So this is the second chapter in my reboot of my first FanFic, hope you like it! I realize I keep going between calling the characters their hero names and real names, so sorry about that. They will refer to each other by their hero names most of the time.

Kori followed Richard down a stone pathway through the backyard of Wayne Manor. She looked around at the large garden, pool, and large sitting area. It was quite lovely and Kori was glad she was staying here. Her first few days on Earth had been spent roaming Gotham and sleeping in abandon buildings, until the Justice League caught wind of her and offered her a place to stay and proper training.

"So, tell me about yourself Starfire." Richard said as he strolled beside the alien princess. He was intrigued by her, he'd never met an alien his age before. Sure, he'd been around Superman and Martian Manhunter, but they didn't talk that much.

"I am sixteen Earth years and I have only been on this planet for a month." Kori said with a pleasant smile. Richard was amazed that Kori had only been on Earth for a month and she seemed to be pretty well adjusted to the ways of Earth.

"How did you learn to speak English so well?" Richard asked curiously.

"I can learn any language through lip contact, or as you say, a kiss." Kori explained sheepishly. She had kissed the first human she saw, leaving him dazed as she flew away.

"Wow, what else can you do?" Richard asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I can fly, I am stronger than a regular human, and I can use starbolts, the green orbs of energy." Kori said.

"That's pretty cool. I wish I had superpowers sometimes, but being a hero is fun either way." Richard said with a small sigh.

"You are most extraordinary for a human." Kori said innocently, causing a blush to creep onto Richard's cheeks which went unnoticed by Kori.

"Maybe I could show you around town sometime?" Richard offered with a smile.

"Oh, yes! That would be lovely." Kori said with a bright smile as she hugged Richard.

"Air...Need..Air!" Richard coughed as Kori crushed him with her strength. She pulled away quickly and blushed in embarrassment.

"I apologize! I forget my strength sometimes." Kori frowned as she looked down at her shoes.

"It's okay, I'll have to get used to that." Richard said as he patted her shoulder gently. He would definitely remember not to get on her bad side. Richard was glad she was on their side.

"It is getting dark, perhaps we should return inside?" Kori said as she looked up at the fading sun. Richard nodded and the two turned back towards the house. Kori followed Richard into the living room where most of the others were seated. Rachel was reading a book, Gar and Vic were playing some video game, and Roy and Karen were chatting on the couch. Richard went to join Vic and Gar while Kori sat down between Karen and Roy.

"Greetings friends, how are you?" Kori asked with a smile. The three were soon enveloped in a random conversation, laughing occasionally, much to Rachel's annoyance. The teenagers spent the rest of the night talking or paying games until it was time for bed. Kori yawned as she headed down the hallway, jumping as a large hand rested on her shoulder. Kori turned to see Richard and offered him a sleepy smile.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go out and explore the city tomorrow after training?" Richard asked shyly. Usually, Richard was confident around girls and had no problem asking them out, but something about Kori was different.

"That would be nice. Goodnight, Richard." Kori said with a smile as she retreated up the stairs.

"Goodnight, Kori." Richard called before turning to go to his own bedroom.

Both teens fell asleep with smiles on their lips.

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