Author's note:

I haven't read the books yet, for that I am deeply sorry. However, the movie sparked an interest in me and I couldn't get the idea of Cato and Katniss out of my mind. Here goes nothing, thanks for reading.

'Speaking as a completely objective third party observer with absolutely no personal interest in the matter' - She's the man

Prologue - All work and no play:

Strong, fierce and precise swings of brutal strength beat at the mannequin, slicing sections with the accuracy of machines. Beads of sweat glisten on Cato's forehead, he is a machine, a lethal killing machine, produced by district two, a voluntary tribute, a career. He has characteristics of a caveman, carnal, muscular and ferocious and tunnel vision that only included death and sex.

He believed that there was nothing absolute in life, but death. Love was too tangible and oscillate, subject to time and change; but what did he know? He had never experienced love of another person, he only witnessed what love did and the influence of love but never upon himself. He felt a glaring vibe from across the training room, most likely another trainer or sponsor observing his display of carnage. He turns around in the direction of this aura, ready to scare the living daylights out of them, marking his alpha male status but as he turns his eyes light up in surprise. But not for long, not long enough to be recognizable; he could not show weakness so close to the Games.

Katniss Everdeen, the bane of his existence since he first laid eyes on her. Thick brunette hair, clear skin and stunning grey eyes, she had round robust hips perfect for child bearing. His caveman persona was peaking and his loins were burning. The intensity of her stare could have been mistaken for lust had anyone else noticed, but he knew she was just observing her competition. Tsk, volunteering for her little sister? Honor and bravery did not bode well in the Hunger Games, the only created arrogance and stupidity.

Cato stares back, their eyes lock in a battle of the wills, from a completely objective thirdparty observer with absolutely no personal interest in the matter it would appear that Katniss and Cato were striping each others' clothes off with their eyes, devouring each other with their minds and doing it in broad daylight. Katniss breaks off first, shaken by the sheer intensity of Cato's blue eyes. Her spine tingling with anticipation or was it fear? Anticipation of what? Fear of what? She didn't know, but she knew that Cato was a man that she had to keep her distance from. In case she finds herself naked, sprawled under him and moaning incoherent words, praising Cato's sexual prowess.

Katniss storms off to the archery station, reaches for a bow; feeling the power and reassurance. It lowers her heartbeat. She readies her bow, breathing slowly, breath by breath steadying her shaking arms. She lets go, whoosh, right in the bull's eye mimicking the heart of a person. If only it was that simple to stop her erratic heart from hammering against her chest, hopefully no one could hear it.

No longer occupied with his sword, at least the metal kind. Cato follows Katniss as she approaches the archery station. The swing of her hips tempting him to follow, so he does with his eyes. Just in time to catch the arrow's decent to the makeshift target. At that moment he was reminded that she was his competition, that he would have to kill her and that the only thing that would be sprawled under him was her dead body when he was done.

There was no time for goofing around during the Hunger Games, but it hadn't begun yet. There was still a few days before they would be thrown into the jungle of children, who would become soldiers within seconds. Innocent children one day, tainted and lifeless the next. That was the reality of the Hunger Games, he would do well not to forget. But for now, he was burning for the sensual touch of Katniss Everedeen, whether she wanted it or not.

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