The sight was indeed not pretty they were dressed in their battle armors but looked dried up and where should be the eyes glowing smoke orbs blue for Minato purple for kushina (1)

"let me present you 'the yellow flash' aka 'the plague of the rock' aka Namikaze Minato and his gorgeous wife, well at least she would be in normal conditions, 'The red hot habanero' aka 'the crimson death' aka Uzumaki Kushina."

"What did you do to them?"

"He brough us back to the best of his capacity" said a raspy voice as two rock grinding on one an other as Minato moved an arm to designate Aiba

"In fact it's this guy fault we look like that. Incomplete soul and whatnot" said a voice as the winds passing through wind country and cracking wood as Kushina pointed Minato with her thumb

"Naruto get some family time and you two please henge up"

"they will last until the sun is up then fade back to the shadow"

"you mean?"

"they are is a type three stasis I'll bring them back at an appropriate time"

"type three stasis?"

"oh well. I so I can spirit away people in four ways. First there stasis type one. both mind and body are put to a stop. let say that Iruka here got his heart hit by a long random sharp object you are likely to encounter anywhere well with this trick we have the time to take a tip around the elemental nations at civilian pacing and losing any pursuers then look for someone who could treat that injury. Then stasis type two. Only the body is stopped resulting an absolute absence of sensation a very severe case of isolation torture or a perfect opportunity for planning and introspection. Stasis type three stop on the mind only the body can be used in various ways for example do you remember Danzo Shimura non official ANBU, ROOTS? well I can make instant "switch ANBU" with a training that could be close in physical pain to twelve kidney stones, In stasis four the vitals organs are stop I am currently keeping the body of the Uchiha clan men who gave the others the idea of civil war and was to lead it, Uchiha councilman Gendo. I think his son shinji was part of team 73 under Makoto Hyuuga. they made chunin last year or something like that."

"yes yes a good team those young Kaworu and Rei cousin. Now how did you materialise out of the shadows? How do you erase your presence so well? And where were you previously" (2)

"since I appeared before you after naruto blunder you see an illusion of my first form. I do not I am just off the scale. and I was… err… Around?"

"Now one last question. What are your intention toward Naruto?"

"now that's an easy one I was sent here because I wanted to tutor him"

"What are your intention toward Naruto?" insistent

"I see him as a form of entertainment."

"What are your intention toward Naruto?" this time with KI

"Is that?…"

"What are your intention toward Naruto?"

"Hey! You stop that! I hate bug bite" with that a feelling of oppression shuting the hokage up

"Sorry about that. You see him as a grandson and you feel protective eh?"


"well I too feel the need for him to be protected. And what better protection then self-defence? As a dimentional traveler I gave him/will give him moves from parallel universes and he'll surpass you in every domain but cool grampa and badass dad by the time he reach a fourth of your curent age. I say that if it was not for lack of experience on the field and in leading other peoples you could make him a chunin. Here are the academy test results he would have got if he tried for real in an unbiased environment.

Written: 95/100

Throw: K 20/20 S 20/20

Taijutsu: 18/20 + 5 bonus

Stealth: 100/100 (recommended for intelligence (3) based team)

Ninjutsu: 260/390

518/650 79.69% PASS

Compare to

Written: 15/100

Throw: K 5/20 S 0/20

Taijutsu: 8/20

Stealth: 0/100 (suspected to have exited the test area)

Ninjutsu: 260/390

288/650 44.31% FAIL

My plan was for him to ace the ninjutsu part and get 64.31% passing by getting it right in front of his other brother figure, Iruka-san, this test is the only one he gave his all but failed for real"

"I see anything else I should be informed of?"

"Yeah! I fought a dimensions jumping familly that frighten gods (4)… And lost… HARD"

"are you serious?"

"Nah I'm not…"

"for a moment there I thought I heard you say that…"

"I only fought the girl for a title. She kicked my ass in taijutsu and now I must call her" Her highness Shadow Lady Empress of the Shades". Next time I bring out the fighting style I perfected. I call it Kūdō-fū (void style) and I'm teaching it to Naruto"

"… and to me this would be?"

"Irrelevent to you but this poem will.

The spared snake is stalking in grass

If the monkey was not informed

this old mistake would his ass own"

in the desert shadow he hide his mass

His noise power is distributed uniform

but do not fret please and in no point frown

for in the event come pass third a year

only your life in the balance will linger I hear


"Inter-dimensional traveler here, I seen you die, end up crippled by whatever jutsu is used against you, suffer poison induced brain damage and just retire earlier than you planned. All that from my world of origin. Now on a not TOTALLY different note Orochimaru finished his cursed seal. I like to call it the hikey of doom. Good news there are ways to supress it's influence. The bad is that the marks can record even appening around the barer and communicate it to Orochimaru even if suppressed. Good news again they need to be close to one another to do so. Other bad new you have an high rank operative close to sensitive information that bare one. I advise giving her a genin team or a one year long mission with me to locate Tsunade could take care of that. She just need to know where Tsunade can be found"

"yes about relatively long mission I will have Terai-kun(5) here tailing you for three weeks"

"so you want me to drag him around for three weeks, all spent them in Konoha, no special power"

" yes"

"Okay so…"

"Starting the moment you step out of here"

"Ok last order of business, Genin teams! so keep in mind I know things about people that normally a profane should not know. I know some of the following peoples because they have counterpart in other universe

Team 1 would be Masashi Rando, and the Kurumi twins Yuna and Rina.

Masashi is this year taijutsu genius, lightning aligned jutsu are for him as it would spice up his style and he would do anything to protect Rina the designated healer of the team and water jutsu specialist. As for Yuna she would make a decent genjutsu alined ninja

Team 2 Ibara Ryujin, Hikari Yugure and Ran Nijiro

Hikari is a great mind and figured on herself form manipulation and is on her way to reinvent the ransengan from scratch and apparently has great fire alignement sadly her taijutsu is a bit lacking

Ran specialise in taijutsu and already can bare the name "the blue daredevil"

Ibara show great promise with the iron claws, the "sweeping tail" taijutsu style and fire breathing jutsu with earn him the moniker of "the Purple Dragon"

Team 3 Zorro Roronoa, Sanji Rasen and Usopp Slingu

Usopp is despite being a coward a amesing marksman

Sanji learned a taijutsu style relying on legs only so he can use his hand for other things sadly it was spur by his fanning over the literature written by your other student Jiraya so for the moment his hands are on the book

Zorro through hard headness managed to trained himself to become the first user of santoryu with Nodashi (more than 90 cm blade), when normally one would use wakisashi (between 30–60 cm blade)

Oh and all three are fire type

Team 4 I think Ichigo Kurasagi, Orohime Inoue and Sado Yasutora

Sado is has good physique for taijutsu and is pretty good with earth jutsu

Orohime has excel in long range attacks and healing plus she know the water shied jutsu

Ichigo has taken to kenjutsu and could become one of our rare air aligned ninja

Team 5 Eikichi Onizuka, Ryuji Danma and Makoto Hashiri

Eikichi and Ryuji would clash with any other candidate of this year but work well together as the self proclamed "Onibaku Combi" their speciality are wanton destruction and taijutsu

Makoto well… is the real deadlast of this year he did pass but… it would be better if he was put back in another year so this team must not pass until the "Onibaku Combi" wound it's third member

Team 6 are the three other fangirl that made it through while they got pretty good score they do not have the guts needed to be ninja and are there only to flow Sasuke Uchiha (6)

Team 7 ok so here is the team where the party is at the team number Kakashi insist to be assigned with. Naruto and Sasuke would work well on each other a rivalry pushing them to new highs

Now the third member"

"Sakura Haruno"

"no no no this team would stunt her growth because she would have (annoying sassy voice) "Shashuke to pwotect her" and would do nothing to better herself. So here I would put Hinata"

"is it not the same thing than with Sakura"

"not at all she have confidence issues she will try to prove herself to Naruto who as you know is generous with compliment toward girls so in this case love helps

Team 8 would be perfect for sakura she get a teacher involved with her pupils with team mate not needing it Kiba Inuzuka and Shino Aburame

Team 9 still in action under the evergreen Gai Maito

Team 10 Ino-Shika-Chou next generation is well balanced and will do well under you son guidance so nothing changes here.

And I believe that would be all. I bid a good night to you Sarutobi-dono"

(1) To make it simple Kushina and Minato Namikaze look like draugr in Skyrim

(2) I may not use them again I am not well versed in NGE but if I do they will be OOC

(3) intelligence as in spying

(4) yes I am referering to "The Cursed Memory", " The Legacy's Prophet", "The Genocide Architect", "The Guardian of Tears" and "The Second Origin" from that third fang fanfic

(5) no Weasel is not Itachi Well he was before the massacre but now It's an other guy

(6) I basicly run out of anime I knew with a three character combinaison that could work but will fail due to a major flaw in Naruto I mean team 2 are Twillight RD and spike from MLP: fim