Cleaning the house

It all started when Frederick and Mabel were cleaning the house.

"Hurry, Honey, my shameful sisters should be here any minute," said Mabel.

"You call them shameful, I call them ugly," said Frederick.

The sisters come from the door. "Hello," said the sisters."

"Ahh my ugly sisters in law." They turn away and cry. Fredrick sings himself away saying sorry.

"So…a cup of tea?" said Mabel. Ruth comes in.

"Ruth why are you here?" said Fredrick.

"Ruth – sorry, Miss Ruth – is our maid," said one of the sisters.

"Yes, it's a very nice job. But, Fredrick!" said Ruth.

"What is the matter?" Fredrick said back.

'Your shirt is not tucked in," said Ruth.

"AHHH Ruth you are not my nursery maid any more," said Fredrick.

"Is it wrong to look after people?" said Ruth.

"Well, sometimes when they're grown up," mumbled Fredrick.

The pirates barge in. "HAHA!" said the pirates.

"Shhh be quiet the baby is sleeping," said Fredrick.

"BABY?" said the sisters.

"Yes, idiots! I should not have to say it twice," said Fredrick.

"Hey, nobody says that to my wife!" said the Pirate King.

"Well let's fight," said Fredrick.

They fought all day but they thought it was time to end the fight and Fredrick admitted that he was being a jerk.

Chapter 2 will be on soon