) ….. (=Divine censure

Some time you get responsibilities in the weirdest of ways that guy you saved on the street happen to be the son of some big company magnate and he signs some of his share to you and you and up the vice president of a paper towel company.

But that not the actual story here is the story of a guy ending up in the head of a man who has yet to realise his destiny… in fact he was just born.

) ….. ( was a tall young pudgy man who was about to begin working as a mechanic. Life was usually pretty good for) ….. (, in his pass times he read various novels, comic and manga's, But today he was dragged by his family, Read here his cousin and his sister to a countryside bath house slash hotel .

"Jenny! Sly! Do we have to come all this way just for a bath?"

"there is a very good reason we are heading there in particular. The author of the dojinshi series "Jibun Hinata, Hokage no okusan" (me Hinata, the Hokage's wife) Buta Inomaru will be there."

"you mean the spinoff series that made 25 volumes of 200 pages with character development on the left over characters such as tenten?"

"exactly cousin!"

"Then why are we going so SLOW!"

"You are the one driving you know bro."

"Hey you're wright… ku ku ku hun hun ha hA HAHAHAHAHA!"

"Oh shit…"


"We're here!...What?"

"This is madness…"

"What did you expect? This IS ) ….. ('s car... the" Yasei bariki" (wild horsepower) So of course"

We find our three friends in the mixed bath in a "serious" discussion on naruverse

"…Anyway that's what I would do if I could teach naruto stuff.

"But you can't"

"Well I sure wish I could…"

"This bath is reserved to someone on this hour. Can you please come out now?"

The one who reserved the bath was a man who wanted to rule the world and hearing of the magical propriety of the central source would get on planetary alignement reserved it to make his wish come true. And the planet where all aligned at 8:55. He would rule the world on his wake the next day… If the hotel staff didn't put all the clocks at winter setting in advance making the granted wish ) ….. ('s while on the other side of the Earth a regiment of army all parachuted in the courtyard of a woman wishing it could really rain man

"Welcome mortal to the grand court of the universe we deities do not see this kind of wish often backed with all the counsil. Last time the whole counsil granted a wish it was a man by the name of Romulus wanting an indestructible city. And to this day and beyond time itself Rome will stand. As for why you are here well… Selene wanted precisions on how exactly would you want to be. When to send you those kind of things."

"What are you talking about?"

"Your wish."

"What wish"

"*That's what I would do if I could teach naruto stuff.* '''''''''''. *Well I sure wish I could.*"

"You don't mean…"

"Yes, congrats, Your wish was heard."

"That was only wishful thinking!"

"We invested a lot of energy in this "wishful thinking" of yours so take that granted wish."

"I got a good life at home I don't want to go"

"So only your soul will make the trip"

"Wouldn't that affect me in my life."

"Only means animals won't like you anymore and the "near death" case that normaly has your soul playing poker with death meaning "you die by forfeit" otherwise you can live without a soul. Now when do we send you"

"Wait before I go! How come you look like humans and not some kind of weird… thing"

"Because we were chosen by the "weird thing" to preside over a fraction of infinity where humans made the most advanced civilisation. Not meaning you are the most advance now. But at some point in time you will. Then we will be chosen."

"Oh ok then… the sealing of the fox seems a good moment"


"Hakke no fuin!"

About three weeks later

"… $%&* that mind labyrinth I have to see the "administration" as soon as possible about that. It took me months to reach the fox." (2*)

"who are you and what are you doing in the mind of my vessel."

"greetings Kyuubi-dono I go by the name of ) ….. ( but you can refer to me as Kanshi Aiba . I know of your name and if you would allow me I would like to refer to you as such."

"how did you came to know my name! Only..."

"...The sage of six paths and the other bijuu know your name. Is that what you were about to say?"

"No. I only meant to mention my brethren's. HOW DID YOU COME TO KNOW?"

"I hail from a world where yours is known as a fictional tale telling the life of your jinchukiri from birth to the age of 17 in the 4th ninja war with view of other protagonist and antagonist scene some amount of flash backs, time skips, simultaneous actions. Story short I became a fan of this window to your world. Until recently I view your world as a good kid show. That is until I find myself flung here."

"You mean you didn't came by your own means"

"No I visited a hot source with family, made a hollow wish and then I was before a council of so called "overseeing gods" deciding to give my soul a one way trip here."

"What is your plan human?"

"I would prefer the term essence if you please as I am but that of a soul. As I said before I come from another realm where this one is a popular work of fiction my coming here was unplanned but what I will do with this chance however was planned for years. I shall take naruto who is already destined to bring peace to the ninja world and make so that he is hailed as the second coming of the sage of six paths. What comes after is of no importance to me my plan being achieved by then. I'll probably go and nurture jinchukiri."

"Shall you expose details to me?"

"well I as a base will do everything in my power for naruto not to lose himself in his dumbness mask and make him the bigger man. Still I will wait for the desire to become Hokage to form."

"Then I'll run him through techniques from other universes I monitored (3*) a bit of every domain a ninja know: Stealth (that one will only require fine tuning Metal Gear style) taijutsu (strongest disciple kenshi) kenjutsu (For the base Rounin Kenshin then a bit of Sengoku Basara) tactics (I think hikaru no go and death note shall do) ninjutsu (this one is total creation and forknowledge as well as inspiration from other manga) puppets (butsu zone and doll maker genzo)anti-Sharigan defence(I go Black Rock Shooter at the first sign of mind intrusion)genjutsu (I'll handle disruption if he can't do it himself in those life or death situations)"

"Will he ever use my powers?"

"Oh sure (bleach)"

"Ok you can do… whatever"

"Oh we got six years to know each other before my plan begin…"


I would need chunin exam questions (Keep in mind Sakura ansered so nothing above grade 12) albums/ss199/noneatencookie/Decorated%

1. one on naruto politic please



4. blank

5. tactic

6. math

7. poison in nature

8. wound treatment

9. blank

(1*) someone with the same name will still have is name heard only) ….. ('s name shall be muted to the world

(2*) Let us assume here that the human mind in its natural state is a labyrinth witch gets more retailed as one grows. Yamanaka's can create doors in others mind the sharigan give a relative plan with indicator of target

(3*) Read here that I will go for many source for jutsu and techniques