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"Yu-Chan," Rabi crowed into Kanda's ear, effectively infuriating the already agitated samurai. "Did Yu miss me?" He asked smiling at Kanda.

"Che," Kanda grumbled, taking a bite of his soba. Normally, he would have skewered Rabi. Normally, he wouldn't have made a bet with the beansprout. Normally, the beansprout wouldn't have blackmail on him.

"Yu-Chan, are you sick? You didn't even threaten me!" Rabi said peering closer at Kanda.

Stupid beansprout with that golem of his, "Tch," Kanda answered, going against every fiber of his being to tear Lavi into pieces. That would mean he had lost the bet with Allen.

"Yu! Are you going to die?" Rabi teased, "I've never seen Yu let me call him by his first name so often!"

Screw the bet. The rabbit had to die.

"Ah! Yu! You're all better!" Rabi said going white as he was pinned against to the floor thanks to the help of Mugen.

"Kanda-san!" Allen said gleefully, having been watching the whole thing from behind his mountain of food. "It looks like you've lost the bet!"

"Che-," Kanda started to protest but he was cut off Allen.

"Don't 'che' me Kanda!" Allen smiled evilly, "I knew you couldn't be nice for a whole day! Now you have to pay!"

"Stupid Beansprout-" Kanda got up to kill Allen but was cut off by Allen's 'price.'

"Komui! Kanda kissed Lenalee!"