing Digivices, and by what Izzy said was about 5:40 p.m., everyone was back and hungry, luckily the food was ready, camp was also set up, and Izzy would be ale to tell if they were in danger, so that they could get out of there before anyone got hurt.

"Mm that was amazing!" Zoe said an hour later while stretching, and listening to Marcus, Keenan, Agumon, and Falcomon, fighting over the last fried egg, until Keenan got it and groans of defeat could be heard from the other three.

"That was very good." Kristy said agreeing with Zoe, then they saw Tai stand up and he quieted everyone.

"Umm…well Izzy has an explanation as to how we got here." He then motioned for Kristy, Zoe, Susie, Marcus, and Davis, to come over to where he was, they then lined up with their Digivices showing, it easy to see there were a lot of different kinds.

"See how there are eight different models of Digivices?" he asked "Well today while everyone was busy and I was watching everyone, I found there were eight different colored dots, so I had Tai come over, then we called Kristy, Zoe, Susie, Marcus, Davis, Takato, and Takuya, that's when we got somewhere, all of the Digivices are called different names, like Susie and her group-"

"Her group?" Henry asked cutting Izzy off

"I'm getting there, as I was saying, her group calls them D-Powers, Zoe's group calls them D-Tectors." He said while typing something into his computer, he kept going for a second until he stopped, then he turned his laptop around and picked it up so everyone could see, and with most of them not being geeks only Koji, Thomas, Henry, Cody, Ken, and Izzy himself understood it, Izzy looked around to se a bunch of puzzled faces 'Gosh,' he thought 'It's like trying to teach Tai how to do math, except instead of one blank stare I get thirty.' He sighed then began to talk again "See this energy output this is enough energy to power one million Tokyo's."

"Ok…so…um…yea…what are we looking at?" asked a puzzled Davis; he was having a hard time seeing what Izzy was tugging at.

Izzy sighed, "In simple terms off the chart energy readings left behind by something that needed a lot of power, much more than what I thought possible to produce, it was used to create a dimensional wormhole five to be exact, I compared the stories and they don't mach up-"

"And what has that got to do with, this conversation?" T.K. asked

"Well we all live in Japan, we would have heard about the different things, this has lead me to believe that we are in fact from four different dimensions, Kristy's group, Zoe's group, Susie's group, and then there is our group." He motioned to each group as he went, and once he was done there was a long silence with everyone contemplating what they had just been told, but then Izzy's computer began to beep, telling him there was one or more life forms coming towards them, and he quickly picked up the laptop, and what he saw puzzled him, there was another dot a new model of digivice he frowned, Tai saw this and looked over his shoulder, and he also frowned at the new colored dot on the map this made everyone feel tense, so there went Thomas and Ken whom also looked at the new dot and frown, they all talked for a minute and decided to go towards the dot, Tai, Thomas, and Ken, went towards the new digivice position, and that is where they saw it.

"Who is that?" Thomas asked pointing to a human figure that was shaking, and from the long hair, I was pretty easy to tell the human figure was a girl, she was being supported by a digimon looking figure, and then once the girl could stand on her own the two started down the small mountain they stopped in front of Ken.

"A human." Said Tai amazed

"She could be one of the digidestined from this dimension." Ken said thinking out loud

"We used to be called digidestined, my group I mean," said the girl; she had silver hair down to about her knees, with two thick locks hanging down her front, though there were a few twigs distorting the smoothness, Amethyst colored eyes, three little pieces of wood dangling from each ear, a bluish, greenish, grey colored shirt that was halfway down her shoulders at the top, with sleeves that crisscrossed around her arm from right below the elbow down and tied at the wrist, a white skirt with golden discs hanging down off of little golden strings, the skirt also had pockets, white tennis shoes, and a lot of bruises, and gouges on bare skin, some of the gouges were still bleeding a bit.

"You were called Digidestined to?" Tai asked"

"The digimon called us that when we first arrived, and we call what you call a digivice a D-Vice, but that is not why me and Gotsumon are here," she said with firmness filling her voice "I compliment your warning system, but it isn't good enough." In her hand she held her D-Vice out to them, and what they saw startled them, they saw a map with a line down the middle, but what really startled them were the back dots nearly hurtling towards them on the map.

"Wha-" Tai started but never got to finish.

"We have to move now, those are twin dark digimon, if we don't move now were dead." She yelled so everyone could hear her, and if you were there you would hear the feet shuffling as they took on the weight of their owners, everyone then shuffled to gather their things, and for some younger siblings, after about five minutes there was no trace they were ever there.

Thirty six children and thirty digimon were running, silent as could be, their feet didn't seem to make a sound upon the cliffs they were sprinting across towards the forest T.K. and his group had found earlier, and they weren't talking, the first one to talk was Ken

"So," Ken said trying to ease some of the tension, "I forgot to ask, what's your name?" he asked the mysterious silver haired girl.

"I'm Amiliana. (U-me-lee-anuh, sorry had to put that there to make sure you say it right.)" She said simply "What about you?" she asked

"My name is Ken and this is Yolei." He said to her, and then Ryo who was behind him noticed a scar on the back of Ken's neck, and thinking about it found it was in the same place an old friend of his had gotten one years ago, ' there was a kind of portal' he reasoned with himself, "Could it possibly be?" he asked himself out loud, then Rika noticing this asked him what he had said, and so he was stuck keeping her off his tail for a while, just until he was sure.

"Well it's nice to officially meet the two of you." She said then ran towards Tai beginning to talk with him, and when they got to the forest they were stopped.

Tai then began to talk "Amiliana has told me there are whispering plant digimon in the forest, and that that may have been how the enemy knew where we were, so don't touch the plants." He said getting very compliant nods from almost everyone, as I said almost, Izzy was the only one that hadn't nodded, so Tai began staring him down, he finally broke Izzy and got a nod, so satisfied with his work Tai told Amiliana they were all ready, and so they began their journey into the forest.

"There is a cave with a stream near it, and the cave is big enough for all of us, and then were off to Flowerstrel City in the morning." Amiliana cheered, and the leaders all began to talk with her about why they would be going to Flowerstrel City, which will be revealed later.

"Ken!" Ryo yelled from behind well…Ken, it made the 13 year old stop dead at the semi-familiar voice he had heard years ago, and he turned to see Ryo running towards him, "Hey," He said panting a bit, and then began to walk with Ken and Yolei "is it alright if I ask you a question?"

"A-alright." Ken answered after getting a hold of himself.

"How did you get that scar on your neck?" making a few of the people around them curious, so they had a few eavesdroppers, and a few means everyone.

It took a few second for him to start, "One day I was with my brother Sam in his room, and a digivice came out of the computer, I was told not to touch it, but out of curiosity I did and it dragged me into the digital world, a few days later I met Wormmon, then we met another boy with the same name as you Ryo," his voice was starting to slow, and he was getting quieter as his brain was working overtime trying to contemplate the possibility "we traveled a while, then we ran into Millenniummon, and me, Ryo and Wormmon, working together defeated him, but instead of turning into data he turned into dark spores, I saw one coming towards Ryo and pushed him out of the way, but as a result of that the dark spore imbedded itself in my neck, it took three weeks for it to heal." He finished looking at Ryo trying to find more recognition.

"I thought so," said Ryo smiling, "At first I thought it was impossible, then there was Izzy's explanation, the scar, it all matches up perfectly, you are Ken Ichijouji the boy I met in the digital world!" He said triumphantly, then lost his footing and would have fallen into the murky pond behind him had Ken not seen the danger and grabbed him.

"You are defiantly the clumsy Ryo I used to know, always falling, I believe you almost off a cliff once," he said laughing a bit "the first time I saw you today I thought you might have been my friends identical twin or something." He said pulling Ryo up with help from Yolei.

"Really?" he asked once he was finally up right

"No, I thought it might be possible but I severely stress the might." And so the three of them walked until they got to a the field that was safe

"Hello, T.K. said to the figure of Tommy "your name is Tommy right?" he asked

"Yea," Tommy answered "You look tired." Tommy stated looking at T.K.

"I'm a little tired but you look worse of than me," said T.K., looking at him leaning up against a rock you would notice how tired he was even in the dim sunlight, there were black bags under his closing and quickly reopening eyes, he looked around the clearing to first see Takuya standing halfway up a hill, 'No he wouldn't work right now, he's to busy.' The next person he saw of Tommy's group Kouichi was halfway up the same hill as Takuya, but then he saw that he seemed to be busy talking to the other three, so he finally decided to watch him for a little while.

"What are you…doing?" he asked falling asleep then waking himself up partway through the sentence.

"Nothing," he said quickly looking at the boy, "Why are you so tired?" T.K. asked before Tommy was to tired to explain

"Promise you wont tell the others." He said

T.K. contemplated and finally answered while sighing "Alright." He then sighed again and sat down next to Tommy, then Patamon perched on T.K.'s head and they began listening intently,

"The last few nights, I've been having…a bad dream, more like a nightmare, it's about a sort of crater, with glass over it, and the scary thing is I see all 36 of us trapped in the crater…, and it's flooding, and the water is about to finish filling the crater to the glass, but…the last moment the water froze around the edge of the crater where the water had been…coming in, it was as though…something from a fairy tail…had breathed on it and made…it ice so we wouldn't drown…I don't…know…" then unable to fight off sleep any longer he began to snooze soundly, T.K. and Patamon soon followed sleeping oblivious to the slap that ripped trough the air only minutes later.

Ten minutes ago

Zoe, Kouichi, J.P. and Koji were talking

"If I were to tell about our unique way of fighting, what would you do to me?" J.P. asked the other three.

"We wouldn't do anything." Kouichi stated, trying to ignore the voice in his head, but it was getting louder.

"They would." Koji finished his twin's statement, while pointing at Izzy who was talking to the leaders and Amiliana, and Thomas who seemed to be trying to get the attention of on of the girls of his group. "They're going to be all over you trying to figure out how it works."

"What makes you two say that?" Zoe asked surprised that Kouichi would think like that.

"Well for one, the blond seems to be extremely smart and wanting to get smarter," Kouichi said starting the list.

"And the red head seems to be knowledgeable as well, and he wants to know more." Koji finished

"I can see your reasoning, but it's to late now, Tommy and I decided to tell the group we were with while we were setting up the camp, we were asked about it, though we did leave out the elements." Zoe said "Speaking of Tommy where is he?" she asked the others hoping to get an answer from one but, instead they were all looking to see if someone else knew, then after everyone was sure none of them knew they began to look around the clearing, and they quickly spotted Tommy and T.K. leaning against a rock sleeping together, and Patamon had seemingly rolled off T.K.'s head and landed in Tommy's lap, "Aw, it looks like he made a friend." She said, and the rest looked and saw what she was seeing and couldn't help smiling, even Koji with his cold act couldn't hold a smile.

"So back on topic, I'm in Zoe and Tommy's boat." J.P. said

"Well this boat's going to sink, because me and Takuya explained it the same way." Koji said

"I think I'm getting wet, because I'm with you." Kouichi said with as steady of a voice as possible even with the incredibly painful headache he was getting, then the four noticed something going on with Ken, there was yelling, then a slap ripped through the air and everything disappeared, there was a voice in his head it said "Kill…all…now…Crusadermon…they…forest." Said the voice it was cold and made him clutch his head in pain, and the others had to grab him before he rolled down the hill.

"What just happened to you?" Koji asked not bothering to hide the worry in his voice.

"I don't know," he said stammering a bit with his head still aching, though the headache was subsiding "a few minutes ago I started hearing a voice in my head, at first I ignored it, then I got a headache that got worse and worse, and I couldn't ignore it any longer, that's when I hear it, a voice, I heard it saying something, but it was all broken up like a bad signal, but if it was anything to go off of, the enemy who ever it is, knows were here.

Ten minutes ago

Conversation Tai, Takuya, Davis, Takato, Marcus, Izzy, Amiliana, and Kristy (Sleeping) halfway up the same hill as the Warriors

"So where exactly are we?" Tai asked

"We are in the Forest Region, you landed in the rocky region." Answered Amiliana

"Marcus can I sit with you?" asked Kristy, interrupting the conversation looking at her brother sitting in front of and leaning back on a tree.

"Alright." He said, and she sat down next to him leaning on his arm and falling asleep almost instantly.

"How long will it take to get to Flowerstrel City tomorrow?" Takuya asked since they had been talking for a couple of minutes before the break.

"If we can get enough flying digimon, an hour tops." Amiliana said

"If we walk?" asked Marcus this time

"Two days at least." She said, and this worried Takuya because then they may have to tell everyone about the elements, and he had no idea how they would react, especially Kouichi's element.

"Can you upload that map to my computer?" Izzy asked Amiliana seeing the enormous map

"Sure give me your computer and I'll do it." She said taking Izzy's computer, then she pulled out her D-Vice and began working with Izzy while the others talked, and Kristy slept on her brother, then Yolei yelled for Davis and the tone in her voice worried them.

Seven minutes ago

Conversation Ken, Ryo, Mako, Yolei, Rika, Jeri, Ai, Susie, Henry, Kazu, Kenta

They are all sitting on some logs that were there.

"Okay so how exactly did you get in their digital world?" Kazu asked Ryo

"Well," he said thinking about it for a second "one day my parents were busy so I thought I would go explore the field by our house for a while, I had fun for a while, and then I got bored and sat down-"

"Typical Ryo." Rika and Ken said at the same time cutting Ryo off

Ryo glared at both of them then continued, "As I was saying I sat for a while, then I saw a bright light in the sky, I went to check it out and found what I am guessing was a dimensional wormhole, because when it suck me in I found myself in Ken's digital world, then I met Ken a while later, he's always been so kind I'm not surprised he got the crest of kindness." He explained

"Who do you think sent the wormhole? Henry asked with Susie snoozing soundly in his lap.

"I've been wondering about that myself." said Rika

"So…Ken how is your brother?" Ryo asked

He was silent for a few minutes, and then answered "He died shortly after I got back." At this Ryo looked down, and gave him an 'I'm sorry I asked' look.

"Don't you go blaming yourself again, got it?" Yolei asked in a stern but caring voice.

"I kn-" he started, but then there was a piercing pain in his head and he fell of the log in pain.

"Ken? Ken what's wrong?" Yolei asked getting on the ground and shaking him a little "Ken snap out of it!" she yelled when he started to stand up with a blank expression on his face, "Davis!" she yelled and the tone in her voice alarmed him and he ran towards the group.

"What's going on?" asked Jeri who had Ai and Mako sleeping in her lap, and it was surprising that the sleeping children around camp didn't wake up with Yolei's shout, Jerri was starting to get a horrible headache, it was getting worse and she heard a voice, yet it was like there was cotton in her ears, she had a hard time hearing it, Leomon, seeing this expression, talked to her trying to get her to snap out of it.

"What!" asked Davis loudly when he got to them.

"What's going on?" Kenta asked

"I don't know! So shut-up for a few minutes!" Yolei growled making them shrink away.

"Buddy, snap out of it!" Davis said grunting because Ken was now trying move so he had to hold him back, and that is when he began flashing like the Digimon Emperor, "Yolei take him for a sec." Davis said handing Ken to his girlfriend, he moved in front of his best fiend and pulled his hand back then a slap ripped through the air as his hand made contact with skin, this brought Jerri out of her head and into the world around her, Ken's cheek started to turn red as he came back, though when he came back so did the pain of the slap "You ok?" Davis asked him.

"Yea, now I am thanks, I needed that." He answered rubbing his ever reddening cheek, then Davis went back to his group after he was positive Ken was ok, and then the couple sat down as if nothing had happened.

"Was it me or did you flash to look like-" started Rika

"Ken what happened to you?" interrupted Yolei

"Some kind of darkness, it was trying to revive the Digimon Emperor," he said then took a deep breath and began again "there was also a voice, it was cold, and it said…to kill us all, and if it was real they know where we are." Jerri gasped that was the same thing she heard, 'But how?' she asked herself then explained what had happened to her.

Twelve minutes ago

Conversation, Thomas, Keenan, Mickey, Megumi, Yoshi

"I wonder what they are talking about." Said Yoshi absent mindedly looking at the group of leaders only mostly at Marcus.

"Yoshi…yoo hoo." Said Thomas while waving a hand in front of her face that wore a curious expression while the owner was just staring, he finally gave up, sat back and sighed.

"She's acting strange, she never spaces out like this." Said Megumi in a loud voice making the sleeping Keenan sit up

"Leave her alone for a while, and talk quiet or don't talk at all." Mickey whispered, Keenan laying back down in her lap, about seven minutes passed with no change, or sound until they heard a loud "Davis!" then a What!" then a loud slap ripped through the air making Keenan stir a little, and Yoshi turn her head in awareness.

"What was that?" Megumi asked

"It was someone being slapped," Yoshi said sighing "and I admit for a minute there I had needed it to." She said sighing again.

"Why did you need slapped?" Thomas asked her.

"Well it could have just been that I'm worried-" she started stopping herself

"What was it?" Mickey asked in a semi-quiet voice

"N-nothing, it was probably nothing." She said a little too quickly

"Spill." Whispered Megumi

Yoshi sighed "There was this…this…voice it was cold and it said to kill us all," she said a hint of doubt in her words "it was female, and it also said… Crusadermon." She said pulling her knee to her chest and resting her chin on it

"What do you think it means?" asked Mickey

"I don't know it could have been a voice in my head." She reasoned "I haven't gotten much sleep lately." She stopped for a second then continued "Or-" then she stopped

"Or?" pushed Megumi

"Or…it could have been real, and I for some strange reason I have a connection to whoever was talking." She said sighing.

"What are you going to do about it?" asked Mickey with a small smile.

"I'll do nothing for now." Yoshi said not liking the smile Mickey had on her face.

"No," Mickey said with a smirk "you're going to get Marcus alone and tell him about it." Pushed Megumi

"He's kinda busy-" Yoshi said casually

"Don't use that excuse!" Exclaimed Thomas "We know you have a crush on him, and he told me he has one on you!" everyone looked at him as though looking for a sign that he had made the last nine words up "Heh…heh…..heh, looks like the cats out of the bag, if I disappear tonight just ask Marcus." He said; this was making Yoshi blush.

"Ha! W knew it all along!" Mickey yelled triumphantly, making Keenan wakeup so she apologized and he went back to sleep.

"Humph, not fair, you know me to well." she whispered then huffed, crossed her arms, and turned her head away, this made everyone laugh, though they kept it quiet making Yoshi turn even redder.

"Alright," Thomas sighed "we probably ought to stop embarrassing her before she decides it's a good idea to skin us." He said then sighed again, he had actually been having some fun.

"Ohhh… I am way beyond skinning you, I am to the point tying you all up in a tree never to be found again." She said in a voice that said she would do it if they didn't stop embarrassing her.

Six minutes ago conversation

Kari, Mimi, Joe, Sora, Cody, Matt

"I wonder where T.K. is; I mean he's not with me." Kari said scanning the entire field until she saw T.K. and Tommy together, leaning on a rock sleeping, then there was Patamon who seemed to have rolled of T.K.'s head and into Tommy's lap "Aw, it looks like he made a new friend." squealed Kari looking at the adorable scene, then the rest looked and smiled at the adorable scene.

"I wonder how it's possible they can become digimon themselves." Said Cody his eyes drooping slightly as he leaned on the rock behind him, while staring at the Warrior Group across the field.

"Yea, I've wondered the same question over and over again since Takuya and Koji told us their…ahem, unique way of fighting." Said Sora, while staring at Cody who was now sleeping soundly.

"I wonder what Izzy is going to do to them when he finds out, because from what I've heard no one has bothered to tell him." Said Matt putting a completely random but valid question in everyone's minds

"Well, if they don't cooperate he'll most likely attack one of them, strap them down, and figure out how it works." Mimi said chuckling a little while snuggling up to Joe, and yawning.

"Well, that defiantly sounds like something Izzy wou-" Joe started but stopped when he heard Yolei yell for Davis, and it wasn't that she had yelled for Davis that worried him, it was the tone in her voice, his sharp eyes combed the field and quickly found the group in question, and what he saw sent chills down his spine, and everyone seeing this looked as well to find chills going down their spines as well, Ken was being held by Yolei and trying to get away while flashing as the Digimon Emperor every few seconds everyone got up to go help them but by the time they were standing a slap ripped through the air, and only when they saw that Ken was ok did they sit back down.

"What do you reckon happened?" asked Matt

"I don't know, but whatever it was I didn't like it." Said Mimi the worry evident in her voice and on her face, though she was tired and decided close he eyes for a few minutes.

"I doubt any of us did." Said Joe worry laced his voice.

"Alright!" Tai yelled loudly but not to loudly as not to wake anyone up, "We should probably get moving." So everyone began to move out some of them carrying those hat had fallen asleep, T.K. was carrying Tommy, who else? Matt was carrying Cody, Joe had Mimi, Ken had Mako, Ryo with Ai, Henry had Susie, Takuya with Zoe, Thomas was carrying Keenan, and Marcus had Kristy.

"Gosh," Takuya started "for such a skinny thing she's heavy; it makes me have to work hard." He complained grumpily, while giving Zoe a piggyback, she had fallen asleep, and since the both knew the other had feeling for the other he felt he had to.

"I wouldn't say that while she can hear you," said Koji walking along side Takuya casually, "because if she hears you say that, you might wake up to a few bruises in the morning." He finished

"You're probably right." Takuya said

"Ow!" they both exclaimed as Zoe kicked them each in the side

"Okay that is scary; she kicks us when we imply she's violent, even if it is true." Takuya said getting another kick from the sleeping Zoe.

"I think I might move away a little so I don't get kicked again, I've got enough bruises from all this walking today." Said Koji, inching away bit by bit until he was far enough away to run away from the couple.

"Get back here! Don't leave me alone with her!" Takuya yelled as loud as possible without waking everyone that was sleeping, he then began to jog after Koji; meanwhile Marcus and Thomas were talking.

"So…what did you talk about?" Thomas asked

"Ahhh I see what you're asking, did I tell them any classified information, no," he said "they didn't ask and besides I knew you would kill me if I did tell them anything."

"The Boss has gotten really good at not telling things he shouldn't!" said Agumon pausing the conversation that him and Goamon had been having.

"Yep." Whispered Marcus

"A lot better." Interrupted Agumon again, getting him a whack on the head from Goamon for ignoring him and the conversation they were having.

This seemed to relive Thomas and so he decided to make a real conversation, "So…what have you been up to over the last year?" he asked

"Nothing much, me and Agumon have broken up fights, I've learned to cook, though Agumon eats most of what I manage to cook in my spare time, oh and we've- ok I've been burning in the desert." He said leaving some things out, and ahead of them T.K. was talking to himself.

"I wonder why he is s-" then T.K.'s thoughts were interrupted by Koji.

Hey." Koji said

"Hello." T.K. replied

"Ummm…thanks for taking care of Tommy while the rest of us were busy." Said Koji

"Huh? Oh…yea…your welcome." He said with a smile then thought about it, this was his chance he thought, this was his chance to find out the answer to his question, "May I ask you a question?"

"Huh? Oh…well I guess." He said a little surprised by the sudden question.

"Why do you seem so cold all the time when you're really so caring?" T.K. asked

"Ummm," he began completely surprised at the sudden question.

"Koji!" Takuya quietly yelled "Come back here right now!" he said jogging towards Koji, though he took extra care as not to wake anyone.

"Ummm…I ought to go, see you later…and thanks again for taking care of Tommy." Koji said

"That was…odd." Said T.K. to himself with a lack of better wording, he then shrugged off whatever had just happened, he wouldn't fiddle with it for a while, and up ahead Amiliana was talking to Tai.

"It should be right about here." Said Amiliana excitedly

"What should be right about here?" he asked her while stopping the group.

"The cave…hmm how best to explain this, it's like a safe house, they've saved my group a few times, and the reason it's so safe is because not one digimon in the enemy ranks knows about it." She smiled and uncovered a dirt covered symbol, it had the look of a tree, "There are five in each Sector or Region, it's a safe place to hide and rest when needed."

"And how do we get in?" Kari asked her.

"Once I open the cave everyone can enter it, and then it can be closed from the inside." She said smiling even wider, then she put a finger on the screen of the digivice and drew the same symbol that was on the rock face, she then pressed her finger on it to make a finger print and thrust glass screen of the digivice into the rock face, but unlike what you would expect with glass hitting stone, it wasn't the glass that broke, it was in fact the rock that broke it split right down the middle, everyone watched in awe as the rock moved aside to show the mouth of the cave, but it wasn't one of those dark, dingy caves it was a moonlit well rounded caves.

"Well," Davis started "I guess we're at the cave."

"Amiliana, I must know, what happened to the rest of your group? If something bad happened to them we need to know." Tai said a little more forcefully than he had meant to, but he was getting impatient, he had already asked several times.

"Come in and I'll tell you." She said a sad tone in her voice

"Perhaps we should wait, and then everyone can hear." Said Yolei

"Fine." Amiliana said a tone of regret in her voice

"Alright everyone," said Tai "go on in." then a question popped into his mind "So Amiliana I have a question, if we leave the cave how do we get back in?" this question caused everyone to listen

"When you enter the cave it will record the digital signal of your digivice, all you do is draw the random picture, put your finger print and hit the rock, with the screen like I did, and if your worried about breaking the digivice don't be, these can take a beating." She said with her usual smile back, and everyone entered the cave, and once they were all in it closed leaving a small hole in the middle.

"I'm so tired." Complained Takuya collapsing after Zoe was lying asleep on the ground.

"Who knew that suck a small boy could be so hard to carry." Said T.K. already half asleep.

"I've never been more tired." Complained Marcus

"Dido." Panted Matt as Patamon landed on his and T.K.'s stomachs, he was the last of the boys who had carried anyone to talk except, Thomas and Joe, because the two were going to take advantage of their patient (Marcus) being asleep so they could check him over.

"Trust me; the last doctor to try and take care of him was out for a week, it will be much easier for us to do it while he's sleeping," Thomas said to the protesting Joe, Thomas then continued his rant "so be quiet before you wake him up." So Joe shut-up and he kneeled down with Thomas.

"Alright," Joe finally gave in "but I still don't feel right about doing this."

"Oh stop whining, if we don't take this opportunity then we most likely won't ever get to check him over." Thomas said in a 'help me or I'll do it myself' voice and Joe was too nice to let him do it alone, so he solidly decided to do it.

They didn't speak a word for about ten minutes then Thomas broke the silence "Well…other than his wrist, some bruises, and several scratches, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong." He said forgetting to whisper, and waking the people around the two, then after a few minutes they fell back asleep and Joe finished silently bandaging the bruised wrist.

"Yea, though he's kind of sunburned to, did you notice that?" Joe asked him although he also forgot to whisper, and ended up waking the people around the pair of doctors…again.

"Would you keep it down? Were trying to sleep down here." Snapped Takuya, he then huffed, rolled over, and everyone that had been woken up went back to sleep praying they wouldn't get woken up again.

After Takuya's little rant they then continued their conversation "Yes, I noticed, so as long as he stays out of the sun as much as possible he'll be just fine." Thomas answered

"And doesn't use that wrist to much." Added Joe in a faint whisper

"Yea right, like that will ever happen." Thomas whispered sarcasm laced his tone.

"Right well, we had better get to bed." Joe said walking over towards the place he had laid Mimi down and laid down in the spot next to her.

"Good night." Thomas whispered before he went to lie in a nook that looked dry and safe, through the night nothing happened, only when a dark digimon passed by in it's search for them, but by about five in the morning they had given up, about eight is when Marcus woke up, and he sat up to find Joe sitting up right beside him.

Well everything seems to be going well for now, but who is the enemy, where is the rest of Amiliana's group and will they make it to this Flowerstrel, find out next time on Digimon Digital Monsters

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