"Iruka… It is the third time and he DID create a clone."

"No way Mizuki! All the other created two clones and naruto only created one clone and it was a useless one. I can't let him pass."

"Do not worry Naruto everything is just as planed and you are half way of Ningendō. Keeping those who do not suspect you unsuspecting. Though I still frown on how the only thing truly lacking was the clone technique, you are behind with Chikushōdō. Now you just wait a bit for the true trial to begin let us journey home or something like that(1)"


"Mizuki sensei!"

"Iruka is a serious person. His parent were killed when he was about your age and he had to take care of everything himself"

"Yeah I understand why he did it but I still wish I graduated"

"In that case... I'll tell you a very special secret."

'that sound fishy'

"You are right but that my be just what you need or something like that"

"you see… there is a secret graduation exam."

"Congratulation again your stealth if first rate you completed Gakidō to my expectation before planed you only have to do maintenance training for this one now"

"But you still find me"

"None can hide from a being of shadow when casting one. The only ninja to ever achieve near perfect stealth was the second tsuchikage, you could reach his level and I could still find you. Oh Iruka and Mizuki are here."

"-I know- Hello sensei"

"I've found you"

"Hehehe... Yes you did. I only had time to master one thing."

"Hey! You look all beaten up, what where you doing here?"

"Never mind that! Let me show you what I just learn so I can graduate"

"Naruto... where did you get that scroll?"

"Oh that? Mizuki sensei told me about it an about this place too for the secret graduation test. Just ask him. He's here after all"



"Nice job finding the moron!"

"I see... So that's what's going on..."

"Naruto give me the scroll!"

"I may state to obvious but those were not practice kunai"

"Naruto whatever happens... don't give him the scroll!"

"Damn it! I have been used!"

"Naruto... there's no point in you having it that way. I'll tell you the truth."

"N... NO! DON'T!"

"Twelve years ago... you know... about the fox... being sealed, right? Well since that day a special rule was created for this village. But it was never meant to be told to you."

"If he tell you about Kurama-san you in you right to decide of his fate"

"Not to me? What is this rule? Tell me!"

"Hehehehehe... the rule is that nobody is allowed to tell you about the fact that you are the nine tailed demon fox."

"What? That's it I already knew. It also states that it is punishable by death so... hey Iruka sensei let me show you what can do."

"No run naruto!"

"I agree that way you can prepare combo tactic 2 to 7"

"... Fine."




"Naruto! Hurry' give me the scroll! Mizuki is after you! HEUK!"

-THUMP shhhhhhhhhrrrr-

"Huh? Why... Naruto?"


"How did you know I wasn't Iruka?"

"Hehehehe because"


"I AM!"

"I see... hehehe you'd even transform into what killed your parents to protect him"

"I'll never hand the scroll over to someone like you!"

"You fool naruto and I are the same! There is no way the demon would not try using the power of the scroll."

"Yeah you are right on that."

"Wait for it naruto"

"The fox would do that... but naruto is different... he is... one of my excellent students. He is a bit clumpsy and generally rejected. He knows what feeling pain inside your heart mean. He isn't the fox"

"See he trust you"

"He is a member of the hidden leaf village. He's Uzumaki Naruto"


"You shouldn't have done that!"

"Don't touch Iruka sensei! I'll beat ya you to death ya know!"

"I suggest you begin with combo number four 'zombie apocalips'or something like that'"

"How about four, six, two, seven and five"

"So 'zombie apocalips' 'monkey madness' 'Uzumaki barage' 'pinball havok' and 'the disjointing mob'. Yes, I see… not enough space for number three 'the grand suplex lasso'"

"Haha I'll Kill someone like you in one shot!"

"Try It trash! I'll return the pain a thousand time over!"

"Then do it! demon fox!"

"Right behind you"


In resume hundred zombie henged clones brought their hand out the earth to try and catch Mizuki's legs riding him of his sandals and pants

Mizuki jumped in the trees

50 clone were waiting in the trees to rip Mizuki remaining clothing getting any hidden weapon in the process

Mizuki fleed back to the ground

All the clone surviving off the 150 catapulted Mizuki high up

Then when he fell back he got hit back and forth between to clone with kicks and punches (this part lasted about five minute the first hit coming back down knocking him out

At last he got tangled in ninja wire tighten between the trees by the clone


"was it to much?"

"maybe a bit at the end just before you tied him up but I won't blame you."

"er... Naruto... come over here... there is some thing I want to give to you."

Meanwhile the ANBU captain Weasel(1) was aproching the site

'I wonder why he of all people decided to betray the village'

"Now sensei?"

"ok you can open your eyes"

"congratulation on gratuating!"

"See all end that ends well now The hard part begin now the training in Naraka (Taijutsu) and Chikushōdō (chakra control) increace, we'll put a rest on Ningendō (Politic and deception), and soon abord Ashuradō (Jutsu and nature manipulation) and Tendō (stategy) will now be subject to including others in your plans."

"What just append"

"Touji Mizuki here is a traitor to the leaf, he tricked naruto into stealing the banned jutsu scroll"

"I still will put you under arrest and require you to follow me to the hokage tower"

"we understand. Come Naruto!"

"I see…Thank you Iruka… First order of business…herm herm…. I here by the power invested in me instate one Uzumaki Naruto as a ninja of the leaf. Now Umino Iruka, Uzumaki Naruto, I congratulate you for your success in your A rank mission to trap the presume Traitor Touji Mizuki , the pay will be versed to your respective bank count shotly. Now Naruto if I understand well you knew of the fox for a while"

"yes about five years now since we first met"

"you speak to it!"

"Oh! Yes. At first she was a bit cold toward me but now we're friends"

"Wait the fox a female"

"yeah Aiba-aniki said it's probably the fact the two previous containers were female or that…"

"Who is this Aiba"

"oh he's… shit"

"hew… Naruto I see that you still need some training in secrecy I withdraws what I said earlier we will continue Ningendo"


"Well the damage is done may as well deal with it or something like that"

"he referred to me Hiruzen-dono. Kanshi Aiba… you know I never prepared to give a official name to what I been doing so just like that I'll call it "fate trimming" or something like that

I may as well tell you that I was the mysterious shadowy man killing some Uchiha four years ago (3)"

"but the culprit was depicted as a tall, thin figure wearing a black suit and a blank face mask. According to the survivor, he could stretch or shorten his arms at will and had tentacle-like appendages protruding from his back and could teleport at will."(4)

"I cAn dO ThAT."

"what was that"

"one of my numerous talent"(5)

"I want to know more"

"I can tell you, if you must know I observed two kekkei genkai fusing into one the Uzumaki longevity and large pool of chakra and the Namikaze rapid chakra recovery and physical stamina. What you will get is a guy that can deal something massive and do it many times in the same day for a long time… Yes that to but I was referring to area destructive jutsus."

"you don't mean…"

"Yes three times as much as you do and the rest is sealed at the moment otherwise that kid could have colored the land of fire orange with clones. I sealed it three years ago when he sublimed a kunai by channeling chakra into it (6)… wait speaking of seal… er… naruto I totaly forgot about the chakra disruptor seal I left on you in retrospective you should have now a 'pretty good' for a genin chakra control if I shot it off. And I will do the same with it as your other restrictive seals: put it under your control"


"I see what you are trying to do. It failed. Tell me who you really are!"

"you would not understand"

"try me"

"my name is)_(. I was born in)_(at the)_(hospital in)_(city. I studied in)_ _(graduated in)_(. I worked for)_(. That was until I got)_'event of first chapter'_(. I arrived on the night the fox attacked Then when Naruto celebrated his sixth birthday offered to train him and did so until now."

"I see can you write that down."

"I better put down a cover. As you have heard Any information about me is tabou for me to communicate. It's the only subject I will never again be allowed to tell the truth about. My life before I came here. But in exchange I have three things, one is omnipresence in this world, two is immortality as my body is semi-eteral and three is that possession of the impure realm yes that means that for 6 years now two S class ninja technique deal with me I now set the toll on shiki fuin and while I can't stop edo tensei I can interfere with the control of the recalled and bring them sans sacrifice as I simply have to get the hancor once to do so. How do you think I learn of naruto parent's bloodlines? Why don't I show you. I must warn you they are not very appeling to the eyes. EDO TENSEI!

(1) that will be his catch phrase or something like that (the Japanese version would be "Yōna ka nani

(2) yes he is still around

(3) That means that most of the Uchiha ninja at the time of this statement are chunin or fresh jonin

(4) A man of slender build, Tentacles, Disparition, no face. Do the math

(5) when one has no definite form imagination is the limit

(6)Kisame is still above him until he master golden bijuu cloak(by then naruto top him a bit)