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Chapter One - Sweet sugary unicorn barf:

Mmmmm, fluffy bread with a beautiful crisp outer layer. Heaven, or as close to it as Katniss Everdeen was going to get. In District 12, cloud nine came in the form of food, and most commonly in the form of fresh baked bread. Since entering the Capitol Katniss indulged in all forms of heaven that she could never afford in Disctrict 12, most she didn't even know existed. Real beef, lamb, pork, pasta, salad, pastries and cupcakes, what kind of life was she missing out on?

In fact, why did food like this exist? Katniss had only ever known food as a nutritional product, serving as fuel to the body. To maintain life, these people at the Capitol were able to summon an entire spectrum of food at the touch of a button. Food she had never heard of or even imagine existed. At times she had indulged in strawberries and fresh bread but when had she been able to click her fingers and magically call upon food? Never, because in District 12 food was a rarity and it only ever served as sustenance.

'See, being a tribute isn't so bad now is it? Districts 1 and 2 don't even get dessert, and you do.' Effie prattled on about the Capitol's fairness towards all districts and yet all Katniss could see were her small doll like lips. Covered in pale purple lipstick and accented with god shimmer. The gold, reminded Katniss of the costumes of District two, gold plated armour with a template of a rippled abdomen and cascading down to a spiked skirt. It reminded her of the boy with sun kissed hair and blue eyes, strong jaw and thick eyelashes. A beautiful specimen of nature, a gift to women from the gods.

She wondered what Cato thought of dessert, whether he liked it and felt resentment that he could not have any; like she did at this moment. Lost in her thoughts, Katniss twirled her tongue around her spoon, thoroughly sweeping the contents of the utensil, till she tasted metal. It reminded her of swords. Ten levels below, Cato mechanically munched through his dinner, it was after all fuel. He never quite understood everyone's fascination with food, or maybe it was because he had always been surrounded by it, that the glamour and the taste of it wore off.

Although, he always had a weak spot for dessert. It was the only thing he allowed himself, however being so close to the hunger games he could not allow for weaknesses, it would kill him. 'They really don't serve dessert? I thought that was a rumour. Ugh, the Capitol really has gone too far with this equality between the districts bullshit.' Clove being a child at heart, always loved dessert. She appeared strong and callous, but set a platter of sweets and she'd be at your toes begging for more.

'Clove it's sweet sugary unicorn barf, dessert is for the weak.' And weak Cato was, to the human condition of sexual reproduction. Humans are one of the only kinds of species that use sex for pleasure rather than pro-creation. Cato, was definitely feeling the Neanderthal urge lately. Sweet tantalizing Katniss, she had been parading around the training centre for hours. Teasing Cato was the twirl of her hips or the curves of her figure, strumming her bow and stroking her arrows. If dessert was Katniss, than Cato did not mind being weak for a few hours.

But only a few, and most definitely not during the Hunger Games, because the Hunger Games eat the weak. Cato was not going to be dessert, he was going to be the waiter, he'd serve others to it and leave when it was done.

He sighed and moved along to his bedroom, plopped on his bed and expelled another sigh, he closed his eyes and went to the land of pillows and blankets where everything isn't what it seems. He tossed and turned in bed, the silk slithered and glided over his skin, caressing his contracting muscles like a light breath of fresh air. Cato had never slept so restlessly before, though it may have been due to his excruciating hard on he was experiencing. What was he dreaming about? Katniss surrounded by earth and covered by leaves, resembling an earth minx? Maybe. But he was definitely dreaming about Katniss' plump lips, trailing down the line of his abdomen. Preaching the boundaries of his danger zone, where few ever passed and could live to tell the tale. Rendered incoherent and in a daze like state, one night of hot passion with Cato resulted in catatonic revere, could they tell the tale? No, but did they remember the tale? The ache between their legs most certainly reminded them.

She was definitely getting too close to his pandora's box. 'You're a bad boy aren't you?' whisper Katniss across the planes of his body, creating excited tightening all over his body.

Oh Gosh, yes he was. Cato was definitely a bad brooding man, about ready to straddle Katniss and have his wicked way with her body. But alas, it was morning and his frustrated member had just about enough teasing from one certain cat woman.

'Ugh, I need to take care of this' and he certainly did in the privacy of his room away from prying eyes.

The training center was bristling with tributes desperate to improve their chances of survival, Cato stood smugly in the centre scanning his competition. Competition was being generous, more like training dummies. Katniss walked through the doors, it almost seemed like she was followed by a blowing fan sending her hair moving in sensual swirls, just like her tongue was last night in his mind.

'Listen up tributes, we will be having grappling sessions with selected partners. To demonstrate your progress throughout training and allow sponsors to assess your capabilities.' The training personnel looked down to his keyboard and starting calling out partners. '... District 1 Marvel and District 12 Peeta and District 2 Cato and District 12 Katniss' This was definitely rigged, the Capitol was making an example of District 12's show of rebellion. The lack of support shown and the salute given to Katniss when she volunteered for her sister.

' District 1 Marvel and District 12 Peeta, commencing in one, two and three.' Marvel stalked Peeta across the training mat, assessing his prey and looking for weaknesses in Peeta. Marvel towered over Peeta, his 6 foot 3 stature shadowed Peeta, he faked a left and with his almost instantaneous agility tackled Peeta to the floor. He spun his body around and hooked his arm around Peeta's neck and reinforced his hold with his other arm. Effectively strangling Peeta, Marvel was ruthless but he was arrogant. He did not count on Peeta's immense strength almost overpowering Marvel's lean build. But powered by the risk of humiliation of defeat Marvel wrapped his legs around Peeta to stop the struggling and reduce his strength by limiting his lower half. He was turning purple, gasping for air...

Peeta tapped on Marvel's arm just as he was on the brink of passing out, images of Katniss was passing through his mind, his family was flashing before his eyes.

' District 2 Cato and District 12 Katniss,' they both stepped up to the mat. Cato and Katniss circled each other, assessing weakness points and where and when to attack. Predator and prey, who was who? Katniss swallowed a gulp, a little put out by Marvel's display of brutality. Cato on the other hand was struggling more with his cave man mentality. Sex and death, his mind was telling him to fight like Katniss was any other person but his body was aching to throw her down and plunge into her relentlessly.

'One, two and three.' Katniss breathed in and exhaled, lowering her heart rate and concentrating on Cato's every move. He looked at her, instilling her with fear of what he could do to her. She panicked and moved in, with the flick of wrist Cato tapped Katniss to send her off balance and used this to his advantage. He wrapped his arms around her midsection and hauled her up and then slammed her down underneath him. She lost her breath, she looked petrified and horrified. Cato felt almost sympathetic, a twinge in his heart; unfamiliar to him. He paused for a second shocked about this new development.

Katniss having recovered noticed his pause and with the increase in adrenalin pushed Cato as hard as she could, she accomplished sending him off balance. But as fast as she recovered, he was faster. He tightened his hold on her and knocked her back on the mat. Angered at her defiance, he leaned into her earlobe. 'Stay down.'

He caught his breath and continued on, 'Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire. Well I'll tell you something, you certainly set me on fire in places you'll soon get acquainted with.'

His breath tickled her, her eyes widen, her pulse quickened and her chest constricted. He laughed and pushed down on her and got up. Stared down at her and walked away. The training centre was silent, they were the last pair. 'Okay, continue with your training.' Staring at his retreating back, it enraged her. Who did he think he was? With his chiseled body and hubris attitude?

She quickly got up and chased him down grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back, or at least she tried. 'Cato!' He turned around angered, 'what? fireball?' Her grey eyes stared at him, seething she gritted her teeth and inhaled and exhaled slowly. 'Cato, I hear you have a death wish. I'm here to grant you it.'

'Fireball, there are other wishes I'd like granted. Like your lips wrapped around my cock,' and he walked away again. He just always had to have the last word didn't he? 'Arghhh!' she stomped on her feet and walked in the opposite direction.

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