Hey guys! So this was my very first fanfiction and I decided to reboot it. I know Starfire/Kori may seem a bit OOC but this IS an alternate universe so I've chosen to make her less naive and a but better with American culture, I also felt the need to portray her warrior side more.

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It had been just another Friday afternoon at Wayne Manor when Kori Anders arrived. As her cab pulled away she looked around in amazement at the sprawling white mansion before her. Her mouth must have been open, because when she heard a voice she snapped it shut and bit her tongue.

"Hey!" A male voice called. She turned to see a short green haired boy walking towards her. She gazed curiously at him until he stopped in front of her. She was new to the human culture, but she did not think being green was considered normal here.

""Are you one of the new members?" He asked as he grinned up at her. Kori nodded and glanced towards the mansion again.

"Me too, I'm Gar, C'mon let's go inside." He said happily. The two grabbed their luggage and headed for the door. Kori gasped as she walked into the foyer, astounded by the sheer size of it.

"Wow." Gar said looking around at the extravagant room. The place was filled with furniture and architecture but only one person was there to greet them. A grey-haired man walked towards them with a kind smile.

"Hello, I'm Alfred, Master Bruce's butler. I'll show you two to the others." He said leading them down a long hallway. They were brought into a large sitting room where a man in his mid forties and a group of other teens were waiting. Kori's green eyes widened as she recognized the man as Bruce Wayne, the owner of the mansion and the reason she was here.

"Great, everyone's here now so I may as well introduce myself." Bruce said standing up. Kori knew him well as Bruce Wayne, the Gotham Billionaire, but she knew him better as Batman, Gotham's hero and one of her role models. "I've invited you all here because you've all shown me that you're not average teens. But you're here to show me that you have what it takes to be a hero." The teens all looked around at each other curiously. Besides Gar, most of the others seemed like average humans. To her left a stood a tall African American boy with one blue eye, but the other part of his body was robot. There was a girl with unusually pale skin and violet eyes and hair, a dark-skinned girl with her hair pulled up into two buns, and then a red-headed boy with green eyes. She looked back towards Bruce as he started talking again.

"My apprentice Robin and I will be training and assessing you over a period of time and if we think you're ready, you could become a full member of the Justice League." He said smiling at them encouragingly. The group once again exchanged glances. "Albert will show you to your rooms and then I expect you all down for dinner, so we can all get to know each other." He said dismissing them and leaving the room full of shocked teenagers.

"Albert took the group of teens upstairs, pointing to the boy's wing and the girl's before handing them all a room key. As Kori was walking into her room one of the other girls approached her with a smile.

"I'm Karen, you?"

"I am Kori."

"Need help unpacking?" She asked kindly.

"Yes, please." Kori said leading her into the room. She looked around for a minute before setting her bags down on the bed and starting to unpack. Karen helped her and as soon as the two finished they started down the hall towards the dinning room.

"So, does this seem the strange to you as it does me?" Kori asked receiving a nod from Karen.

"Yep! I got the invitation and flipped out. I figured Batman already had his hands full with Robin and Batgirl." Karen exclaimed. "I guess the league wanted new members." Kori shrugged as they entered the massive room. The two girls sat down next to the pale skinned girl and Gar.

"Greetings Gar." Kori greeted him as she sat down.

"Isn't this cool?" He asked excitedly, practically bouncing in his seat. Kori giggled at his childish behavior.

"Yes, but aren't you a little nervous?" Kori asked "I mean, it is Batman." She said, but Garfield only replied with a shrug as Bruce sat down at the head of the table and the chatter died down.

"So, why don't we introduce ourselves?" He called with a smile. "I'm Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman." He said then gestured towards the young man next to him. Kori noticed he was extremely good looking with black hair and deep blue eyes; he looked like he could have been Bruce's son, but she new he was not.

"I'm Richard Grayson, also known as Robin" Richard Grayson/Wayne had been known as Gotham's playboy for as long as he'd been around. Kori couldn't help but find herself attracted to him.

"I'm Barbara Gordon, or Batgirl." The red haired girl next to him greeted. Kori quickly learned that Garfield and could turn into any animal, hence the name Beast Boy. The pale girl was Rachel Roth a powerful sorceress or as she preferred, Raven. The part robot was Victor Stone, or Cyborg. Karen was also known as Bumble Bee and Roy was Speedy. When it was Kori's turn to introduce herself she spoke confidently. "I am Koriand'r, but it may be easy for you to call me Starfire." She said looking over at Bruce with a smile.

"Well now that we know each other, let's eat!" He said chuckling as the food was served.

"After dinner, which had been quite awkward, they headed down to the gym. Kori was astonished at the size of the gym. Obviously they trained a lot. Bruce instructed them to sit on the bleachers while they went up one by one to show off their skills. The group watched as Robin and Batgirl went up first to show them what to do. The two were quite impressive for only humans, the gadgets they used helped but when Robin swung from the bars on the ceiling he moved with grace and the muscles rippled underneath his shirt when he fought the training dummies. Kori noticed that when they sat back down Barbara was trying to flirt with Richard but he seemed to ignore her. Kori shrugged it off and turned to watch as Beast Boy made a mess of the gym by turning into a T-Rex and tearing everything apart. Kori noted his strength but also his immaturity. Raven was next and Kori paid special attention to her, the girl was very secluded and Kori thought it would be nice to get to know her. The sorceress moved things around with her magic and did a few other spells. Kori could tell she had a lot more power then what she was letting on. When Raven sat back down Kori moved to the back where she was sitting and sat next to her.

""Greetings, I am Kori." She said politely extending her hand. Raven lightly shook her hand but did not smile

"Raven." Her monotone voice was not friendly but Kori was not easily unmotivated.

"Have you always known how to do that kind of stuff?" She asked trying to open up to conversation.

"I guess, I come from a place called Azarath, everyone knows magic there." She said with a shrug.

"I come from the planet of Tameran. Everyone can fly and has the same amount of strength but only I can use starbolts." Kori explained to Raven.

"Starbolts?" Raven asked with raised eyebrows.

"Oh, it's basically just energy." Kori explained sheepishly. Rachel gave her a simple nod and Kori looked towards the training floor to see Roy just finishing up. He was pretty fast and good with a bow and arrow. Karen was up next and Kori watched her fly around the gym. Kori congratulated her friend and then heard Bruce call her name. Now it was her turn. Roy smirked at her as she walked past.

"You couldn't hurt a fly." He said shaking his head as she walked down to the gym floor. Kori took her place in the center of the room and when Bruce nodded for her to begin she grinned as the training dummies started towards her. Her eyes and hands lit up with glowing green energy as she lifted off the ground, she easily obliterated the dummies within seconds.

"Nice Kori!" Karen said obviously impressed. She high-fived her friend as Roy stared at her.

"I'll never mess with you." He said grinning as he sat down next to Kori, causing her to giggle.

"That was me taking it easy too." Kori joked as she teasingly pushed Roy.

"I see why they call you Starfire." A husky male voice said, Kori turned to face Richard standing next to her. She blushed a deep scarlet and smiled.

"Thank you." She muttered staring into his blue eyes.

"So, where did you learn to be so powerful?" He asked smiling at her, his blue eyes glistening with curiosity.

"Tameran, it's just how my people are. We are a planet of warriors." She explained with a small shrug. She had no intentions of letting them know she was heir to the throne. It wasn't something she was proud of, or looking forward to.

"I've heard of Tameran." Richard said nodding as he recalled a memory, causing Kori to smile nervously. Luckily, Bruce dismissed the class and Kori relaxed.

"It was nice meeting you." Kori said with a grin as she stood to leave. She paused as Richard placed a hand on her shoulder, sending a shiver down her spine.

"Would you like to go for a walk with me?" The young hero asked with a warm smile.

"Yes, that would be most pleasant." Kori beamed as she followed Richard out into the sprawling courtyard.

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