Chapter 4

"Ahhhh you guys", said Mabel

" See I told you they loved you ", said Fredrick

" Yes we love our sister in law but we love our wives more ", said The Pirate King

" hmmmm", Mabel sighs

" Just forget about It dear ", said Fredrick

" So is there more pie ", said The Pirate King

" Yes you little pig ", said Mabel

" Mabel!" , said Fredrick

" Well!" , said The Pirate King

" Are we men ", said Fredrick

" Yeah !" , said the pirates

" Then we don't care about if a lady calls us a pig that's good ", said Fredrick

All the Pirates are singing about how manly they are

All the sisters come and help Mabel

" Such pigs ", said Mabel

" You can say that but the Prate King is my pig", said one of the sisters

" Why don't you love our husbands ", said one of the sisters

" I love them but some times they can be pigs" , said Mabel

They all laugh

They give The Pirate Kings pie

" Where have you been ", said The Pirate King

" What did you say ", said Mabel

" Nothing my lovely sister in law " , said The Pirate King

" That's it", said Mabel

"What", said The Pirate King

" Never mind I've got mad at you to many times", said Mabel

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