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H.M. Murdock sat on his bed at the VA, staring at the phone. The crazy pilot had been sitting there for an hour now, waiting in silence for any sound other than his own breathing. He had thought of picking up the phone and dialing himself, but then he could miss the call he knew was coming. The risk was too great. Besides, Murdock was content with waiting.

The slight worry that had been gnawing at his insides continued as another thirty minutes passed. This wasn't right. His friend was now an hour and a half late- but he was never late. Face always came when he said he would, and called when he was delayed. This exceptionally un-Facelike behavior was too crazy even for Murdock. The pilot's big brown eyes slid towards the door for a quick second, checking to make sure he wasn't already here, before moving back to the phone. Face would call, he knew it.

But what if he didn't? The question had been circling the pilot's head for at least forty minutes now. What if he was hurt? Or captured? Or what if Murdock had imagined the whole thing? What if he had never said he was coming? Murdock's paranoia was growing as he pondered in the silence. What if Face had forgotten him?

No, he chided himself. His best friend would never do that. Faceman was probably stuck in traffic or something. Perhaps giant radioactive rabbits had dug holes in the road. Murdock grinned slightly at the image of Face swerving around giant green rabbits, knowing his friend wouldn't like getting radioactive rabbit fur all over his nice suits.

As Murdock began to imagine Face riding one of the rabbits here, the phone rang. The pilot jumped startled, before diving for the phone rather dramatically. He and the phone toppled to the ground, Murdock managing to grab the receiver and keep it to his ear as he landed. "Welcome back to another exciting episode of 'Dancing with Rabbits'. The cast is currently all on a carrot break, but will be doing the Bunny Hop when they return," He announced into the phone before the caller even had a chance to speak.

"Murdock?" Came the hesitant reply over the line in the tone of someone trying to determine if they even had the right number to begin with.

"Faceman!" Murdock shouted in reply. "Geez, I was getting worried. With all them radioactive rabbits out there, Billy thought you might have fallen in one of their holes!"

"Radioactive Rabbits?" Face asked, than quickly continued realizing he really didn't want to know. "Actually, I just lost track of the time. Didn't mean to be late, but I thought I'd tell you I was on my way." Face's voice broke off for a moment; than a woman's hushed voice could be heard over the line. Murdock didn't fail to hear it.

"Sounds like your still in bed," He commented dryly, a bit disappointed in his friend. Face didn't use to blow Murdock off for his girls, but he had been doing it more and more often lately.

"Err- I'll be there in five minutes, promise." The embarrassment in Face's voice was evident, and Murdock felt slightly bad for even bringing it up. He knew Face had picked up on his disappointment right away.

"Hey, don't worry 'bout it. Just be quick, and try not to hit the rabbits!" Murdock said quickly, trying to lighten the mood. He could never be truly mad at the conman, and it was none of his business what Face did in his spare time anyways. He heard the click on the other end and dropped the phone back on its receiver, leaving the whole phone on the floor. The pilot stood and moved towards the TV, sitting and staring at the blackness as he waited for his friend.