Final Fantasy XIII-2/ Escaflowne Crossover

The Love of a Seeress

Chapter 1: A World Beyond Death

Author's Note:

This story begins where the game FFXIII-2 ends. So, yes, there are spoilers. If you don't plan on playing the game, watching the closing cinematics on youtube would help you understand the content in this first chapter.

Thanks so much to Crystal Night and ZiggyGurl for your edits! They are much appreciated!

That is all, Enjoi! XD

The battle was won. The new Cocoon, Bhunivelze, was being launched into the sky, bright and beautiful. The time gates were closing. The world and the human race would be safe once again from paradoxes and Caius himself. Optimism was in the air and everyone was now seeing the possibilities of a new future.

Serah was caught up in the enthusiasm like everyone else, but she was also thinking about how they had gotten here. Their journey had been full of danger from the start and she was so grateful to have made it home to her friends. She knew that despite her strength of will and her need to save her sister, Lightning, she wouldn't have made it as far as she did without Noel. He protected her as he would have protected Yeul, had he the chance to become her Guardian. The only thing he couldn't protect her from her was her fate, a fact she now understood. So she turned to him, her smiling protector, to thank him, "Hey, Noel," she said, ducking her head in modesty, "Thank you."

Noel turned his happy face and met her eyes, and he saw the expression in them change as she faltered and fell to her knees. His joy turned quickly to panic as he saw in Serah the tell-tale signs of a seeress vision, gaze unfocussed, unresponsive... But she said she was fine! I thought she had been spared! "No. Not now, please," he said as he raced to her side and cradled her in his arms as the life flowed out of her and she slumped against him. "Serah, snap out of it. No, Serah! SERAH!" Noel shouted in anguish as his heart broke for his friend who died in his arms. She was the second woman to do so.

Serah found herself cold and alone, in a place she had never been before. She knew in her heart that she had made the right decision to continue her journey to correct the timeline – aware that each vision of the Historia Crux would eat away at her life until nothing would be left. Yeul had warned her of the dangers that plagued those blessed with the eyes of Etro, but she too had been tied to the fate of the goddess. The promise that her world would be safe from the tampering of Caius had been enough for Serah – it had been the only way to save those afflicted by paradox effects –the only way to stop Cocoon's fall and the destruction of the colonies on Pulse. She could already picture her sister, Lightning, waking up at home, freed from her endless battle on Valhalla. It was enough for her to embrace death with open arms. So, was this death?

Serah rose to her feet and walked a slow circle, taking in her surroundings. Though she had once fallen into a crystal slumber for months, this death held no resemblance to that restful state. Back then, she had at first felt so alone. Gradually, she began to dream of her life and those she held dear to her: Snow and Lightning. It ended with her wishing with every fibre of her being for them to be okay and that she might see them again. This time, she felt like she was actually somewhere, though she didn't know where that might be. She stood in a clearing with dirt under her feet and off in the distance she saw the shadow of trees. A forest. It was dark, but it was the darkness of the night, not the absolute emptiness you'd expect for the end of your life. She touched her face, it was still there, and looked down her arms, right down to the toes of her shoes. Everything looked as it should. There was even dirt on her knees from kneeling. She brushed it off, surprised by something so normal.

Right, she thought to herself, I guess the next step is to figure out where I am. No waiting around. This is my afterlife, after all. Serah took a determined first step towards the trees that surrounded her clearing. Then another. Before long she was running towards the forest. She looked desperately for something, or even someone, to give her a clue as to where she was, or at least what to expect. No matter how strong she tried to be, recent events had worn her thin. Darkness enveloped her as she entered the forest.

Running, she knew that she should slow down to avoid tripping on tree roots and low hanging branches, but her need for guidance overwhelmed her common sense. Death had robbed Serah of concern for her own body, so she kept her pace. To her, the forest was devoid of life. Leaves crunching under her feet and her own heavy breathing were making her deaf to the sounds of birds and small animals that would have provided her comfort. Still, she didn't slow down. A branch caught her in the right eye as she was racing past. The sting of pain caused her to reduce her speed to a walk. She cupped her eye with her hand and felt a warm trickle of blood running down her cheek. She stopped completely.

Ow! This is highly unfair, she decided, pouting. She had not expected to feel pain. Now that she was still, the sounds of the forest met her ears. There was some rustling to her left, like something was moving through the underbrush. Serah jumped but kept herself from crying out, afraid of what it might be. The closer the sound got, the greater her fear and uncertainty became. She needed to hide. Her heart pounding in her chest, she tried to hide herself behind a tree trunk, but the dry leaves crunched under her feet, giving away her position. Whatever had been stalking her now came crashing through the woods towards her.

Serah jumped out of the path of the large creature just as it bowled over the tree she was hiding behind. The ground shook as the great beast stampeded past her. More trees were felled by its fury. It was so dark in the shadow of the forest that she could only see the outline of the rampaging animal that towered over her. Even though Serah was well accustomed to battling against Behemoths and other large monsters, Mog did not appear at her side to provide her with a weapon. The beast turned to face her again and its chest started to glow bright pink. It illuminated its scaled belly and the beginnings of its long serpentine neck. A dragon, thought Serah. This doesn't look good...

"Hey you, get out of here!" shouted an unknown voice coming from the same direction that the dragon had originated from. Serah looked over to see a dark-haired man running towards her in full armor with his sword out, illuminated by the dragons glowing chest. He stopped in front of her and produced a shield from his arm just as the dragon released its flame upon them.

"Get back!" the man yelled, though Serah could not tell if he was talking to her or the dragon. So she just stayed safely behind him as he lunged forward with his sword. Unused to feeling so helpless in battle, she wished for a weapon, but the dragon was keeping the man too busy for her to ask him for anything. The only thing she could do was try to stay out of the way.

All of a sudden, she noticed that the brand on her arm, the one marking her as a L'Cie, had started to glow. It didn't make any sense because she had completed her focus, the task set out for her by the gods of Cocoon. However, ignoring her more sane thoughts, she reached into herself and found the tingling energy of magic. While the man was dodging an attack from the dragon's deadly barbed tail, Serah focused her energy and unleashed Blizzaga on the beast. Ice crystals covered the dragon from nose to tail before it shattered into a million pieces, leaving behind nothing but a pink rock where the dragon had been.

To Be Continued…